Will BJ Penn Hang Up the Gloves for Good Following Recent Loss to Rory MacDonald?

December 17, 2012
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BJ Penn punching Nick Diaz at UFC 137After Rory MacDonald dominated BJ Penn at UFC on Fox 5 recently, the calls quickly came for the famed Hawaiian fighter to reverse his coming out of retirement party and finally hang up his gloves for good.

Chief among those saying Penn should head back into retirement was UFC president Dana White.

“He didn’t say it tonight, but I think BJ is probably going to retire, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that,” said White following the fight.

“BJ is a warrior, talk about a guy that doesn’t give up and doesn’t quit and just keeps coming. I have so much respect for BJ; I always have, even through the good times and the bad times. I’d like to see him retire.”

Penn, however, isn’t sure just yet what he’s going to do.

Leaving the door open, he told Inside MMA on AXS TV on Monday to remind his fans that he holds the “old man record for spending the most time in the Octagon and never being dropped once, even to a knee.”

Such bravado might indicate that Penn is considering stepping back in the Octagon, but he didn’t commit one way or the other telling Inside MMA that he is “taking some time to figure out my next step.”

Penn is a two-division champion in the UFC, winning the title in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

He has struggled in his last few fights, most recently losing the fights to Rory MacDonald and Nick Diaz, but is considered a shoe-in for the UFC Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for all the latest on BJ Penn’s decision whether or not to retire.

  • ufaa

    i have a feeling we’ll see him again

  • chuker.

    i love to see bj fight but i think he should move back dwn to lw

    • Mark McDowall

      Agreed…the current top WW’s are just too big for him.

    • Sheikh

      I think he could be a force again at lightweight.

  • jtgoldboss

    We will see him again. This is a guy with a family, and he will need $$$. He isn’t retiring with 3-5+ million. Definitely needs to move back to LW.

    • Enigma 671

      umm BJ Penn’s family is pretty wealthy even before he started fighting so i doubt he ”needs” the money

    • BJ Penn was always wealthy and his net worth is 20 million dollars, he does not need the money.

      • jtgoldboss

        Didn’t know that. Good for him. A great fighter like him should not have to keep fighting beyond his time just for $, except if they blow all there $ being an idiot. BJ’s a warrior

    • Guest

      as others have stated penn comes from a rich family and never needed the money – that might be part of his problem – with the lone exceptions of st pierre and silva every other fighter makes crap compared to other pro athletes (even those two make about as much as a mid-tier nfl guy at most) and they have far and away the most expenses – 99% of fighters live or die by win bonuses, fotn bonuses, etc – paying the rent/mortgage, etc is a powerful motivator when it comes to putting those extra hours into the grind of training when every other part of you is saying lets just eat a burger and watch family guy re-runs

  • BJ Penn lost to the probable number 1, 2 and 3 welter weights in the world. I see no shame in that and do not think it a reason to retire.
    I would like to see him fight back at LW where he does not have the size disadvantage.

  • Panman

    Be real he gives it one minute and then waits
    To lose. His training camps are not up to today
    Standards. He wants to play the game but not put
    The prep work into it. If he had the heart to train
    Like Belfort / Pierre he would be the old
    BJ. Answer the door it’s the hall of fame

  • dude

    Frankie Edgar was his kryptonite at lightweight. With Frankie moving to featherweight, I think he can make a run back with the lightweights. I don’t remember him really ever getting dominated at lightweight.

  • Timothy Malone

    Can the recent fights put to rest the erroneous idea that Penn was one of the greatest fighters of all time? I’m not saying that he hasn’t done alot for the sport. I do think he deserves a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.

    But he has been getting dominated. People suggest he is past his prime. He is 34. He is not Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture who only lost their competitive edge when they were in their 40s. If he is one of the greatest then he should still be on top. Nobody has him on their Top 10 list.

    It sucks to admit because he was a top fighter in the early days of the UFC that alot of us fondly remember but as stronger competition has come up it is clear he is a good fighter, but not a great one.

    • kbroesq

      I actually agree with the later portion of your comment regarding Penn’s age. He could be in his prime right now if he wanted. But I think Penn just wants to survive on his natural ability, which isn’t enough anymore.

      As far as the first part of your comment, if you started watching MMA much earlier, you probably wouldn’t feel that way. People say he’s one of the greatest because he would easily beat the guys who were great. He really is probably one of the most talented fighters ever to fight, but he just doesn’t have enough passion to drive him during the hard times in training.

  • Rufus

    Dont retire, just drop in weight. Great defense for being with a bigger guy.

  • Trevor

    He’s always been overrated and as someone said below his training camps suck, he’s fat and rich …go eat pineapple and let the up and coming and hungry kids fight it out!

  • Guy is a true fighter. Already put his time in mma and bjj. No shame in retiring for whatever reason. Any fight this guy is in is interesting no matter who he fights. Much respect.

  • adam1848


  • Denny Swain

    Bj penn can probably whoop benson henderson

  • wormy38

    bj pens net worth is 40 million.2nd place is chuck with 16

  • Derek

    Pen should fight in light weight division, he is too small to fight the big dude like Rory………

  • Mike

    Lightweight or retire!

  • vator72

    Penn needs to hang it up. watching his last 5 fights its obvious that he has a serious conditioning problem. In his last fights he comes out extremely crisp and sharp but about 2 minutes in you can see him fade fast. I don’t know if he’s got a low T count or what, but there is something going on physically and it doesn’t look like its going to get resolved. Its been a good run but its time for him to call it quits.

  • Labo Falk

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