Winner of Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller Gets a UFC Lighweight Title Shot

March 6, 2012
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Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller UFC on Fox 3All the talk at lightweight in the UFC has centered on whether Frankie Edgar will get a rematch against current champion Benson Henderson or if Anthony Pettis would cut to the front of the line.

It appears that neither is the likely scenario, at least according to UFC president Dana White’s comments at the UFC on Fox 3 kick-off press conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Tuesday.

Edgar believes he is owed an immediate rematch following a decision loss to Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan. When he captured the belt from B.J. Penn, Edgar agreed to an immediate rematch, and then did so again following a draw with Gray Maynard. Turnabout is fair play, right?

Nate Diaz, who faces Jim Miller in the main event of UFC on Fox 3 in May, however, said that he thought the winner of his fight would get the next title shot.

The UFC president backed him up.

“Well, I’m still obviously still dealing with the whole Frankie Edgar thing. I’m talking to Frankie and we’ll figure this thing out,” White said, before adding, “We did, we said the winner of (Diaz vs. Miller) would get the shot.”

Things don’t always go as planned, though. Injuries always play a factor, timing… possibly shifting weight classes.

Pressed further by a fan, who asked, “From what I remember, the winner of Jim Miller facing Nate Diaz gets a title shot, is this correct?” White responded, “This is correct.”

Considering the nuances of the situation, the UFC lightweight merry-go-round is still rotating in full swing, trying to find a good stopping point.

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  • ajmadic


  • Santz

    I can see Nate winning this one by submission, but don’t think he’d have the same results with Henderson.

    • KBEsq

      Honestly if Diaz submits Miller, I will give you mad props. I’m not saying Diaz won’t win the fight, but I highly doubt he can sub Miller. Diaz needs to win on the feet.

  • They need to keep things rolling in the LW division, got sort of a log jam going on and they need to clean things up / map it out.
    Here’s my free tip for Joe Silva:

    – Pettis should get the next shot.

    – Winner of Diaz – Miller fights the winner of Henderson – Pettis.

    – Edgar needs to earn his way back to LW title shot (at least 2 wins) or drop to 145lbs and fight Aldo.

  • Anthony

    This isnt fair to Edgar at all–everybodies pushing him down to 145 to fight Aldo and he simply doesnt want to go–that said ,I think the winniner of this fight(nate and miller) gets Maynard next–while Edgar gets his immediate rematch–let the winners of those two( Nate vs Miller) and (Edgar vs Benson) fight for the title.Petis really hasnt done enough thus far in the UFC to fight for a title ..yet–Sure he beat Benson in the WEC , but to be honest, if hadnt pulled off that circus kick, he could have easily lost that fight–I say how bout Petis vs Edson Barbosa and let the winner of that fight for the title when every thing else is said and done–Im sorry if this is confusing–just my opinion

    • Why should Edgar get an immediate rematch?

  • Anthony

    forgot about Maynard ,if he beats the winner or Miller vs Diaz he fights the winner of barbosa vs petis and who ever wins, fights for the title—sorry I forgot aboout that

    • Maynard is a long way from another title shot and is not in the picture at all.

      • RonnieV

        I wouldn’t say that, he’s only lost to Edgar. He won a split decision against Nate.

  • Anthony

    forget I said anything– its too early for this Sh*t–Im

  • RonnieV

    Yeah Baby, you know these message boards rev up when a Diaz fights! Looking forward to this fight. Nate should do well, considering this is a 25 minute fight.

  • RubeKegal

    No way Anthony…..Winner of Nate and Miller gets Maynard? Maynard already beat those two. Pettis should get next shot….Winner of Pettis and Henderson gets winner of Diaz and Miller. Maynard gets Barbosa next and Frankie should fight Gil Melendez(Yes they should bring him over)… if Frankie gets past Melendez, he gets title shot against the winner of Diaz/Miller vs. Henderson/Pettis winner. If not, the winner of Maynard/Barbosa gets it. I speak truth

  • If nate diaz or jim miller get a shot at the lightweight title before frankie Dana White needs to take a serious look at his health.The spotlight is fogging his judgement.The edgar henderson rematch will do double the pay per view than any other lightweight fight other than pettis henderson.Do the right thing Dana

    • What has Edgar done to deserve an immediate rematch?

    • RonnieV

      Pearson, I agree & disagree with you. Edgar has always been a terrible PPV draw for the UFC, which is why they stacked that card so deep in Japan. You’ll notice they always put a big draw fighter like Rampage on the same fight card as the lightweights, simply to generate more interest. I agree that Edgar & Henderson should rematch though (I thought Edgar won). Pettis looked very impressive in his last win, but his fight resume is not deserving of a title fight yet. He needs one more fight against a big name. Maynard should not be lost in the conversation, because he has split fights with Diaz & Edgar, and he’s beaten Miller.

