Will Carlos Condit Wait For GSP? Dana White Thinks He Should

February 16, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre and Carlos ConditUFC president Dana White always wants to put on the best fights possible at any given time.

Jake Ellenberger has rolled through several of the top fighters in the welterweight division, most recently defeating Diego Sanchez at UFC on Fuel TV 1 on Wednesday night. Carlos Condit recently defeated Nick Diaz to become the interim UFC welterweight champion, with current titleholder Georges St-Pierre on the sidelines until at least October or November.

Ellenberger’s only loss in the Octagon was of the split decision variety, losing to Condit. So a rematch would only make sense, right?

Not so fast.

“(Ellenberger) has looked fantastic. He’s on a roll,” White said in his post-fight interview with Fuel TV. “(But) if I’m Carlos Condit and the (Nick) Diaz match is available, I take the Diaz match. If not, I probably sit around and I wait for GSP.”

The Diaz rematch is not available. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites following the fight with Condit, so he is more than likely to be on the sidelines even longer than GSP. Diaz has even commented that he might hang up his gloves for good.

“(Condit) knows if he beats GSP, he’s gonna end up facing Ellenberger again (anyway),” said White, before adding, “we also have on the May 5 card on Fox, we have (Josh) Koscheck fighting (Johny) Hendricks.”

That makes things interesting as well. Regardless of who wins the Fox fight, it opens the door to a couple different scenarios.

The winner between Koscheck and Hendricks could end up as the next opponent for Ellenberger, the winner of that fight hanging out for Condit and St-Pierre to happen. Or maybe Condit gets tired of sitting on the sidelines, deciding he’d rather take his chances and fight again, remaining sharp for when St-Pierre does return.

The former is a very real scenario for Condit. Yes, he wants to unite the title with St-Pierre, but he is also a fighter that feeds off consistency and remaining active.

“He didn’t want to wait if he could have fought Diaz,” declared White. “Carlos might be sitting around, three months from now, he might have a different opinion.”

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  • RonnieV

    Once again, what is the point of an interim title if he sits on it for 10-11 months? There is no guarantee GSP will be ready by November-December. In my opinion, Dana might think that no other fighter would generate the PPV interest for Condit. A Condit vs. Ellenberger fight would probably have to be a co-main event, which means Condit won’t make the money he would for a GSP fight or a Diaz rematch. It’s all about the dollars!

    • KBEsq

      Agreed – Condit said he wasn’t going to do this and now he is. While I was disappointed with the Diaz fight, I still stuck up for Condit because he has a family and that’s 100 times more important than anything else. However, in the position he’s in now, I don’t see him gaining financially from this decision. He probably loses to GSP, but I think he has a great chance against Ellenberger. So in that scenario, he gets a fight as champ against Ellenberger as interim champ (meaning probably a % of ppv) and a good chance at winning. Then he gets the GSP fight as interim champ. This is vs. just one fight against GSP.

      • RonnieV

        One thing is for sure, Condit has a huge edge on Ellenberger in a 5 round fight.

  • MrAdidas

    Funny how Dana tells most people to not wait around (EI: Rashad Evans),m but now Condit is in the exact same situation as Evans was, but Dana is singing a diff tune now?!? WTF?!? Not sure why Dana keeps contradicting himself one day, but then has a completely diff point of view the next, BUT the topic remains the same.

    How can Dana **** on Evans for waiting for Rua to get better from an injury (when Evans was the #1 contender). YET, now he’s telling Condit to wait for GSP, for another 8-10 months? (which happens to be a longer wait than that of Evans while he waited for Rua) WTF?!

    No wonder so many people hate Dana so much, he does more flip floping than a goldfish in a frying pan.

    • Addiction365

      That’s the truest thing I’ve read all day.

    • ragincajun_45

      It’s because Dana is blatant in his like and dislike of fighters. There’s no status quo, you’re just screwed if he doesn’t like you or if you don’t make money for the UFC.

  • bajafox

    Condit came out pretty unscathed from running around the ring from Diaz, he should fight one more time instead of waiting for GSP

  • kjs84

    Well condit won decisively so I think it should be up to him… It’s not his fault gap is hurt. How many interim champs really defended their title?? It’s a very risky decision and could really make or break someone in a sport like this. Leave it for him to decide….

