Why Miesha Tate is a Bad Match-Up for UFC Champ Holly Holm

January 11, 2016
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With the benefit of hindsight it was clear that Ronda Rousey was headed for a fall.

Yes, she was fresh off a string of incredible victories, but she was also fighting way too often in 2015, battling overseas in Australia, experiencing turmoil in her camp, plunging into the world of acting, and then stepping into the cage against a tall boxer — the perfect antidote to Rousey’s venom.

Holly Holm should learn from that lesson. No matter how good you are, there’s always a perfect storm around the corner ready to take you out. That storm could come in the form of Miesha Tate.

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Holm will battle Tate in the biggest women’s fight ever not involving Rousey at UFC 197. And she better be careful to not make the same mistake as Rousey. Holm has much more to lose than Rousey does.

Rousey is sort of like Lady Gaga. It doesn’t matter if Gaga ever has another hit; she’s firmly rooted in our popular culture and will always enjoy mainstream media attention and celebrity. Rousey too isn’t going anywhere. Even if she never again wins a fight, Rousey is headed to Hollywood and is going to be with us for a long, long time. And she’s going to make a lot of money doing it.

Holm, on the other hand, won’t have it that easy. She’s not Rousey. Holm pulled off the amazing victory, but it will take time for her to establish herself as a great mixed martial artist, not just the woman who knocked out Ronda Rousey. Anyone know what James “Buster” Douglas is up to these days? And who watched Mike Tyson fall off that Hoverboard? Yep. you did.

Holm is stepping into dangerous territory against Tate, who probably, dare I say it, is the greatest all-around female mixed martial artist in the world. Tate does just about everything well. Rousey does one thing REALLY well. Holm takes tests REALLY WELL. She needed to get an A+ on the test known as Rousey, so she studied really well and pulled it off. But can she keep straight A’s all the way? Other than the judo throw and the arm bar, Tate is better than Rousey in every way.

Tate has great ground game, she hits and kicks hard, has strong Muay Thai and a great chin. And she’s a pretty good boxer. This is a bad fight for Holm.

Holm needs to remember a few things: the Rousey that she fought was not the same Rousey. Tate probably could have stopped Rousey that night. That’s how bad Rousey performed.

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Holm had better be careful not to fall into the same trap as so many before: Douglas, Rousey, Pete Carroll. One mistake and you end up out in the cold.

Holm should have pushed for a rematch with Rousey, and make megabucks. If she beat her again, the fight with Tate would still be there. If she lost to Rousey, a third fight with Rousey would have been amazing at the box office.

What happens if Holm loses to Tate? Guess what the next “big” fight is going to be? Yep, Rousey vs. Tate III. Holm would end up on the undercard getting rattled by someone like Cat Zingano.

Now that the strap is off of Rousey, expect the UFC women’s bantamweight championship to change hands like Vince Russo was booking it. Holm better be ready to pull many all-nighters studying to get another A+ when she takes on Tate.

Holm has so much more to lose than a championship belt.

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  • Tristan Daniel

    This article is stupid. How can u say that Ronda wasn’t the same when Holly faced her and that Miesha could have also beat Rousey that night??? Miesha lost twice against Ronda! TWICE !!! Ronda looked bad that night because she was exposed as a mediocre one-dimensional fighter. Like you said all she got is the take down and armbar, if you take that away she becomes a handicapped fighter. Holly’s victory was a complete shut-out. It was as one-sided as can be proving she is far superior than Ronda. And Holly is not just some girl who happens to knock out the most publicized female fighter in the world. Before that she was a legendary female boxer who won multiple world titles in a career spanning 11 years. She is the most legit and credible female fighter in the world, not a hype job for sure. She is a real athlete and a product of talent and hard work.

    • sayno2wmma

      She lost the fight because she’s has no footwork you don’t learn footwork in judo on the other hand footwork is almost half of boxing and
      she didn’t know how to deal with side to side movement.

