With a Win at UFC 146, Roy Nelson Might Have to Call Out Brock Lesnar

May 24, 2012
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The recent announcement about Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal‘s signing to both Bellator Fighting Championships and TNA Wrestling was a landmark deal for a number of reasons.

Sure, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling have brushed up against each other from time to time. Current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar left the organization and eventually rose to the heights of MMA by becoming UFC heavyweight champion before eventually making his way back to pro wrestling earlier this year.

Former Strikeforce fighter Bobby Lashley had a successful career as well in the WWE before moving over to MMA, as well.

But never before in the United States has a fighter been signed simultaneously to both a multi-fight contract in mixed martial arts, while also actively pursuing a career in professional wrestling, and that’s exactly what Lawal is doing.

Roy Nelson, who is fighting this weekend at UFC 146, is a close friend of Lawal’s and also a huge pro wrestling fan himself. He believes this is a huge deal for fighters because it shows that you can compete in MMA and still keep your interests alive in other areas as well.

“I’m actually ecstatic. It couldn’t have happened to a better man,” Nelson told MMAWeekly Radio. “I think it opens a lot of doors for a lot of different fighters, and it actually opens up a lot of fighter’s eyes that there’s other ways to make a living, that you can actually do both sports.

“It’s like it’s okay to be a Deion Sanders playing football and baseball, or like a Bo Jackson playing football and baseball. It’s good that athletes can do that.”

There has always been a fair amount of resistance, however, from a great many MMA fans who don’t want pro wrestling to even touch the sport of mixed martial arts. Because of pro wrestling’s pre-determined outcomes, some MMA fans don’t ever want the lines to be blurred between real fighters and workers in “sports entertainment.”

Nelson argues that there is no line to blur and if you can’t tell the difference between MMA and pro wrestling, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

“Does it blur the line? If you’re a (expletive). Have you seen baseball? Have you seen softball? That’s a lot closer than MMA and wrestling. If you’re confused about baseball and softball then you might want to go to one of those special teachers and go yeah I’m diagnosed as a (expletive),” Nelson stated.

Throughout his own fighting career, Nelson has always dabbled with the idea of doing professional wrestling at some point. A huge fan of the old days of the WWE and other promotions, Nelson’s colorful personality and no holds barred attitude would seem like a natural fit in the world of pro wrestling.

This Saturday he faces Dave “Pee Wee” Herman at UFC 146, but with a win he might just try to follow his good friend King Mo into the wrestling world, you never know.

“After I beat Pee Wee, I might just have to call out Brock Lesnar,” said Nelson. “I might just have to go to WWE because I might just have to call him out, go to WWE, and whoop his ass.”

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  • jasondecipher

    As much as I hate “pro” (fake) wrestling I think MMA damages a fighter way more & way faster than pro wrestling. Hulk Hogan made a comeback at how old? Alot of these old farts can stick around for awhile & I’m assuming make pretty good dough with less risk of injury. Brock followed the money I dont blame him or any fighter who is a father first & foremost. Won’t ever catch me watching pro wrestling even if my favorite MMA fighter is in it. But like they say never say never cause my son might become a fan one day & he might say “Dad I want to go see WWE!”

  • I definitely dont want UFC fighters fighting in the WWE. They already get injured enough training and I guarantee pro wrestlers get injured more often with the schedule they have to keep. (jasondecipher your comparison doesnt work because mma fighters have to actually compete. of course hulk hogan can make a comeback, he doesnt have to do much. any old mma fighter could physically do pro wrestling too)

    Also I cant help but think it would negatively affect the promotion of fighters. For example a popular pro wrestler who actually sucks at MMA might be able to better make a case for an MMA title shot purely for ppv draw reasons. Not good for the sport.

  • BlackDog2009

    King Mo made the right move. He went where he was wanted. People with a tv network, who owned an MMA organization and a pro wrestling organization approached him, said they would love to have him and would pay him well. Wouldn’t you take it? Dana White dropped the ball, he should have gone after Mo… Mo brings it, he ain’t no punk. It’s his loss, now Mo will be right and center when Bellator makes their tv debut in Spike TV, and he will be right and center every week in the TNA wrestling show. That’s making a living, that’s using your talents and that’s going after the money. Also, Kuntry is right, if you can’t tell the difference between pro wrestling and mma… you got brain damage.

  • pooby

    Did they actually edit the word “retard” out of Nelson’s quotes? Are we going to have to start calling it the “R” word?

  • Pro wrestling has been dead for 20 years now and counting. Why would Nelson want to ruin is career and go to WWE. Pathetic

    • MikeMc1983

      Pro wrestling has been dead for 20 years? Really?
      I guess you missed the explosion in the mid to late 90’s. It’s still doing bigger buissness than it was in the 80’s.

  • adam1848

    I’m not saying guys shouldn’t go to pro-wrestling, I’m just saying I personally will lose all respect for them. To me, it’s like going from Broadway to a Soap Opra. Sure they have things in common, but how many real thespians do you see on “the young and the restless?” I have no idea, but I assume none, because they have pride and standards. With his chin and BJJ, At 205 Big Country could possibly be a serious contender. If he took himself and his profession a little more seriously, he wouldnt need a second job.

  • Towers66

    Roy knows exactly what to say and do to get under Dana’s skin. No UFC fighter will compete in pro wrestling while under contract. I don’t think anyways. I hope not anyways.

  • tizzle

    lesner is still under contract to the ufc. if dana didn’t agree he couldn’t be in the wwe right now. last time i checked he still had one fight on his contract that he owes zuffa but i could always be wrong.

  • mikemma123

    The checks are a lot better in the WWE, that’s pretty much the bottom line why would anyone wants to go into that business. Another reason good reason is that it’s not real and just acting. So their far less of a chances of getting hurt. I train in mma about 12 hours a week and their been times when I can’t sleep because of the headshot and pains around my body. I love mma but I can’t see how a large amount of people could retire from this and still be set for life. Go where the money is at.