  • lycan

    pettis shouldnt get a title shot for beating joe lauzon ,befor that fight he lost to clay ,he shouldn’t even be in this picture , i mean much as i wanna see bendo/pettis II , hes ranked 6 in the light weight divison , but nate is ranked 10 i dont know wat there gonna do cuz im stumped with this , i guess just give Edgar a rematch as much as i hate it , its wats fair for frankie , ik he is just soo pissed that people are telling him to just forget about the light weight division after wat a tear hes been through , just do the right thing dana

    • pooby

      Before Lauzon, Pettis beat Jeremy Stephens. The loss to Guida was before that, and Guida basically humped him to a decision.

      With that said, I agree that the winner of Diaz/Miller deserves the shot. Hopefully Diaz wins, because we just saw Miller fight Bendo and I would expect their next fight to look the same.

      Let Frankie fight Pettis for the next shot.

  • Towers66

    Edgar should have to work his way back to the top. His performance did not merit an immediate rematch, Penn and maynard’s performance did. Diaz title fight = big ppv pull. I hope he beats miller. Should definitely be an awesome fight. Diaz vs benson would be great match up too.

    • RonnieV

      Although I do believe Edgar deserves a rematch, I think you are right about a Diaz v. Benson fight. That would be a 25 minute war. Benson is much faster than Nate, but Nate always comes to fight. You are right it would be a big PPV draw for a lightweight fight.

  • zacharydetal

    I would give Edgar a rematch, I don’t understand why Miller or Diaz would be that much more deserving of a title shot. Have the winner of Diaz and Miller fight the winner of Edgar and Henderson 2.

  • Prodigy815

    Both these guys will never be champ

  • Anthony

    ok ,im awake now, lol I still like Edgar in the rematch–he had 2 title rematches before he got to fight Henderson–id give him the rematch–it wasnt that much of a clear victory for Benson–yes I feel he shoulda won, but it wasnt a definitive win ,like when Edgar beat Maynard the 3rd fight or, Edgar vs Penn 2–I still think Maynard is a top 3 or 4 guy–I dont think they will bring Milindez to the UFC– they have already depleated the ranks of Strikeforce too much–if you want it taken seriously you have to leave some top ranked fighters–dont get me wrong id luv to see Milendez vs Edgar or Henderson , it just doesnt make enough sense to deplete the S.F ranks. I think Petis , Diaz and Miller are at least 2 fights from a title shot–I say You gotta give Edgar the rematch–fair is fair–plus most importantly I think people would pay to see the rematc,h but then again everybody wants to see Petis vs Hendo 2-still Petis hasnt done enough in the UFC for a shot right now and Edgar has paid his dues–

    • Booker T

      Henderson will just beat Frankie down worse in a second fight. You better get that through your thick scull Anthony.Henderson owns Frankie.That will be proven.

  • Anthony

    you think? the last fight was far from a beat down bro,, I like Henderson–loved when he owned Miller–and I thought Edgar acted a bitch when he lost. I lost allot or respect for him the way he carried himself in defeat, but still he should get the rematch and he probably will lose, but let him lose, dont let this drag on like it is–the guy thinks he won that fight–let Henderson beat on him another 25 mins so he figures out its time to go down to 145–55ers are too big for me

  • D-rail

    Edgar vs Pettis if the winner of Miller vs Diaz gets a shot. But its BS that Pettis has been strung along for that title shot after being the only one to have beaten the current UFC champ in classic style w/a bitch kick to da face. How can u deny him that. So he got dryhumped by Clay for 3 rounds? He just finished someone who has never been finished by TKO in the 1st round! Dana’s like a politician.

  • Santz

    Edson Barbosa will end up champ late this year or the next…the man is a beast at LW. He’s one of few real strikers in the division, not like the majority of grapplers that simply train and improvise their striking. Barbosa is like Anderson Silva and Aldo who really know what they’re doing on their feet.

  • Towers66

    Thanks for this post. All this arguing for nada. Rematch with Edgar. Boooooooo! I won’t be burning 44.99 on that fight. Should make for a good read the next day….lemme guess….decision….AND STILL THE UFC LW CHAMP!

  • bryanadams

    Why is Edson barboza getting so much consideration on here? I’ll admit that he is easily the most diverse striker in the division, and one of the most entertaining. However, he hasn’t proved himself against a good wrestler, and hasn’t even competed against a top LW. Terry Ettim isn’t top billing, and it was only Ettim’s 2nd fight back after a huge lay off! Pettis should get the shot. It’s the most entertaining match up, and the easiest for the UFC to market. Plus, Pettis did the UFC a huge favor by not bitching and stepping aside for Maynard v Edgar 3 even though he was promised the shot.

  • MikeHenry1980

    Why so many rematches lately, I dont mind if its a good close non title fight, but if u lose the belt u should have to work your way back up, win 2 or 3 in a row, this is bull, i dont care how close it was or that many feel Edgar won.

    SO let me ask, if it had been Edgar that won and kept his belt, would Henderson get a rematch ????