      • Jigar

        Real boxer’s punch are not just jab work, they hurt like hell, ask Rhonda, who still has to visit dentist for an year.

        • Everyone should visit their dentist regularly.
          The More you Know

          • Jigar

            Yap agreed, its just that when you get punch by the boxer, you need to visit your dentist not just for checkup.

  • ECassious2

    The author seems to not know that Holm was a three division boxing champion and is undefeated in MMA. That was Rousey and represents the way she has fought her whole career. Perhaps you are having an issue with a real elite boxer (the only one in MMA)thrashing a grappler. Holly is far from Buster Douglas and the 2 fights are only similar in the fact that Tyson lost. Miesha does represent a great challenge, but this has nothing to do with Ronda.It is Meisha’s style that could present issues, but Ronda’s face will always be there waiting for Holly’s left…….a punch she obviously can’t take.

  • DrRon Bradshaw

    I second that this article is stupid. Ronda will not be ready!!! Her teeth are loose and no time train and make the neccessary changes. Not to mention her mental well being.

  • Vincent Espitia

    This he dumbest article ever written. Tate has terrible standup. She throws a weak ass jab and very few leg kicks. When she throws punches, she is usually off balance because her feet are side by side. She rushes in throwing weak ass arm punches with her chin up. You hit her in the face once, and she will forget her game plan and not listen to her coaches. The fight will be like watching Esparza vs Joanna, only worse. Holm has a five inch reach advantage.

  • sayno2wmma

    Douglas is dead so I guess he’s not up to anything.

    • George

      Buster Douglas is alive and well.

      • Al

        He’s alive, 55 years old and still living in Columbus, Ohio. He did fall into a diabetic coma back in ’94 from self-described depression drinking, but he survived it and is now training boxers, including his own son Artie.

  • MerryWeather

    A sports writer must be like a weather person. You don’t have to be right, you just have to say something.

  • JunkDog

    “Other than the judo throw and the arm bar, Tate is better than Rousey in every way.” Maybe you were watching a different fight than the rest of us. Tate had a few good moments in that fight, but that’s it. But don’t take our subjective word for it; let’s look at some stats from R vs T II. Total strikes: R 124, T 28; significant strikes: R 40, T 24; sig. strike %, R 63%, T 48%; take downs: R 6, T 1. I do believe Tate could beat Rousey, given enough attempts. But more often than not, she would lose. Holm’s team saw a couple of big holes in Rousey’s game, and Holm had the skills to monopolize on them. And I believe she will continue to do so, if and when Rousey vs Holm comes around again, though it should be a much better fight next time. Tate is indeed more of a wild card, with a slew of smaller holes in her game, so Holm will need to have a wider game plan, making it easier to make a mistake. But I’m sure her team is up to the task. It should be a good fight, but Holly is far more likely to come out on top.

  • dixon brain

    The author of this article and a few posters on this topic don’t have a clue. Holly will dominate Tate. Tate’s striking is very sloppy. Tate will not be able to get Holly to the ground. A poster said, “Tate is better than Ronda in every way.” Are you serious??? Ronda’s BJJ is on the elite level. Tate’s ground game is not even close. Ronda has only to work on her striking technique. You people must’ve forgot how Tate was dominated by Zingano, another elite striker. After Tate started to fade from punishment, she eventually suffered a brutal KO @ the hands of Alpha Kat. How doe’s Tate keep getting title opportunities?

    • Matt Alibozek

      let me just correct you Rounda has no BJJ skills.. She is a Judoka and they are two very different skill sets.. I’ve been doing BJJ for over 10 years and judo is very different..

      • Matt Alibozek

        Tate got the fight because she is on a 4 fight win streak.. Cat just lost to Rounda and hasn’t had a fight yet…

  • Bob Hope

    What idiot wrote this garbage can article? Absolute, unmitigated nonsense.

