Will Fabricio Werdum be Back in the UFC?

November 22, 2011
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Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum

Will he or won’t he?

That’s question posed to Top 10 heavyweight Fabricio Werdum. Is he headed back to the UFC or not?

“My motivation is for to fight the best guys in the world. Where is the best guys in the world? Is in the UFC. I like UFC for sure. I like Strikeforce, too,” he told MMAWeekly.com while in attendance at UFC 139 on Saturday night. “My goal now, I’m training hard for come back in the UFC because the best guys is there.”

Werdum has exchanged words, via the media and Twitter, with UFC fighter Brendan Schaub lately, trying to impress upon the UFC brass that the fight would be a good match-up to put in the Octagon.

He’d also like another shot at Alistair Overeem, who is slated to fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 141. He and Overeem have split their two fights so far, Overeem winning the most recent contest under the Strikeforce banner.

The fire around a fight with Schaub has, however, has since died down, and Overeem’s dance card is obviously full, but that doesn’t mean that Werdum doesn’t want back in the Octagon.

“I put in Twitter, Werdum UFC Rio 2. I want the fight in Brazil. In four days, 7,000 people want I’m fighting in UFC Rio,” said Werdum, referring to the number of fans re-tweeting his message to UFC president Dana White.

The UFC’s head honcho, however, hasn’t committed to anything yet with Werdum, who has most recently been fighting for Strikeforce.

“I want to fight in UFC, but in Brazil, it’s perfect,” said Werdum, who was born in Brazil, but hasn’t fought there in more than seven years.

White has also been tight-lipped about the future of Strikeforce, once thought to be headed the way of Pride and the WEC.

There has been a change in the executive team at Showtime recently, leading to speculation that the premium cable network may want to remain in the MMA business after all.

If that happens, the UFC may have to stop raiding the talent pool of its sibling promotion. That could mean that Werdum, one of the top heavyweights left on the promotion’s roster, may not get his wish.

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  • He’s still under contract with Strikeforce and I think they’d be wise to keep him there for the time being. I realize Zuffa has the ability to move him over but if there’s a chance (even a small one) that there will be future Strikeforce events they’re going need fighters to fill those cards and plucking all the talent from their ranks would prevent that from happening.

  • borlots

    What I’d like to see is all the heavyweights moved to the UFC and have Strikeforce carry LHW, MW, WW, and LW’s plus try to sign more women fighters. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many high quality HW’s out there. I’d rather have one strong HW division than two very limited HW divisions.

    Of course Showtime probably wouldn’t like that idea very much. It would certainly be less marketable without the HWs. Thus, my wish is not likely to be granted.

    • wonggfan

      “There aren’t that many good heavyweights.”

      There weren’t that many good heavyweights in the UFC a couple years ago.

      Now the HW division in the UFC is stacked with talent. The HW division is probably the best division to watch right now.

  • Planterz

    He should be in the UFC and they should pay him a nice bonus for saving them all the money they could have blown by signing Fedor.

  • T Spoon

    There is no doubt that Werdum is a great fighter, but why call out Schaub? I don’t see the benefit in that. The only reason I can think of him calling Schaub out, is to get an easier match-up, not a “good” one. If he plans on ever winning UFC gold, he better prepare for more experienced, higer caliber fighters.