With Two Fights Left On His UFC Deal, Anderson Silva and Dana White Will Renegotiate Very Soon

October 14, 2012
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Anderson Silva UFC 126The future for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva isn’t terribly clear after his latest win at UFC 153.

It would appear Silva can write his own checks out of the UFC bank account at this point with his incredible winning streak, his devastating style, and continued success in pulling in both live crowds and pay-per-view sales.

Following his win over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, Silva now sits with two fights remaining on his current UFC deal, and he’s bounced back and forth on what exactly comes next.

Silva has talked quite a bit about staying at middleweight or possibly a super fight at a catch weight against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Right now, Silva isn’t sure what comes next although he doesn’t appear too interested in facing middleweight contender Chris Weidman in the near future.

“I think all athletes in this division will get their opportunity of going for the title, I don’t have any intention of fighting with (Chris Weidman), I think he still has a lot to do in the UFC,” Silva said on Saturday.

“I’m in a comfortable position and I’m no longer a child, I’m 37-years old. He’s a kid, and he’s starting and this might happen, but I have two fights left in my contract and I think one of them will be with (Georges) St-Pierre, and I don’t really have the intention of fighting with him because I’m not a fool, I’m an oldie you know.”

All jokes aside, the middleweight division does seem on the brink of creating some valid new contenders to Silva’s title with Weidman facing Tim Boetsch in December, as well as British bad boy Michael Bisping lurking in the shadows as well.

One thing is for sure, even though Silva only has two fights remaining on his current contract, he’ll probably cash in for quite a chunk of change if he re-signs for more fights, and UFC President Dana White has every intention of making that lucrative offer very soon.

“Anderson Silva said he has two fights left contract but he’s going to fight for five more years. So it looks like we’ve got to renegotiate. I’d like to sign him up for 55 more fights, I’m in, I love it. I will be negotiating with Anderson and his crew very soon on a lot of different issues,” White stated.

There’s no telling how many fights Silva has left before he decides to call it a career, but if he sticks around, he’ll surely be walking away with one of the biggest paychecks in UFC history.

  • MMAmofo

    Silva beat Belfort in the first round, Jones needed 4 rounds to beat him, Silva beat Bonnar in the 1st, Jones beat Bonnar in a 3 round decision losing the 3rd. Silva beat Sonnen twice, Jones turned Sonnen down. We need to see what Jones can do to Hendo. Silva beat Hendo. Silva vs Jones is a must! Please Dana, pay up! You will profit!

    • adam1848

      I gotta agree. I’m pretty indifferent to most “super” fights…don’t really care if Anderson fights GSP or not. But Anderson v Jones is a dream match up, and I don’t want to see it when Anderson is 40 years old and Jones is 240 lbs. Before Anderson gets too old and Jones gets too big, Dana needs to make this fight happen. Even if the UFC loses money (which they wouldn’t) because they have to pay these guys so much, it would be a gift to the devoted fans who cough up cash every month to watch this amazing sport grow…to witness history. Come on Dana…flex those muscles, give up that “Mayweather money”, and put these two in the cage!

    • Drew Nathan

      It’s comparing apples and oranges. Jones fought Bonnar early in his career. He is 10 x the fighter he was then. Jones chose to take Belfort down. Styles make fights and Jones’ seemingly unstoppable takedowns don’t bode well for Silva. If they stand and trade, advantage Silva.

    • jesse

      true but every match is different and never we can compare on either fight, belfort fought in a comfort zone of 205 let’s say,.

      what if belfort fought anderson at 205 possibly a different outcome even though the odds are in silva’s favor for accuracy and counter fighting.

      considering all factors such anderson 90% of not engaging the fight first, remember bonnar and griffin are not the most fastest, powerful, explosive, quick, nor as talented but durable and tough and disrespect to them to any of the past wins or fights they’ve had.

      On jon jones we go he has many tools not the ko ppower but the reach, the movement, counter fighting, talent, tools, inventiveness, ground and pound, ground control, speed and quickness,and ingenuity, just like anderson has, yet jons has the advantage more because of his abilities to use elbows in such devastation that this could tell the tale if anderson chosing at 205, yet i don’t see ever a jon jones able to go down to 185 where he would face a stronger and faster anderson.

      this’s ghoing to be interesting on the side, anderson closing to 38 early next year and jon has many miles to go being at 25 would like to see how well he does in the future at the h.w. division…

    • BobGyro


  • diazfan209

    55 more fights? that’s either a joke or a typo……