Why St-Pierre vs. Diaz? ‘GSP Flipped Out’ (video)

October 30, 2011
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Despite stating that, regardless of the outcome between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz at Saturday night’s UFC 137, Carlos Condit would still get the next shot at UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Dana White flipped the switch anyway.

Saying that St-Pierre “flipped out” after Diaz’s comments following his victory over Penn, the UFC president said they decided to put the fight together and that Carlos Condit had agreed to make way for the fight, which is likely to happen on Super Bowl weekend.

Check out the video of White announcing the fight and Nick Diaz’s reaction…

  • kylesmith

    Diaz is gonna whoop that ass.

    • Cptmats

      Diaz even dreams about beating GSP he better wake up and apologize !

    • Augie

      It’s not even going to be close. Gsp is going to destroy Diaz. Diaz is a bitch, maybe this fight match up should be cancelled once again due to Nick being female… 🙂


    • collideoverme

      Yup, he is! And then MAYBE that will be the last we see of this bitch Diaz. He doesn’t belong in the UFC and all he does is bitch and whine his way to everything. I really hate to see the UFC playing this game with him. As much as I cannot stand Condit, he deserved the shot before Nick Bitch Diaz. Oh well. When he gets his ass whooped, he’ll be left with no more excuses.

  • Let hope Diaz dont Puss out again…

    Gsp mad equal diaz hospital, cannot wait to see that
    punk diaz get demolish.

  • RonnieV

    WAR Diaz! I like GSP, but I do think Nick will give him his toughest fight. Diaz will throw non-stop punches for 25 minutes, GSP has never faced an oponent like that.

    • Cptmats

      Diaz isn,t gonna though anything….He wil be on his back for the entire fight getting his face smashed in……This is an easy fight for George

      • BigGuy

        Personally, I agree. I don’t even see this as a contest for St. Pierre. Diaz outlasted Penn. St. Pierre is going to out cardio Diaz all day long. What then? Stand up, or wrestling? GSP will dominate this fight!

        • wonggfan

          Yeah, GSP is on a different level. But I am excited to see this fight. I just want to see new blood in 185 and 170. Those classes have been stagnant for years now.

          I think Nick Diaz vs Jon Fitch would be more closely matched in terms of skill level.

      • frumps

        Yeah, Nick Diaz sucks off his back… He’s never thrown up a lightning-speed triangle or armbar on anybody. He didn’t gogo Gomi, especially with his crappy rubber guard ability.

        /end sarcasm/

        The only way GSP beats Diaz is by his patented Unanimous Decision, via “human blanket” (aka lay-n-pray) technique.

        • wonggfan

          laughed at your sarcasm there.

          I think this is an interesting fight. Diaz in on fire right now. Getting out of the UFC back in 2003 was probably the best thing that happened to him as a fighter.

          I agree. The only way I see GSP beating Diaz is via unanimous decision, “human blanket.”

          But I think GSP should win. His takedowns are too sharp for anyone in that division.

  • collideoverme

    I’m thinking we may see the best GSP ever and Diaz worst beating ever…
    Hopefully right out of the UFC. Bitch…

    • RonnieV

      Keep dreaming little boy, go back and watch GSP’s last three fights, and then watch Diaz last three fights. After Diaz, GSP is gonna look uglier than that tranny that was sitting with him at the fights last night.

  • Lol^

  • I love this fight!! I don’t care who wins as long as there is a good fight live on FOX for free. What I don’t understand is why aren’t people trashing Dana for being an idiot and playing this b.s. game!!!! What a douche!!!

  • webs24

    GSP is one of, if not the biggest ppv draw in the sport
    if you think that they will have this fight on free tv you are a moron

  • BigGuy

    Diaz will look stupid in the ring with GSP. Not even going to be a close fight. GSP WILL win!

  • MikeMc1983

    Hey, maybe George will sit against the cage and cover up. If he does just three rounds Diaz can win.

    If Gsp is stupid enough to really get mad, it might put him in a mindset of acually wanting to finish the fight. If he does that he could acually lose.

    Ill say this once again. I don’t believe Gsp has any fear of Diaz, and if nick and he were fighting this last weekend, I believe Gsp would have shown up. It’s the condit fight that Gsp seems to want to stay away from.

  • Diaz has the stamina, heart, striking accuracy and punches in bunches that can and will stop what GSP has been dishing out with all of these last Fights. GSP is a great athlete with superb takedowns and an ever growing jab ability…but Diaz striking and strong Jitz will be enough to secure a Decision..if that is where GSP wants to take it. GSP will take Diaz down for sure…but I am confident Diaz will be real active off his back and get the stand up. You heard it here second folks. Diaz has got this “W” locked up either by TKO or submission via Diaz choice OR Decision if GSP can run long enough. This time around the lay and pray GSP mode will not be enough and his jab will not be enough as well. See you at the fights.

  • philmarquez

    Gsp is going to kill diaz. he found out how hard it is when he was in the UFC before when Diego Sanchez kicked his ass. Condit is the one that should have the fight he deserves the chance and is not being treated fairly.