  • Sweet Swing

    This whole article discredited Holms win over Rousey pretty much as a fluke. Rousey walked into this fight the same as any other. The difference is. She was hit more often than ever before by the best striker in the division. She had no plan B and kept trying to win a punching exchange with her minimal boxing skills. Tate may pose some problems to Holmes but if she keeps the distance. I do not see Tate getting any further than Rousey.

  • Nick

    This dude is obviously blinded by his love for Ronda Rousey. He also thinks that Tate is going to beat Holly, because a: he is angry with Holm for hurting the love of his life, and b: he thinks MMA is a beauty pageant. Do you know why Tate will lose to Holm? Then same reason Ronda lost to her. Southpaw vs Orthodox favors the striker over the grappler, and Tate is untested against world class southpaw strikers. Just like the rest of the women’s bantamweight division.

    • Matt Alibozek

      Holly Holm is the perfect storm to reign over the Womens BW Division until she retires..

  • Hep C

    So Tate is a bad matchup for Holm because Tate is decent at the same aspects of the game that Holm is incredible at and good at the same aspects that Rousey is incredible at?

    Yeah, okay. And I’m already tired of the, “Not the same Rousey,” bs. She wasn’t the same because she got punched in the head really, really hard in the first round. She wasn’t the same because she wasn’t fighting the same level of opponent she was usually up against.

    I think “Not the same Rousey” is going to become the “Unmotivated BJ Penn” excuse of this era of MMA. According to his fans, BJ never really lost a fight, he just wasn’t properly motivated to win a lot of them.

    Honestly, I believe the only reason Rousey won’t end her career with a worse record than BJ has is because the talent pool in WMMA will remain woefully shallow, and she’ll retire long before BJ did.

  • FireBits

    Bad match ups are match ups I want to see. That’s the whole point. Ronda made women’s MMA look bad “Hey, I arm bar everyone!”. One trick pony as a champion means that something is wrong, either it is coaching or overall material. And when I looked Miesha’s performances against Rousey, It really looked to me that it was the coaching, because Miesha just did her usual and thought it was enough against Ronda, but no. It doesn’t matter how well rounded you’re, if you don’t have some edge against other well rounded, but specialist at something fighters. Well rounded are the rocks (persistent), mat specialists are the papers (covers you) and strikers are the scissors (cuts if not dull).. and yes rock indeed wins scissors, but real life is more versatile than that, weak scissors do not cut thick cardboard, small paper don’t cover big rocks, and small rocks can be shattered even with scissors.

    • Al

      I signed in JUST to like your comment. Excellent post and analogy, FireBits!

      • FireBits

        I appreciate it 🙂

  • Skid King

    Why are you discrediting Holly Holms? I don’t mind discussing the differences between Tate and Rousey and how it will be different for Holms in that fight but you make it sound like she shouldn’t have won. Face it Rousey got full of herself and didn’t focus on the threat at hand and Holly did. End of story. Even if Tate wins against Holms it should be a great fight, don’t take away what Holms has done. When your done kissing Rousey’s &*%)# maybe you should remind her that other fighters may be seriously training when she is trying to do everything else.

    • Dissent

      The writer said exactly that. Rousey lost focus and got beat. He’s definitely not kissing her arse. He even states that Tate is better than Rousey, In fact, in this article, the only arse he is really kissing is Tates. Your reading comprehension is not that great. He is absolutely correct in what he says. Holms could not beat Rousey at her finest, and if she isn’t careful, she wont beat Tate. Fact.

      • Gary Affleck

        It’s Holm you AH not Holms. And why do you think RR wasn’t at her finest? Just because she got her azzzz handed to her by a better fighter?

      • Matt Alibozek

        so Holm can’t beat Rousey at her finest..? Thats not kissing Roundas ass..? She got mauled by Holm end of story.. In fighting there isn’t at your best.. Fighters are never at 100%.. It’s the fight you got when you get in that cage that’s it.. Thats how good you are your last performance and Rounda got smashed..

