Will Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre Come to a Head at UFC 154?

November 7, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126The past couple years of chatter about a potential Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight in the UFC could come to a head at UFC 154 on Nov. 17 in Montreal.

While St-Pierre has hedged on whether or not he wants to step into a superfight with Silva, even if the Canadian defeats Carlos Condit at UFC 154, Silva and his camp have been actively campaigning for the fight.

Silva may take that campaign one step further should St-Pierre defend his UFC welterweight championship in November. Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, told UFC Tonight that the middleweight champ will be sitting Octagonside and may have something to say come fight night.

Should St-Pierre win, Silva may force the Canadian’s hand on his home turf by doing something that Silva doesn’t often do, call him out.

Just attending the fight in the first place is something out of character for Silva. He doesn’t make it a habit of attending lots of UFC events, so the fact of him being there says volumes about his desire to make the fight with St-Pierre happen.

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  • Kris-tyahn

    Silva the bully, loves to really challenge himself by fighting much smaller fighters, or the one dimensional LHW bums he’s fought, Who just so happened to have ZERO wrestling. Jones is A LOT closer to Silvas size than silva is to GSP. It’s funny how Silva is ALWAYS the bigger of the 2 fighters Whn he fights at MW, and now he wants to fight a “small” WW. Bahahahahahaha what a joke Silva is. Funny how Silva fans say GSP needs to move up, yet Silva won’t move up to LHW – his natural weight class. Also, what would GSP haters and Silva fans say if GSP called out Ben Henderson, non-stop, like Silva?!? You’d all call him a coward and a bully for wanting to fight a smaller fighter, so why doesn’t Silva get the same treatment? Hypocrites!!

    Silva just bc you have no one in your division you want to fight, doesn’t mean GSP doesn’t. Maybe 2 yrs ago the WW division didn’t have new opponents, but now the WW division is staked and a lot of fights I want to see. Silva go fight the remainder of the 1 dimensional LHW bums who have zero wrestling to pad that already padded resume of yours.

    • Chuck Liddell

      I am a HUGE GSP fan, but Silva is anything but a bully. He fought a LHW ex-champion who is a massive 205’er and destroyed him. He is a great fighter and a great champion.

      I personally they meet in the middle at 178lbs. Its the only fair way to do it.

      • jimmyjam

        i think he should cut to 170 if he really wants the fight(if he can) either way i want to see it regardless

    • stevemcz11

      Kris you are the epitome of everything that is wrong with MMA fans today. You clearly started watching the sport a year and a half ago at the most.. I hope any actaul decision makers who see this will still try to make GSP vs Silva a reality. Also Nick Diaz v Anderson Silva. Then Diaz vs GSP. Then when Jones is done fighting MW like Belfort, Sonnen and Silva is done fighting Diaz and GSP then Silva vs Jones will happen. Also if you think JJ will do anything more than lay in Silva’s guard for 5 round’s you are insane and I wouldn’t blame Jones. Diaz vs Silva will be the best fight to watch because Silva will stand against the fence and Diaz likes that!! :)_

      • stevemcz11

        Also if GSP calls out Hnederson I would expect Henderson to lose but GSP can win against Silva in a lot of peoples opinions. Also GSP and Silva are closer in size than Silva Jones. GSP reach 77.6in,Silva 77in, Jones 84.5in. height Jones 6ft4, Silva 6ft2, GSP 5ft10, overall GSP and Silva are closer, Also Jones did not finish Bonnar

        and Silva finished a Bonnar on stroids in und one round. Jones should at least fight some mediocre HW fighters like Roy Nelson and Daniel Cormier(not Velasquez or Dos Santos or anything like that). And when Jones won the title he didnt have to beat a Rich Franklin or a Matt Hughes or any kind of dominant champion. so GSP vs Silva in more ways than somebody like you can understand

        • Did I just hear right??? JJ didnt beat a dominant champion??? May I remind you Shogun is a LEGEND!!! And the first fighter to ever knockout Machida!!! Funny how Silva constantly ducks any notion of fighting Jon Jones, but will go down personally to ensure a fight with GSP… He is being a bully if he forces GSP’s hand in Canada then he is a ******* *****!!!

          • stevemcz11

            Meant to say dominant UFC champion. My bad

          • stevemcz11

            LOL Slva will be the third MW Jones fights(Belfort, Sonnen) Jones is fighting MW’s and Silva is fighting LHW(Bonnar,Griffin) but ya Silva is the bully that makes perfect sense if your an idiot

      • Love your post. Please I love fans like you, follow me on facebook and twitter.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      what? do you actually know what MMA is, Silva is the best fighter right now, a bully LMAOF yeah right……….

    • GSP deserves a chance to fight Silva though. Silva has taken on everybody and went up in weight 3 times. GSP deserves a chance to go up in weight, he deserves the respect.

  • Mario

    It would be epic to see Anderson challenge GSP inside the octagon.

  • Cuntlick

    I don’t think GSP has a huge weight disadvantage. He is a maxed out pure muscle 170. He maybe a smaller WW but I can see him do well against the spider

  • Triangle choke

    Thank you to all the “true” MMA fans who put this guy in his place. I kept thinking dude, stop talking, because you keep making yourself look like an idiot. But he kept talking and talking and talking and made himself look completely like a WWE wrestling fan that wanted to comment on MMA. Now, about the Sliva vs. GSP fight, Silva wins hands down. I really like GSP, but no way he’s winning that fight.

  • KT1

    I prefer jones v silva, but if GSP looks good beating Condit I can get on board for this

  • Trur8r

    I love how everyone is not giving Condit a chance. Everyone is talking about this super fight like Carlos is just an easy Victory. I hope Carlos ruins this potential Super Fight

    • jdawg

      carlos is a ho though

  • Guest

    Yeah. Kris knows nothing about Martial arts. A true martial artist with multiple black belts and nba like athleticism will always beat basic skills sets and roid heads. The arts of pain and taking abuse is what you learn at the highest levels. Silva is a Bushido-kan if you will and could kill you if he wanted to. GSP is at that level, but he is not on Silva’s level genetically or mentally. Gsp would get knocked out, yet he has the skills to last a while in the ring with him.Jon Jones would lose as well and probably much easier given his lesser years of training. MA comes before MMA.

  • uncle

    GSP still has Condit,Diaz,Hendricks,Kampmann Mcdonald
    Ellenberger and more he is coming off a injury why don’t
    Silva move up and fight Jones and then he will be a real
    hero in my eyes he can move up and fight Bonnar but
    avoid the other top guys sounds like a bully

  • Potatoes

    it doesn’t speak VOLUMES, i mean he goes to fights sometimes, they show him on the jumbotron. I agree he’s probly gonna call out GSP, I’ll be watching.