Winning is All That Matters to Benson Henderson

April 11, 2013
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Benson Henderson UFC 150 w_3529-478x270UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson does not care about titles or belts.  Winning is all that matters to him.

“I don’t care about belts and all that stuff.  It’s nice and all of that,” Henderson said during a UFC on Fox 7 media conference call.  “I will take the belt and everything, but going into any fight, I don’t care if it is your first fight in the UFC, your first time on the main card, your first time as a main event; it all doesn’t matter.  You just have to win. I can’t emphasize that enough.”

Henderson will defend his title against the last Strikeforce lightweight titleholder Gilbert Melendez on April 20 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. It’s a champion vs. champion match-up between the top two ranked 155-pound fighters in the world, but Henderson isn’t out to prove anything.

“I’m not too worried about proving this or that.  I just want to go out there and win every fight.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s always going to be new and different stipulations, new and different reasons to win.  I don’t really need any ulterior motives.  I’m a really highly self-motivated person.  I just want to go out there and win every single fight.  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care who the guy is, what extra stuff on top of it is.  I just want to go win, period,” said Henderson.

Potential superfights await Henderson, but he’s not looking past Melendez.  UFC featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo faces Anthony Pettis on Aug. 3, and if he wins, he’ll earn a lightweight title shot.  Henderson has also expressed interest in a superfight with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but the only thing on his mind right now is Gilbert Melendez.

“I’m definitely not looking past Gilbert.  Gilbert is tough as heck.  He might not have the biggest name.  There might be bigger fights and all that blah, blah, blah, out there, but I know how tough Gil is,” he said.  “I know he’s the Strikeforce champ, rated top two or top three on the planet for a long time for a reason.  I’m not looking past him at all.  Not even close.”

Whoever is standing across the Octagon from Henderson or what’s at stake doesn’t mean that much to him.

“It doesn’t matter whether there’s a belt on the line, whether it’s win or go home, or loser leaves the UFC.  It doesn’t matter, all that’s just extra shenanigans to sell fights. I don’t care.  I’m going to go out there and win every single fight.  That’s it.”

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  • Truth

    Bendo is one of my fave fighters in the world, and I really hope he wins, but I think he’s an underdog in this fight w/ Gilbert.

    Gilbert has height/reach adv., excellent wrestling/grappling, very good boxing. Bendo may have a slight edge in speed & more versatile striking.

    Both guys are very durable and this’ll likely come down to another decision. I think it’ll largley hinge on who has the edge in wrestling, but if it stays standing, if Gilbert will be able to maintain his range w/ his boxing or if Bendo can pick him apart.

    • Matty

      Bendo is the underdog? You obviously know very little about mma.

      • Served

        Actually, Truth makes sense. You must be a UFC fanboy. Gil Mel has been around longer at the top and much more experience, but people don’t know him as well because he never fought in UFC.

        Obviously, betting lines will likely slightly favor Bendo, because betting lines get skewed by popularity. From a strictly MMA standpoint, Gil Mel should be a SLIGHT fave.

        Should be a very close fight.

        • projectchapter2

          I not only echo the sentiment of yourself and Truth but think that Gil should probably win. Granted, I am not a Bendo fan and I think Frankie won the second bout and I do not think it was even close. Though Gil had difficulty with Josh Thomson, Thomson fights “scrapper style” like Edgar, the only type of guys that give Gil problems. Guys who are very fundamental usually get smoked by Gil. Gil has evolved much since his time in PRIDE, is underrated by many and has a better arsenal at his disposal than Bendo, who is largely boring but effective.

          In this match, if typical Gil shows up, it may not even be close.

        • Sikdik

          Ur stupid… Name any top 10 guys he’s fought without looking it up on google .. Look at hendersons last 5 fights .. Close fight??? Hell naw bendo is goin to destroy this guy lol

    • Lucas Freire

      The thing is one of the best guys on proving this sport is a mix of martial arts.

      There are lots and lots of fighters on the stage showing that wrestling/JJ/striking credentials by themselves don’t take you anywhere. With that being said I think that Bendo is one of the best guys doing the mix between everything,he has a TKD background but isn’t a pure striker like AS or Aldo,he a brown belt on BJJ,and he has only amateur wrestling credentials.
      But still,he is able to trade blows with anyone,submit anyone,and throw anyone on the ground. He may not be the best in any specific area,but he sure is a more than usual complete fighter.

    • Sikdik

      Ur an idiot

  • KingLettuce

    this is going to be an awesome fight.

  • rdd08

    GSP and Jose Aldo would kick his ass so badly!!!!!!!!!

  • Sikdik

    Obviously u guys don’t know crap about mma… Benson is gonna destroy Gil.. Who the hell has he fought ?? Look at bsons last 5 fights u will see why he’s gonna be favored and win..