    And condit not a main event guy?? I’m sorry but the way he has finished most of his opponents… I would pay to see him fight. If gap wasn’t champ would you pay to see him decision every fight and be happy with it?? At least condit for the most part finishes…

    • kjs84

      Lol meant gsp… Not gap… Damn auto corrections…

  • shereko

    Well to be fair, Condit was kinda jerked around with the whole Diaz stuff with BJ Penn and GSP etc, which was just bad luck, nobodys fault … but, I’d do whats best for my family and my career and thats for himself and manager to go over not Dana.

  • matty

    Ronniev how is condit not a main event? I love reading these post it makes me realize how out of touch with reality alot of mma fans are. The Evans waiting for rua fight is different then condit waiting for gsp. Evans had not fought in a long time that is why Dana wanted him to take a fight. People do not post if you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • RonnieV

      Read my post again idiot! I never said Condit is not a main event fighter, he’s not a PPV main event fighter unless he’s fighting GSP or Diaz. Condit (and the UFC) are very aware of this. An Ellenberger main event would not be a huge payday for anyone, because it wouldn’t generate huge PPV buys. If he lost he would be missing out on the biggest payday of his career(against GSP) win or lose. No other active welterweight is a huge PPV draw (besides Diaz). Now that Lesnar is gone, GSP is the biggest PPV sell in the UFC. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and maybe a Heavyweight title fight are the only other huge PPV draws. After that it’s Nick Diaz, Rampage, and the other title fights. If you don’t believe me look it up. I’m against Condit, waiting until GSP is healthy, but monetarily it’s the smartest move he could make. Now do me a favor “matty” don’t comment since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

      • skiman

        Agreed. I still don’t really care about Condit, but of course would go for him against GSP. Matty is a moron and shouldn’t post, especially since he has no idea what he is talking about. What your saying is just common sense really, good luck trying to convince Matty of that though

  • tomkevill

    this is hilarious considering he disses his biggest star by having 2 other guys fight for a interim title. The reasoning, to keep the division active. So technically Condit is champ now so he should defend the belt against the best available competition instead of robbing the fans of good fights. I thought this is exactly what Dana says is ruining boxing, and now Dana wants to do just that. At the end of the day Condit is gonna get taken down by Gsp and beat the same way everyone else has. If Diaz can get him down then its a lock for Gsp. Of course anything can happen in a fight but theres a reason Gsp is a 4-1 favourite even having to come back from a serious knee injury lol.

  • People are saying he should wait for GSP instead of taking the “risk” of another fight. So is thinking is “Man, facing Koscheck is too risky, I’d better wait for George St. Pierre?” If so, he’s about to get a serious ass-beating by the champion. He has to have more faith in his ability than that!

    • RonnieV

      I’m sure Condit thinks he could beat all active welterweights, I think he could. But if you were him ,and you knew about the payday you had coming for a GSP fight, wouldn’t you hold out?

  • phrankthetank

    At the end of the day being a champion means you can beat anyone in the world, if condit thinks he’s worthy of being the champ, then there’s no-one he should be unwilling to fight. Now, I agree with Ronnie that the GSP fight is by far that most financially beneficial. However, at the end of the day if he thinks he’s the best, then he should fight whoever gets put in front of him. He’s got 8-9 months till he gets GSP. More than enough time for a title defense. If you’re not willing to defend it, hand in the belt and wait it out as the no.1 contender.

    • RonnieV

      S*** phrank. Lets do shots, we agreed on something!

      • phrankthetank

        I’m in

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m not saying that Diaz is not a good ppv draw, but I’m not quite sure how we would even know if he was. He’s only been the “biggest name” on one UFC ppv. That’s assuming that he was the draw over condit. I haven’t seen what the buys for that fight was. People seem to just say Diaz is a big draw, but I’ve never seen any evidence of it. He may get a lot of comments on this site, but that doesn’t mean it translates to buys.

    • RonnieV

      Mike, all you have to do is look at his last two fights, and compare them against any other welterweight PPV draws. Neither Diaz fight had an impressive co-main event (I believe it was Roy Nelson both times). Both his fights had larger PPV draws than both Edgar/Maynard fights, and all other fights that didn’t involve Lesnar/GSP/Anderson Silva & Jon Jones. Diaz has a huge following whether you like him or not! Gsp/Diaz had potential of being one of the best PPV sells ever, so of course the UFC,GSP & Diaz are pissed it hasn’t happened.

