With Three Fights Left on Bellator Deal, Tito Ortiz Wants to Retire as World Champion

May 18, 2014
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Tito-Ortiz-UFC-132-Victory_1670-478x270Tito Ortiz picked up his first win in three years at Bellator 120 on Saturday, and he’s not going to stop fighting until his body says “That’s it, we’re done here.”

Ortiz quickly submitted Alexander Shlemenko in the first round of their main-card fight, and following the contest Ortiz laid out his plans for the future: fulfill his Bellator contract and retire with the belt around his waist.

“I have three fights left on my contract with Bellator. I want to fulfill those and be the world champion when I retire,” Ortiz revealed at the Bellator post-fight news conference.

Since 2007, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has won just two fights, losing seven and picking up one draw. The less-than stellar run combined with a number of injuries have led many to call for Ortiz’s retirement.

That, however, won’t happen until his 205-pound frame says otherwise.

“I want to continue fighting until my body says okay, it’s time to stop,” Ortiz said.

The win at Bellator 120 secured Ortiz’s 17th career victory, as well as stopped a three-fight losing streak. Despite the skid and a new focus on an apparent acting career, Ortiz said he’s currently having too much fun to hang up the gloves.

“I’ve been in acting classes now for the last six months,” he said. “I’m juggling that and twin boys. Being a single father is tough, but I really want to continue fighting. I love this. This is fun.”

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  • David Huenecke

    At least he got those kids away from coked out jenna. Cant really say if its for the best or not though.

    • Bob Sacamanto

      How you gonna call someone you don’t know coked out.

      • Piotr

        Have you seen the woman?

        • Daniel

          She’s a washed up ex porn star she could of kept the kids by stuffing them in her dirty fishy draws

      • David Huenecke

        Cause its been proven multiple times in court that she would assault tito while on one of her many coke binges. Thats why he got custody of the kids.

  • Piotr

    Just go away Tito. The only way you win another fight is if you keep fighting undersized opponents, maybe try 170 this time?

  • julian moran

    I wanted to put money on Tito, I think he was a +350 underdog, but forgot to..
    Although he is not title material (will never beat Rampage or King Moe), he is still tough and under estimated. Everyone knows he beat Forrest in their last fight so should be 3 and 2 in his last 5.

  • I always liked Tito as a fighter and his charisma but this fight was a waste of everyone’s time and money IMO. He fought a MW. Tito had his time in the UFC fighting the best and becoming a legend.I would love to see him and King Mo fight next.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Not the money. I still haven’t heard anyone say they bought the card. This turned out to be a disaster for them. You proved that UFC castaways are better than your champs, you lost your Alvarez/Chandler fight and King Mo looks kind of irrelevant now.

      • Baller31

        Please, this card was better than many of the recent UFC cards. At least former champions were headlining, unlike brown vs silva. UFC is becoming watered down, and the other organizations are getting better talent than ever before.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Browne/Silva was a free card that was a fight of the year candidate. You make me laugh. Washed up UFC fighters are not talent, it just shows you don’t have any.

          • Baller31

            Moron I just said card, not ppv. You obviously know nothing of mma if you’re talking about washed up UFC fighters. UFC fires jake shields, and then signs arlovski and doesn’t even entertain signing askren. UFC doesn’t look for the best fighters, just the ones who can sell a fight. Maybe take your mouth off of Dana’s junk??

          • TheCerealKiller

            Shields is not one of the washed up ones, he’s just so boring that people don’t want to pay to see him. Besides, he’s 3-3-1 in his last seven fights. Two out of the three wins were split decisions.

            As for Arlovski, what’s wrong with bringing back your old champ? It’s alluring to casual fans!

            Look, I understand the business. I respect the skills that Shields and Askren have, but they are boring as $hit to try and watch. The UFC is the NFL of MMA and their fans want excitement.

          • james j

            I think a lot of the fighters dumped by the UFC are very talented. The big turn off is when they are signed by other organizations and featured as their top draws. These organizations should try to build from within and use the signed castoffs as challengers in the mix instead of anointing them with championship matches.

        • UFC is also putting on tons of free shows though.

        • drkdisciple


  • BostonJuddie

    Tito if you only have 3 more fights left go do yourself a favor and go train at a real camp like Jackson or American Top Team! Give yourself a shot to go out a winner.

  • dandogood

    The UFC crapped out all these bums and flushed them down the MMA toilet and Bellator picked all these turds cut from the UFC dumped and washed them up and presented as legitimate contenders. Something smells. Bellator is a toilet bowl.

    • P-Pac

      Eddie Alvarez

      Birthday: 1984-01-11

      AGE: 30

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


      14 KO/TKO (56%)

      7 SUBMISSIONS (28%)

      4 DECISIONS (16%)

    • Uratool

      Lol what are you smoking? Bellators talent is increasing while Dana white is having people coming off of losses fighting for titles, and signing people like arlovski

  • troop

    3 fights left? I’d say if he won all three he’d at least be Bellator LHW champ. He’d just have to beat King Mo, Rampage, Newton and/or Vegh. Question is who do you match him up with in what order that gives him the best shot and makes money for Bellator?

    I don’t think they are doing an immediate rematch with Rampage/King Mo so it is Rampage vs Newton, meaning Tito vs King Mo? and Vegh vs Zayats?

  • dandogood

    Bellator is like a carnival act that cannot make the big stage.

  • itrainmonthstoquitonfightday

    acting? so maybe he wasnt hurt and was just scared of rampage..

  • mmlive

    Tito is WASHED UP. He COULD NOT HANG with top ELITE UFC guys. Got lucky with Bader due to Bader’s mistake. Bader will CRUSH Tito NOW. Tito screwed himself. Who in the their RIGHT MIND would get together with a PORN STAR Jenna? Dude she is DIRTY as they come. He deserves a good BEATDOWN in the Bellator cage. Tito will retire with 3 LOSES on his contract.

    BTW, Bellator is a JOKE. Hopefully they will fold soon.

  • Baller31

    For all you Tito haters that have been watching mma for a few years, you need to realize that Tito played a huge part in building this sport and the ufc. He has done more for the UFC than the white don king (Dana white) could even imagine. Tito was kicking wanderlei silva and vitor belforts asses long before the ridiculously amateurish Bonnar/griffin 1, and without using trt

    • mmalive


      Man, do your homework BEFORE you make STUPID COMMENTS like that

      Tito is a JACK ASS that shoots off his mouth rather than showcasing his skills. He is WORTHLESS. Any top 10 UFC LHW would CRUSH Tito INCLUDING Bader.

      His antics backfired on him. More mma fans just want to see him lose badly. Doing the digging grave gesture, wearing a shirt ” your are my bitch” plus other BS. Guy DOES NOT have many SYMPATHETIC fans.

      This clown is a WASHED UP LOSER. He beat a welterweight. HA HA!!

      BTW, Bader made a mistake. That will not happen again and Bader will KO Huntington Beach Bad Boy EASY NOW.