Will Silva vs. St-Pierre Happen? GSP Focused on Carlos Condit; Anderson Silva May Take Time Off

November 12, 2012
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-PierreWill he or won’t he? That is the question surrounding Anderson Silva since it was made public that the current UFC middleweight champion and widely regarded top pound-for-pound fighter in the world would be Octagonside at UFC 154 in Montreal this weekend.

Although it has been said that Silva will be there to “call out” UFC welterweight champion and fellow top pound-for-pounder Georges St-Pierre for a superfight should St-Pierre get the better of Carlos Condit, that’s not really in Silva’s nature.

At a recent press event on Monday organized by one of Silva’s sponsors, he indicated that he has no intention to challenge St-Pierre.

“I’m going to Los Angeles and then go to Canada for the fight of St-Pierre, and then I’m already there to shoot a movie, a feature film that I’ll participate and Lyoto. It’s an action movie,” Silva told Brazilian website Tatame.com. “Is not my character (to) up and challenge anyone. I think it will not happen. I think not, I’m sure.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to fight St-Pierre. That is something that he and his camp have been adamant about, he would like to challenge himself against a fighter like St-Pierre, but that doesn’t mean he will “call him out.”

He could very well step into the Octagon with GSP, should he win, and congratulate his fellow champion without drawing a line in the sand.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that Silva is contemplating not fighting again until the end of next year, according to Tatame.

“I think we just come back at the end of next year,” he told Tatame. “I’m with my personal projects underway.”

Let’s be clear, however. Silva said he is currently set to film a movie alongside Lyoto Machida and is also working on opening a new gym in Los Angeles. That will take much of his time, but he didn’t make any declarations.

He didn’t exactly say, “This is a concrete plan, I’m not going to fight until December of 2013,” or anything of that nature. He simply has a few other matters in his life to attend to for the time being.

A number of options could sway Silva’s thoughts on when and where he fights next, particularly if a fight with St-Pierre becomes a viable option.

But again, even if St-Pierre defeats Condit on Saturday, then St-Pierre has to agree to enter negotiations, which, for a fight this magnitude, could take some time.

St-Pierre has made it clear that Silva is not currently on his mind. He instead needs to focus on the task at hand, Condit, before it even becomes a consideration.

“I don’t care about Anderson Silva,” said St-Pierre recently. “He can do whatever he wants. He can go in Florida and stay in Brazil if he wants; I’m focusing on Carlos Condit, that’s all that matters to me.”

Not to mention, this would be the biggest fight in UFC history, so it’s likely that both camps would want ample time to prepare and the UFC would want plenty of time to properly promote it.

Simply put, we in the media, as well as you the fans, can keep talking about Silva vs. GSP, and we can keep dreaming, but after all the banter, only time will tell the tale if it ever becomes a realistic possibility, let alone reality.

  • Obuchons

    Not the fight I want! Silva vs. Jones makes more sense to me. Silva has fought and won at 205! Silva will be to big for GSP and I predict will finish him how he has everyonr else. Now Jones vs. Silva two of the best strikers in the sport! I say absouletly!

    • the truth

      Jones is not one of the best strikers. He’s a good wrestler, his striking is a work in progress. He was losing the striking game w/ Machida up until he took him down landed a few elbows and got the choke.

      • Jones is not a great boxer, but he is a great striker in the sense that his strikes are extremely effective.

    • PHILnose

      jones v silva
      jones v JDS
      silva v weiman
      jones v dc
      big fights for glover
      REEM v dc
      REEM v JDS
      REEM v cain
      cain v dc (we all know their relationship. business is business)
      more BigJohnson
      lets keeps 170 and 185 interesting – matchRIGHT!

      War K1 transfer students!

      • Tom Jolley

        BigJhonson vs MarkHunt

    • I think GSP vs. Silva is still a great fight as they are at the end of their careers. GSP’s style is a good match up for Silva IMO. I think it would be a very competitive match up.

  • dgs

    This is not a fight I dream about, or care about. GSP is too small for Silva. Give me Silva vs Jones and you’ll have my interest piqued.

    Also, what’s up with this new sign in system? What is this Disqus crap? What happened to my MMAWeekly account???

  • passerby23

    Enough with the GSP-Silva talk. The fight makes no sense. Silva has fought two weight classes above him. Beating down a much smaller GSP only serves to tarnish GSP’s legacy. Silva-Jones is the fight that makes sense and more people want to see. Let Jones do the reality show and Silva have another fight and maybe put them in the Octagon in early 2014.

  • Silva’sToBigForGSP

    Jose Aldo v GSP!!!

  • Silva’sTooBigForGSP

    Mighty Mouse v DoSantos

  • ufcinsider

    How often are journalist going to write about this? Once a week? Twice a week? We get it, it may or may not happen. We will find out in the near future.
    Do people actually get paid to write this ****?

  • ufc

    How often are journalist going to write about this? Once a week? Twice a week? More? We get it, it may or may not happen. We will find out in the near future.
    Do people actually get paid to write this tihs?

    • joe

      This is the same comment as bellow. Are you mocking the articles repeating the same gsp/silva info every week?

  • Lawdog1521

    This fight won’t happen unless Silva calls out GSP. GSP has been avoiding it for years. Unless Silva demands it, we’ll see GSP continue to fight “elite” fighters such as Koshchek or Hardy to exciting five round unanimous decisions.

  • Anthony Lopez

    I love how this has been a dream fight for years until MMA “fans” get fickle and all of a sudden don’t care about it anymore. I personally would love to see two of the greatest of all time go at it

  • gnodeb

    Real question is why “fans” ask for “super” fights. They should know why there are weight classes. I agree… GSP is small for AS… AS is small for JJ… JJ is small for JDS… if some fighter want’s to change division, he should not fight champ… he need’s two real wins for title shot at new division…


    PLEASE STOP!!! Complete mismatch not due to skill but just weight! Silva is 6’2 and walks around between 215-225 GSP is 5’10 walks around around 175-185. Thats nearly a 20lb difference. Not a dream fight but and idiotic one and I hope GSP does not take this fight he will do nothing but hurt his legacy. Hes great already and he needs to NATE DIAZ!!!! True dream fights SILVA V JONES AND DIAZ V ST.PIERRE!


    I meant 40 lb difference lol