      • Diverjoe

        Watch the fight again, You know what? You should watch it a couple of times, Anyone can say that Rousey beat all her opponent when they weren’t at their best, She was destroyed! not just beaten. Tried to take Holm down and was denied, Tried to box and was brutally ko’d. Holm is a better athlete all the way around, Bigger, stronger, and way faster, not even counting skills

    • Gary Affleck

      It’s HOLM not Holms

  • Bill Blackwell

    Do me, yourself and everyone else a favor and give up writing and go start a Rousey Blog!

    • Dissent

      But isn’t a Blog still writing? Your instructions are unclear.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    I disagree that Rousey is here to stay as a celebrity. She’s not liked by the public. At all. The popularity she had was more of a wide eyed curiosity about this chick who was dominating her opponents and talking about how she could beat anyone on the planet. Now that the bubble of that illusion has been popped, people she her as nothing more than a graceless loudmouth.

  • Scott

    This guy who wrote the article must be another “Ronda brown noser”
    Holly is a professional Boxer and Tate is not. Holly conditions herself better than
    any MMA fighter out there is capable of going 15 rounds and not just 2 or 3.
    Holly proved that she has great take down defense and can defend a judo throw
    or an arm bar.
    Holly will TKO Meisha before three rounds and Miesha will retire after the fight.
    Not sure how this article ever got published??? It is absurdly ridiculous!!

  • Yes Indeed

    This article is too sensational. Tate is “well rounded” because she isn’t super good at anything. jack of all trades, master of none. she is smaller and weaker than Holly and fights like a bar room brawler. she can’t beat Holly at all, but at least it’ll be entertaining. Miesha is a scrappy woman. though she just leaves her self wide open to too much damage in every fight she’s had.

    • exf14rio

      Tate has had some really entertaining fights, and I agree she is Scrappy. HH would thrive if she keeps it standing, so most of us would expect that Tate will try and find a way to get it to the mat.

      • Yes Indeed

        getting to the mat doesn’t guarantee Tate any success. the fight starts on the feet, that’s why Ronda being an ace grappler meant nothing against Holm. Miesha will also get pounded real good before she achieves the first under hook, single or double. and Holly is much stronger, Ronda couldn’t even move her from the clinch and she rag dolls Miesha any time.

        • exf14rio

          MT is the #1, and is no pushover,and even HH concedes that. Looking at some other fights show that MT is aggressive, which plays into RR’s strengths. MT will need to adapt to HH’s game, easier said than done. Hey, if the outcome was a given, there would be no need for a fight.
          I will happily be watching that one, I think the styles will compliment each other.

  • Gary Affleck

    This writer is an idiot. Holm better not make the same mistake RR did? Give me a break. It’s obvious that the writer does not have a clue as to HH record. She has been doing this longer than this writer has been writing.

    • SB

      Well said, saved me some time that I wanted to spend on writing a post after reading this hideous article.

  • Paul Smith

    “Other than the judo throw and the arm bar, Tate is better than Rousey in every way.”

    Um.. what? Rousey is only better than Tate at “the Judo throw and arm bar” ? How about the entire ground game period?

    • Matt Alibozek

      Rounda is only known for those two things.. In general ground positions Tate was fine.. Just defending the arm bar was the problem..

      • Paul Smith

        So being controlled and on defense the entire time on the ground is “fine?” If you understand grappling at all, you’d see that Ronda’s standup clinch and overall ground game is light years ahead of Tate’s, and HH will have nothing to worry about.

  • ruud

    When tate will attack holm see LOSE. If see play the same tactic as holm see might win.

  • Matt Alibozek

    This writer is a clown.. RR was a media hype train no actual skills involved to say that she is going to be employed and a star forever is laughable… She isn’t a good actor and she was only good at Judo.. Give it a couple years and hopefully I will never have to hear her name again.. Then you guys dump all over Holm and give her no credit for an amazing KO and championship win just like Rousey gave Holm no credit.. You guys say that anyone could have beaten Rousey that night… Come on seriously lets get real here.. Open your eyes and let reality in..

    • Damon Banner

      no actual skills? so you’d be willing to play some judo with her?