      • MikeMc1983

        That was kind of my point. I was hoping you’d let me know what the Diaz vs. condit ppv numbers were. No, I’m not much a fan of nick, but I’ll give credit where it’s do. I don’t like Gsp, but he gets a lot of buys. I’ll give him that.
        I won’t give Diaz a ton of credit for the penn fight however. Bj has been a top 5 draw the majority of his career. Bj is a bigger draw than nick. Nick was probably the bigger name between he and condit. I just never saw those numbers.
        Ronnie, I wasn’t trying to dog nick. I was just hopeing for some info. I was pretty sure you’d know the numbers since you could probably tell me if nick has a mole on his ass or not. 😉

        • RonnieV

          Nick has a mole, but I believe it’s being surgically removed.

          UFC 127 Penn/Fitch – 260,000 PPV buys
          Co- main event: Bisping vs. Rivera

          UFC 137 Diaz/Penn – 280,000 PPV buys
          Co-main event: Kongo vs. Mitrione

          UFC 143Diaz/Condit – 400,000 PPV buys
          Co-main event: Nelson vs. Werdum

  • The GSP fight is the best financially, but it becomes even MORE so when Condit beats another top contender and becomes an even bigger threat to the actual champion.

    If he cant beat any of the other three guys then he cant beat GSP and he might as well find that out now. You only get two shots at the champion and you better make them both count; nobody fights anyone a third time after they lose twice.

    The only thing that must be a concern is that he will be seriously injured during a fight with one of the contenders even if he wins, and GSP couldnt handle another delay. But the interim title should guarantee that Condit eventually gets that shot as long as he doesnt lose any fights.

  • Totally ridiculous!! We had an interim title created because the champ will have been on the sidelines for almost two years by the time he defends the belt again. Now we have both the champion and the interim sitting it out for 10 to 11 months? WTF??!!! If people thought Condit was a wuss for running for 5 rounds how much more so if he sits on his ass and doesn’t defend the belt until November? Dana you really messed this one up. You shouldn’t have promised the winner of Diaz Condit a shot at GSP. You should have told them the winner is going to defend the interim belt.

  • TKD

    Everyone convinced yet that Dana White is an a**hole?

  • maddawgmar

    A common reaccuring comment is that Carlos has made up his mind that he will wait for GSP. He hasn’t. I say wait for the medical suspensions to cone out for UFC on Fuel then make up your mind. If Ellenberger doesn’t have a huge lay off then take the fight. If he has a huge lay off then wait out GSP. All the other top guys, Hendricks, Kos, etc. has fights either lined up or in the works. If he takes Ellenberger after a lengthy layoff and wins but gets hurt he has a lengthy layoff, then GSP is not gonna have the fight when he is ready. There are many variable to consider.

  • MrAdidas

    Wasn’t the Interim Belt “created” so that the WW division does not “stand still” b/c the champ is sidelined? So they have their interim champ, but now he’s going to sit out 8-10 months until he fights the GSP … WTF?!?

    So the UFC now has the WW Champ & the newly crowned interim champ out for 8-10 months?!? WOW great move UFC. Condit believes he can beat anyone, GSP included, but he’s too worried about losing his fight/chance Vs GSP, that doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, if you are the interim champ, you should be forced to have to defend the “fake belt”, until GSP is ready to return. TWO Reasons why, and they are …

    ONE: So that the WW division is not forgotten for 8 more months (b/c GSP is out), which is why I thought they made an interim belt, so that the WW division can still move forward with “fake title defences”.

    TWO: If Condit does not defend his interim title Vs Ellenberger, Koscheck, Hendricks etc (doesn’t matter who), then he wasn’t the “true #1 contender”. Even if Condit defends his interim title 3 times b4 GSP & then he loses on his 4th defence, again that proves he is not the “true #1 contender”.

    If the interim Champ -regardless of division- is too scared or not confident enough that he can beat anyone, then pass the “fake” belt to someone else who is willing to defend the interim title as many times as required, before their fight Vs the champ/GSP in this case.