With Wanderlei Silva Currently Out of the Picure, Could Chael Sonnen vs. Phil Davis Be On Tap?

August 29, 2013
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Chael Sonnen UFC 162After his victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at the UFC on FOX Sports 1 debut in Boston earlier this month, UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen called out Shogun’s former training partner Wanderlei Silva in a fiery promo.

Sonnen’s quotes rang throughout the blogosphere and MMA fans began to salivate at the prospect of the brash American battling “The Axe Murderer” from Brazil.

Talk of the potential showdown was subsequently nixed when UFC president Dana White explained that he contacted Silva, and the Brazilian apparently demanded a portion of the PPV cut or he would not fight.

This lead White to proclaim, “I guess he’s gonna retire.”

Recently White explained that necessarily was not the entire story, and that Silva is injured and would not be cleared to fight until January, at the earliest.

With White and Silva working out their particulars, that still leaves Sonnen – who is coming off the most impressive win of his career – without a fight.

At the UFC Fight Night 27 post-fight press conference, White spoke about Sonnen’s current situation and gave reporters an update on when we could expect to see “The Gangster from West Linn” back in the Octagon.

“He wants to fight on that 20th Anniversary card (UFC 167),” said White. “He wants to co-main that fight.”

That fight would be Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks, which headlines the card.

Fellow 205-pounder and former NCAA National Wrestling Champion Phil Davis took to Twitter after the Silva debacle and expressed his desire to fight Sonnen… for the people of Brazil?

“Enough is enough… I want to fight @sonnench for the whole country of Brazil! Name a time, name a date and bring your face!” he tweeted.

When questioned about the possibility of a Davis vs. Sonnen showdown, White was intrigued.

“Interesting,” he said. “That fight could happen.”

Sonnen is currently one of the bigger draws in all of the UFC, so it’s no surprise that fighters are clamoring for a shot to silence the “Bad Guy.”

However, with Davis, the noise is warranted. Not only is he a top-ten talent, which Sonnen surely deserves, Davis is also coming off the most important win of his career, a victory over the Brazilian striking enigma Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 earlier this month.

Rest assured, with his propensity for a microphone, whomever Sonnen battles inside the cage next, you’ll be sure to hear about it, loud and clear.

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  • fsunoles10

    cant say im that interested in that fight, id be more interested in a fight with lil nog or any top 10 middleweight.

    • Scott Tenorman

      Normally I’d agree with you, but with the win over Shogun it seems so intriguing. I literally wouldn’t say that about them at any other point in their careers either. Silva KOs Stann when everyone thought he was toast, and the Sonnen beats Shogun…I mean wtf? I’d certainly be down to see it.

      • Scott Tenorman

        Er, uh, I was referring to Silva/Sonnen – my fault.

  • Sonnen would be a great fight for Davis. Chael brings it every time and stays in your face. A lot of people were upset with the Machida fight and this could certainly prove he’s ready for a title shot if he can handle Sonnen. Although everyone counted out Wandy against Stann and he won, that’s not the most impressive win for him either so Silva vs Stann doesn’t seem like a good idea at this point in Wandys career.

    • Lucas Freire

      I really don’t think Chael has anything to do with Phil Davis.
      He’ll be outjab’d and taken down.
      And while Davis doesn’t have Jone’s GnP skills, Sonnen isn’t exactly the best grappler in the UFC, more than that, he’s not used to be with his back on the ground.

      But…I always get a surprise when I overanalyze match-ups, so now I bet on Sonnen via gogoplata on the second round.

      • shakejunt

        how can you say that chael isn’t one of the premier grapplers? sure he’s not a blackbelt, but his top game is suffocating and he is able to impose his will.

        • Lucas Freire

          I disagree. He doesn’t have a top GnP game, or a suffocating top position.
          He takes people down. That’s it. If you’re on top the other guys is already on a struggle, it’s not due to his top position finesse.
          Cain,Jones,GSP, these guys have an uber top game. Phil Davis is a much better grappler, he has a considerable array of submissions and his top position is much more imposing.
          The true problem that envolves all wrestler vs wrestler matches is that none of them develop a good bottom game.

          • shakejunt

            only takedowns and that’s it? oh that’s funny because he just subbed a blackbelt…

      • It could be a risky fight for Phil. He has a lot to lose. Sonnen has already had three title shots over the past few years but Davis has been set back due to a tough loss to Rashad Evans. If Phil losses this fight it will keep him back even longer against a guy who was supposed to move back to MW. I do applaud him for stepping up though, that’s what I do like about both of these guys.

