Will Anderson Silva Head Gigantic UFC in June?

November 27, 2011
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The UFC’s return to Brazil last August was an unabashed success. So much so that the promotion is returning to Rio de Janeiro on Jan. 14 for UFC 142, featuring featherweight champion Jose Aldo defending his belt against Chad Mendes.

UFC president Dana White also recently confirmed that the first international version of The Ultimate Fighter reality series would be based in Brazil.

So it’s no surprise that the UFC may already be planning its next venture in the South American country. Reports out of Brazil have it that the UFC is working on a mega-event in Sao Paulo in June featuring middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

After the success of UFC 134 last year, where more than 16,000 tickets sold out in about an hour, company officials talked about doing a larger event at a soccer stadium in Brazil. The rumored June event could be such an event… if it happens.

White was asked about a possible June event in Sao Paulo following UFC 139 recently. While he didn’t confirm it, White’s denial of knowledge wasn’t exactly convincing.

“What happens is you guys get all this sneaky information and then I say stuff at the press conference and my whole crew says, ‘What are you doing?’” White commented, before adding, “I don’t know if we’re going to Sao Paulo in June and if Anderson Silva is headlining the card. I have no clue. That would be awesome though.”

That statement was made with an air of “I really shouldn’t be talking about this at all” hanging overhead, but a June event in Sao Paolo has yet to be confirmed.

The UFC was initially trying to line up a rematch between Silva and Chael Sonnen at its Super Bowl weekend event, UFC 143. Those plans were dashed, however, when it came to light that a Silva shoulder problem was more severe than they thought, sidelining the champ for the early part of 2012, fanning the flames for a June return.

Sao Paulo would be an ideal location for the UFC to do a giant stadium show. The city is one of the most populated in the world at more the 11,000,000 people and has drawn well north of 100,000 spectators for soccer games. Anderson Silva, of course, would make for the ideal headliner at a soccer stadium in South America. Such an event would likely blow the doors off of the record-setting 55,000-plus fans the UFC drew in its Toronto debut.

But for now, the speculation is just that, speculation.

MMAWeekly.com will keep you posted as we garner more information about a possible UFC event in Sao Paulo.

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  • storgs

    man , I cannot wait for this event. The ufc will be bigger than ever by the time it gets there in june. The new tv deal with globo and with thelaunch of the ultimate fighter brazil this event will be the biggest event ever for the ufc.

  • Man, I love Silva, but seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if he is truly dodging Chael Sonnen. One thing I’ve learned about fighting is that when someone has your number, then they have your number. I’m really wondering now. Really, hurt shoulder?

    • MrAdidas

      I am starting to believe this even more so as well, mainly b/c of the way Ed Soares talks about Sonnen needing to get at the end of the line & that Chael had his chance & lost and so on. Soares is NOT doing Silva any favors with those kinds of comments, especially when guys who had a close fight & lose get INSTANT rematches, let alone dominating a guy for 23.5 mins.

  • I predict Anderson and Chael will be coaches on the new FX version of TUF. There’s been rumblings that they’ll be doing a season in Brazil so they might as well get their money’s worth. Then after TUF Sonnen vs. Silva II in Brazil in June. Better reserve the Pope-mobile.

    With all the buzz surrounding that fight they’d be silly not to make it happen. Put Chael on ice and put the Zuffa hype machine into overdrive.

    • MrAdidas

      If you want them to “sell” this fight, not sure puting Sonnen on ice is a good idea. Sonnen alone, without Silva or the UFC can get the message out loud & clear.

      • By “put him on ice” I mean don’t schedule him to fight someone else in order to keep him active / busy. Too much risk and not enough reward. Sonnen’s next fight should be Anderson.

        I’m not suggesting they muzzle him at all. Having Señor Chael coach TUF opposite Silva would give him a larger audience which is exactly what Zuffa should do. Give him a big stage and all the tools and resources he needs and get out of his way.

  • Couple weeks ago AS said if Chael wants him so much come to Brazil and fight him there. Plus all the marketing that already a Sao Paulo soccer team (palmeiras) is making sending to Chael a soccer shirt. I am almost sure this fight is happening in June.

