Will Georges St-Pierre Change After Listening to Critics or Is It All a Smoke Screen?

November 13, 2012
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Georges St Pierre Sept GSP 2012_1957If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

It’s a pretty simple philosophy, and when it comes to Georges St-Pierre, it should almost be a way of life.

Since a 2007 upset loss to Matt Serra, St-Pierre has been the picture of consistency. Nine straight victories while only losing a couple of rounds along the way, and a streak of dominance rarely seen in the UFC.

But when you reach such great heights of excellence, there are always going to be detractors that will criticize even the greatest of athletes. In St-Pierre’s case it’s been his inability to finish opponents despite decimating them for the better part of 25-minutes each time he steps into the cage.

As great as St-Pierre has been however, he doesn’t have the finishing rate like a fighter such as Anderson Silva or even UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones when it comes to title fights.

In his last six performances, St-Pierre has gone a perfect 6-0 but finished only one opponent, B.J. Penn, and he retired on the stool unable to make it out for a fifth and final round.

So as he heads into his return bout at UFC 154 after more than a year away from the sport, St-Pierre has been listening to the criticism, and believes some of the points made have merit behind them.

“I need to be more opportunistic and I listen to the critics, and I want to be more opportunistic and be jumping on more opportunity when I finish, that’s what I’ve been working on a lot,” St-Pierre told MMAWeekly.com.

“It’s important the critics are there to make me better. I don’t think of it as a negative, I think of it as a positive thing.”

Still it’s hard to argue with St-Pierre’s performance, even if he’s not putting opponents away with flashy knockouts or bone crunching submissions. The French-Canadian has taken out the best of the best at 170lbs for years, and for the most part made it look fairly easy.

Maybe that’s what’s so hard to accept about St-Pierre’s inability to finish, or unwillingness to take those chances, is because he is so talented and so naturally gifted that it should be so easy to land the perfect punch or catch the right submission.

But is St-Pierre really willing to change a style that’s earned him six straight title defenses and a spot as the face of the UFC?

He says he’s becoming more opportunistic, but out of all of his past fights, St-Pierre only points to one that he was really not happy with his performance.

“I’m very happy with the Jon Fitch fight, maybe the one fight I’m not happy with is my last one with Jake Shields,” said St-Pierre. “I didn’t look good, I’m sure I could have done better and when I finished that fight I was not happy.

“B.J. Penn, I finished. B.J. Penn he didn’t come back for the fifth round, if he would have given me five more minutes, I guarantee I would have finished him.”

No matter what St-Pierre does against Carlos Condit at UFC 154 short of a first round finish it will likely put the critics back in action, wondering why one of the most dominant champions in UFC history isn’t more dominant.

St-Pierre says he’s listening, but more likely he’s appeasing the audience and telling them what they want to hear. The truth is St-Pierre’s supremacy has been flawless, and it’s not likely anything will be changing any time soon.

  • Just have to wait and see then

  • Alan

    GSP/Condit could be a great fight if they both go for it, but judging from Condit’s last fight he plays it safe when the stakes are high, and GSP always plays it safe, so this is likely to be 5 rounds of a combination of jabs/leg kicks at distance and cuddling on the ground. I hope I’m wrong, obviously, because they’re 2 great fighters, but factor in that they’re both trained by Greg Jackson and hmm….well….

  • gnodeb

    Of course they are going to play safe in title fight. It’s the same like any other sport. Even in soccer… finals are never “exiting”… Actually they are, but if you cares only for highlights, you will be disappointed…

  • bajafox

    Can’t wait to read about this fight on Sunday…yawn

  • Lets take a look at GSP’s last 10 fights …

    10. Gets TKO’ed by Serra

    9. Doiminates Koscheck with wrestling and grappling.

    8.Dominates Matt Hughes through striking, that leads to takedowns and submits him. Gotta love the fact he finished him with an armbar.

    7. Dominates Matt Serra and basically finishes him off similarly to Matt Hughes, through striking that leads to takedown and punishes him until the Ref stops the fight.

    6. Jon Fitch …. so he didn’t get a KO, TKO or a submission. I betcha Jon Fitch would’ve preferred one of those instead of the beating he received from GSP.

    5.BJ “To the death” Penn … quit due to the senseless beating he was receiving, standing and on the ground. Then he asked his mom to drive him to the NSAC board meeting ………

    4.Thiago Alves …. thought he’d do much better than Jon Fitch and Penn …. but ended up looking just as bad. I don’t know who’s face looked worse … Fitch or Alves?

    3. Dan Hardy …. technical mistake by GSP but he HAD Hardy where he wanted him. Can’t say he didn’t go for the finish …..

    2. Josh Koscheck …. GSP dominated him on the ground last time. GSP dominated him with one punch/hand this time. Kos didn’t want anyone touching that eye by the later rounds ……

    1. Jake Shields …. probably his worst performance, but GSP couldn’t see outta one eye for the last 2 rounds. Still I think he could’ve been more aggressive in his striking.

    Aside from the Shields fight … I’ve had a very good time watching GSP DOMINATE his opponent as he’s pleased. GSP doesn’t need to prove any thing to anyone ……

  • zztoppppppp

    You know it isn’t that he can’t finish the fights, its that he doesn’t even try… Forrest Griffin can’t finish fights but everybody loves him because he at least tries to.

  • Greyman

    Couldn’t agree more Ho Chung… Well actually there was one mistake in your post : GSP didn’t use much striking in his third bout with Hughes… he dominated Matt with his grappling from start to finish which was probably even more humiliating since GSP had already dominated him with striking in the second fight and grappling is Hughes’s strength.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Sadly i expect a boring fight, condit on is back for 5 rounds and GSP unable to finish. Prove me wrong please, GSP great athlete but so many boring fights.

    • Jesse Malloy

      I think Condit has the skill to get himself off the ground, but I can’t see him taking a decision win. Condit in my opinion needs a stoppage of some sort.