With All Respect to Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo Says Faber Was His Toughest Fight (UFC 156 Video)

February 3, 2013
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Jose Aldo 216 WEC 48Jose Aldo has been considered amongst the pound-for-pound best, but he surely moved up a notch or two on the list after defeating former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar at UFC 156 on Saturday night.

It was a tough fight with Edgar taking him bell to bell, but Aldo had to admit, while Edgar is a very tough fighter, the toughest fight on his resume was former WEC champion Urijah Faber.

That’s no slight of Edgar, whom Aldo had nothing but respectful words for.

Check out what else Aldo have to say at the UFC 156 post-fight press conference…

  • Madmmax

    Big Aldo fan, but I gave Frankie rounds 3, 4 and five. Hominick was his toughest fight.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      I agree with the last two rounds. How was Faber his toughest when Faber didn’t get off any offense?

    • Advance*

      I agree that Hominick was his toughest fight. He definitely did the most damage to Aldo. Frankie only put him in danger of being out-pointed and I’m not sure what Faber did except take a ridiculous amount of leg kicks

  • Armond Harris

    I believe Jose ment toughest fighter NOT the toughest fight for him. Faber is tough. fought with no hands and a dead leg.

    • Madmmax

      I would agree with that

  • Maddawgmar

    I believe he is saying that to save face on nearly being beaten. I scored 4 and 5 clearly for Edgar. Third was a close round but the kick to the face probably stole the round and the fight for Aldo.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Aldo is clearly dilusional, bc I do not recall Faber doing much of anything besides getting his leg chopped down like a tree. As for Edgar, he gave Aldo his biggest challenge in regards to losing his title. Edgar definitely won the 4th and 5th rounds easily, the 3rd rounds was very close, many of us gave Edgar the 3rd, BUT no complaint with Aldo winning 48-47, but how in the hell did two judges give Aldo 49-46?!? This is such a joke, judging is really killing the legitness of MMA!! I’d love to see Edgar vs. Aldo again, I think Edgar did pretty damn good for his 1st fight at a new/lower weight class. I still think he should have taken warmup fight first.

    • BobLemons

      Absolutely, 48-47 is acceptable even though I disagree, but 49-46 makes me wonder if we watched the same fight.

  • George Sperry

    What? He dominated Faber and damn near didn’t fight the last 2 rounds to carry Faber. What a louzy thing to say and a direct slap in Edgars face too.
    I just lost some respect for Aldo.

    • Christian

      You clearly didnt understand what Aldo meant. Faber was the toughest fighter beacuse he fought with broken hands and chopped off leg. It was not the toughest fight for Aldo.

      • George Sperry

        Well maybe that’s what he meant but I quote from the article…

        “It was a tough fight with Edgar taking him bell to bell, but Aldo had to admit, while Edgar is a very tough fighter, the toughest fight on his resume was former WEC champion Urijah Faber.”

        The toughest fight, not the toughest fighter. English is a tricky language and Aldo is from Brazil so I guess it could be what you say.

  • Bugster

    I also have it for Edgar 3,4 ,5 but I can see the 3rd going to Aldo. I just don’t him being a dominate champion for long. I’m sure lots of those 155 guys are moving down. Faber didn’t do nothing. Homick really did a pounding on him.

    • “Homick really did a pounding on him.” ??? REally?? He had to survive that last round but were u in the bathroom for the other 4 rds??? the fu*k are u even talking about. Aldo has lost like 2 rds since being in the UFC. The only rd he lost vs Frankie was the 4th….get a grip. It’s amazing how a guy can work to be the best only to get hated on for being so good. Aldo is a dominant & dangerous fighter. He broke frankie’s orbital bone…busted his nose & snapped his head back w/ puches & kicks all night…all while coming off injury & 13 month layoff…avoided 11 of 13 takedowns & u guys really think fu*kin edgar won??? knock it off. This wasn’t even close…..

  • Kyo

    cant wait for pettis to kick aldo’s butt into retirement

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    toughest and more relentless fighter, not toughest fight …

    both Faber and Edgar are tough-as-nails fighters …

    I gave the win to Aldo 48-47, very good gameplan, Pederneiras said to Aldo that he was 3-0 so he had to slow down in the last two rounds … I think he won clearly an hard fight, more easy to judge without the Rogan commentary, I think he lost his tongue when Aldo supermanpunchoffthefenced Edgar X-D …

  • Timothy Malone

    I think his toughest fight was Luciano Azevedo since, you know, he got choked out in it 😉

  • fan

    This wouldve been in the WEC. Hominick gave Aldo his toughest test in the UFC for sure. My opinion.