  • KBEsq

    Silva is not dodging Sonnen. There is no way – I’m sure SIlva is aware that he is going to fight Sonnen notwithstanding an injured shoulder. He knows it will happen, I bet he just wants to be healthy. He had an injured rib last time, and that in conjunction with Sonnen cheating resulted in a near loss.

    I would bet he wants to make Sonnen look like a chump this time, which is exactly what he’s going to do.

    • MrAdidas

      Well it may not happen if Sonnen takes another fight & happens to lose, like it has for ALOT of other fighters in the last year or so. I really do not understand how people can say Silva will “destroy” Sonnen this time around, based on what?!? Their last fight? Do I think Sonnen will do what he did again? Not as dominating but Silva better train alot off his back, b/c Sonnen willl take Silva down & after seing Sonnen embaress Brian Stann the way he did, Silva gotta be concerned. Though I think he will win, but not surprised if Silva lost.

  • clarkw90

    Injured shoulder? Why was he training with Rua for his fight? Broken rib, then that should’ve been disclosed prior to the fight. No man should be trashed for stepping down for an injury prior to a big title fight, but saying you had broken ribs after wards sounds like an excuse to why he couldn’t defend the takedown. True champions don’t make excuses, just come out and say he was beating me, i need to work on that. Medically cleared doesn’t mean cheating. All UFC fighters are cheating then for using performance enhancers. The more Silva’s side talks, the more it seems like he is dodging. I’m pulling for Sonnen, but I don’t see him beating Silva, especially in his home turf. I’m sure the judges wouldn’t allow it no matter how much Silva gets dominated.

    • natpaukar7

      Well, if he does have an injured shoulder he may as well get it healed up because he and chael sonnen are two different levels of fighters and I do believe anderson will expose this difference in their next fight especially if it is in Brazil. not to mention, this fight won’t go to the judges if it is in Brazil so they won’t have to give it to him. he did not dominate silva, in my opinion. he laid on him and blanketed him, while on steroids or testosterone boosters that he cshouldnh’t have been on..Chael sonnen is a cheater and shouldn’t be allowed in UFC after silva knocks his block off. if silva was scared of takedowns in the first fight, he would have not been thrwoing flying knees so liberally…i believe he knew he was going to submit chael and time slipped away from him a bit…tho he still id dit …

      Anderson Silval… rd 2 knock out…or rear naked choke..similar to hendo

      • MrAdidas

        He never really dominated Silva?!? Really? I think you should watch the fight again, Silva ate ALOT of punches, though not very “powerful”, but nonetheless Sonnen did dominate Silva for 23.5 mins but title fights are 25 mins, so it doesnt matter how long he dominated him for, fact is he lost.

        CLARKW90: I to beleive the more Silva’s camp/Ed Soares talks, the more they seem
        to not want to fight Sonnen. IMO

    • KBEsq

      “Not cleared for the UFC is not cheating”? Uhh, no, he was cheating. He was not cleared because he did not disclose certain things YES, but he also had elevated levels of testosterone. Even if he did disclose, he would have failed the test. There’s a reason he did not disclose.

      And do you honestly think training is the same as a fight?! Even rough training is no where near what a fight has to offer as far as body abuse. And I can totally understand Anderson not being humble, at least with regard to Sonnen. Would you want to “be humble” to a guy who not only cheated (yes, he cheated and you’re just in denial if you think anything else), but also insulted him and his family for months before and after the fight just so he could make a few bucks.

      It drives me crazy that people like Sonnen. Did anyone see his interview on Off the Record?! What an A**!

    • Darren2112

      Helping a guy prepare for his fight is alot different from training for your own. Dont dis on Anderson for helping Shogun. Apples and Oranges my friend, apples and oranges…

  • collideoverme

    Didn’t Wanderlei Silva say Anderson was helping him train for Cung Le? I’m calling Anderson’s bluff.

    • MrAdidas

      Yes he did!