Will Anderson Silva Join Chael Sonnen’s TUF Brazil 3 Coaching Staff?

December 19, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-and-Chael-Sonnen-UFC-148-pre-press-478x270Will former UFC middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva join Chael Sonnen’s The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 coaching staff?

Sonnen will coach opposite Brazilian fighting legend Wanderlei Silva (no relation to Andreson) on the upcoming season and formally invited his rival to be part of his coaching staff. During a recent conference call, Silva confirmed that Sonnen reached out to him through his manager, but said he would be unable to accept the offer.

“It is true. I did get invited, but unfortunately I’m not in Brazil, so I’m not going to be able to go down there and help,” said the 38-year-old fighter.

“But I think, for the sport, it would be something that would great especially because the guys competing are all Brazilians, so it would be good to go on either team and be able to help them. But unfortunately I’m not going to be able to be in Brazil and I’m not going to be able to help,” he added.

24 hours after the call, Silva may have changed his mind. According to UFC Tonight, citing Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, Silva will do his best to make himself available to appear on the reality series.

Silva is scheduled to rematch the man that ended his seven-year UFC title reign, Chris Weidman, at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Following the fight, Silva is expected to take a month off. Filming for The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 is expected to begin in January.

Sonnen and Silva have fought twice. They first met at UFC 117 in August 2010. Silva earned Submission of the Night by coming from behind in the final round to submit Sonnen with a triangle choke. The rematch took place at UFC 148 in July 2012. Silva earned Knockout of the Night by finishing Sonnen with strikes in the second round.

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    NO WAY Anderson would ever join Chael !!!!

    • It would be good for the sport of Anderson joined Chaels team to show there are no hard feelings and the pre fight talk was mainly out of competitive nature. Besides I bet a lot of us are sick of the fans in Brazil always booing everyone who’s not Brazilian. (And no I can’t stand it when fans chant U.S.A either) But what a team that would be if they coached together. That’s top of the line training there for those guys, having a wrestler like Sonnen and a thai boxer like Silva.

      • drkdisciple

        After all the personal attacks Chael made on Anderson (including slapping his wife on the ass) Anderson would be an idiot if he ever considered joining his coaching staff!

        • Well he was very polite about not taking the job. It’s just good to see they didn’t continue to trade words. There will be more then enough shoves and verbal attacks by Wandy. I love Silva but I don’t like this fight for him.

          • drkdisciple

            I agree with you on that point, I don’t see anyway that Wanderlei could win this fight!

          • The whizzer of Oz

            I didn’t see any way wandy could win the Stan fight either but he still has a punchers chance.

          • Whizzer of Oz

            That’s not where I should’ve posted the avatar. Whoops

          • King_DG

            LOL what dog is that?

          • drkdisciple

            Wand has a chance against any striker. The win against Stan was not a huge upset because he was a striker with limited ground skills.On the other hand Chael has a top level ground game the kind Wand cannot handle….with that said I do hope he proves me wrong since I a huge Wanderlei fan.

      • Milosc

        That ‘pre fight talk’ could be easily seen as a state-sponsored propaganda initiative against either Brazil, or the emerging South American geopolitical scene at large (This happens)

        The anthropomorphic Darwinian subtext, the racial stereotype demagoguery and sexual innuendo… what Chael Sonnen managed to get on TV for months on end was bigger than Sacha Baron Cohen

  • Camelo brazil

    Hope not, tell this looser to go to hell.
    Chaeeeeeelllllll y o u w i l l n e v e r b e a C h a m p
    Because u suck looser!

    • Seth

      So does 1/2 of braziians, but yet no one is making fun of them.

      • Camelo brazil

        Brazilians are the best in fighting everybody knows that!
        Chael style sucks!That’s why he was never a champ and never will be.he’s just a less than regular fighter lolol, him and Dana white should get married,would love to see them kiss.

        • Maddawgmar

          My question for you is, assuming you are Brazillian, why is it that Brazillian fans tend to boo and not show appreciation if their fighter losses? Example, the last card in Brazil, the fights between Brazillian and non Brazillian fighters were mostly won by the non Brazillian, yet the crowd booed the winner. That’s poor sportsmanship, show support for you countryman but at least give the other guy respect.

        • Brazailian Savages

          In the UFC, the US has had 46 champions, 16 tournament winners, and 21 TUF winners, while Brazil has only had 9 champions, 5 tournament winners and 4 TUF winners. Do the math, dumbass.

        • Aires Roven

          I am Brazilian. And I agree. It makes me pissed that here everyone boos everyone from outside, no matter what…But there wer excpetions in several events. But we still have much to learn. But what I can say in our favot is that no one support our fighters as the BRazilian crowd. And the atmosphere of our events as incomparable in the world.
          At last: I believe US fighters in general are slightly better than us. But you guys have to take into consideration the miserable conditions of our people and the lack of financial support and sponsors. Fighters here only start to make decent money after three or four UFC wins.

          • taylor2008

            Great post Aires. I totally agree with you. If someone is a nice guy and a good fighter I dont get why different countries boo other countries fighters. We dont do that too much in the US. We like to cheer fighters from all countries. I like the brazilian fighters. One of my favorites is Vitor Belfort. Great guy and an awesome fighter. Everyone should embrace and cheer for any fighter…..unless its for a championship fight, but I never boo another countries fighter.

        • Yang

          Brazilians give exceptionally long post-fight interviews.

        • fsunoles10

          is that why there are all these american champs?

          • Joe McNeil

            125 American 135 Brazilian 145 Brazilian 155 American 170 (GSP) still I guess Canadian(I know Hendricks-Lawler is an American affair) 185 American 205 American Cain American

        • taylor2008

          Hate to tell you but most of the weight class champs are from the US.

    • fsunoles10

      says some random nobody who has done so much in his life. hah

  • kevin85m

    no one mentions how wanderlei and anderson were friends at some point, i saw wandy lift the spider in victory after a pride fight

  • Sonnen is the best. American Gangster!