        • Lucas Freire

          I don’t think so. A win against Sonnen would give him a LOT of publicity. He already defeated little Nog, already defeated Gustafson. He defeated Machida, he’s already on the top5, all he needs is visibility in order to get a title shot.
          And that’s what he’ll get against Sonnen.

          • Well now we have Evans and Sonnen it seems. I have no clue what’s next for Phil other then the winner of Glover Tex and Bader. I want both Glover and Davis to fight Jones because they are two different style fights. It would help him really clear out the division.

          • Lucas Freire

            A rematch with Evans would be great.
            He was dominated, and now he’s on a great phase, while Evans is going downhill…

          • Phil is so close but yet still about two fights away from really being in talks for a title shot.

    • Jay Magallon

      Yes, true. But the “people” are the ones who OFTEN make the fights. Time has shown that over and over again. And I think the “people” prefer Sonnen vs Silva over Sonnen vs Davis. Good wrestlers are fun to watch, especially when they are matched up against fighters from different disciplines, But I sure as hell wouldn’t buy a PPV to see Sonnen and Davis when I could have had the other match up to watch.

      • The bad blood between Sonnen and Silva really make an interesting fight. Who knows, it could still happen. Chael is a hardworking beast and I could see him taking a fight to stay sharp until Wandy is cleared to fight. Might even be perfect timing for both guys.

    • Mark McDowall

      I think it will be a great fight for Davis to help sell tickets and PPV’s. But it wont advance him towards a title fight. Sonnen is a name at this point. He should be fighting guys that will help sell tickets…not guys that are making a legitimate run at the belt.

      • Well I guess all that talk stopped real fast with Evans and Sonnen going on now. Exciting business, with so many interesting matchups.

  • Sir_Roy

    Chael versus Davis is interesting indeed. I’d like to see that fight. Whole lotta wrastlin in potentate though … could lead to some dull moments, or epic ones. It’s a bit of a crap shoot IMHO.

  • james j

    Davis is a horrible matchup for Sonnen. Chael will not be able to take Davis down at will or at all. Sonnen stay away from this fight. It is a career ender.

    • shakejunt

      i like phil, i really do, but i think it’s the opposite. chael is a bad matchup for phil. rashad took him down, so can chael. sonnen’s striking is underrated too.

    • lowlb

      Exactly! I’d love to see Chael lose this fight. At least Chael has his trt going for him.

  • Maddawgmar

    Fight doesn’t make sense. Unless Chael is planning a run a LHW. Davis needs a fight that puts him closer to a shot at Jones, and Chael just isn’t it IMO.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree. Chael can plan a run at the belt all he wants but does anyone really want to see him get rag dolled by Jones again? I think its a pointless fight for Davis who is on a legitimate run to the belt.

      • Maddawgmar

        I say give Chael a top ten 185er like Costa Phillipou or Luke Rockhold. If he wins then it get him right back in the mix. Then move him up against Michael Bisping should he win. Then possibly a chance at a top three. If he makes it through that then he can legitimately earn a shot at whoever the champ is. As for Davis give him Glover Texeira and the winner gets a shot at the Champ.

        • Mark McDowall

          Sounds like a hell of an idea to me. Or just make him fight Vitor. Problem is that Sonnen wouldn’t make it out of Brazil alive…and Vitor doesn’t want to fight in the US.

    • bajafox

      This fight only makes sense for Phil Davis. Chael is a contender at 205 and would help Phil move up but Chael obviously wants no part of title talks and only wants money fights. This does nothing for him in the dollar department.

      • Maddawgmar

        I still don’t think that’s a fight that would launch Davis into a title shot. With a split to Machida who has been a long time number 2 the only logical thing in my mind is a title eliminator. Who else in the 205 division is a win away from a title shot. Just Glover IMO. I say let Davis and Glover fight for a title shot.

  • Guest

  • carloshernandez

    To be honest i think the perfectt fight for that co-main spot wud be “evans vs. sonnen”

  • thom

    Phil Davis is a big LHW. This is a bad matchup for Chael.

    • Sir_Roy

      Apparently, Chael is walking around at 240lbs these days. So, I dunno bout that.


    why not lil-Nog or Rashad ? if he wants to fight at 205


    Nogueira, Wanderlai Silva and Vitor all 3 have proven that Brazilians have no “honor”… maybe this word doesn’t exist in Portuguese


    I thought Chael was going down to 185 for good???
    Scrap the Vitor v Hendo fight, sign Chael v Vitor at 185 & Davis can fight Hendo!