      • earlsimmons

        Judo wtf?!?! We are talking about mma here big difference. Yes in judo she is great in MMA LOL no she is an over hyped amateur fighter.

        • Richard

          earlsimmons: Did you really thought about it before you typed it down and pressed the send button? Listen even if you hate someone to the core, do not dismiss their skills and qualities. It makes you look stupid.

  • aNYagenda

    “Rousey too isn’t going anywhere.”

    Oh you mean that chick with a face like a pitbull?

    Whatever happened to her?

  • David

    The difference between Holm and Buster Douglas is that Holm is not a one-hit wonder, she was a boxing champion before she ever stepped into the MMA-arena. She already has championship pedigree, and was not fluff like your aforementioned Rousey. If anyone had the most credentials it was Holm who had 30+ wins as a boxer and about 9 or 10 wins as an MMA fighter. Rousey was the one who was only 13-0 and proclaimed the greatest fighter in the world, who could even beat Mayweather. It’s not a knock on Rousey, but a knock on how illiterate the basic person is as it relates to combat sports.

    • Yes Indeed

      indeed. Rousey was 12-0 as a pro with a total of 14 rounds fought. Holm came in with around 300 rounds of boxing and MMA.

  • William Anthony

    First of all anyone can get their azzz kicked in this sport. Look what happened to Aldo for pete’s sake and does anyone think he was a chump cause he got knocked out in 13 seconds . Anyone who knows boxing , knows that Ronda running into those punches doubled their force. She had no defense … Blocking punches with your face is never a good idea. No body thought Holly had a chance because in her other fights prior to this one she never showed any real talent for destroying her opponents. As a matter of fact holly was knocked out thru the ropes herself in a fight. It was brutal to say the least. But just goes to show anyone of these UFC fighters can get beaten at any time including her.

    • bal

      She’s either TKO’d or straight KO’d 7 out of 10 opponents. How has she never shown a propensity for “destroying her opponents”? And how does highlighting a loss she incured in a different sport have anything to do with this discussion? No one was saying she can’t be knocked out or she won’t ever lose.

      • William Anthony

        Yea… 8 of them were nobody’s. Pennington was the only fighter worth mentioning and that was a split decision. I don’t remember Ronda getting any split decisions or any matches that were decisions. Or any that went past the first round except Tate…See the difference now. Quality of fighters number one and wiped the floor with everyone except Tate. That’s why I would say Holm was the underdog and just about everyone else agrees with that. The fight was a MAJOR UPSET,,,

        • Richard

          Mr. William Anthony: Thank you, thank you, your comments are like a breath of needed fresh air on this page. I really after all these years still do not understand why the majority of fight sports fans, do not have the faintest idea of what it is they are watching and or training. All of a sudden Holm is the best thing since sliced bread. And off course the majority of people screaming this, were the ones that did not give her more than 1% chance of beating Rousey prior to their fight.

  • Roll The Dice

    The Holm Team looks at game plans as math and science. The have and are studying everything Tate as done. It is all on video. At this level you don’t enter the cage without answers. Holly will have answers for almost everything Tate has. Tate is a good fighter, and dangerous, but Holm is too.

    Tate’s best shot is to take Holm down, tire her out and wait for the mistake that will allow her to force Holm to submit. Here is what can go wrong for Tate. Holm is in perfect condition and will not tire. She will have answers and there is no guarantee Holm won’t submit Tate.

    Tate could win, may be more dangerous than Rousey, but in Holm, Tate is up against someone with advance skills, solid fight IQ, a champions record and confidence. Holm fights with an ever changing real time strategy. She is no one trick pony.

    • skinyV

      Finally somebody that has followed Holm and know what she really is about .

    • Mickey Bitsko

      You’re absolutely right, and the conditioning thing is huge. There is NO one in this division that can tire her out…she could roll around on the mat for 4 rounds with Meisha and still be fresh as a daisy for round 5 if Meisha can even last that long. In some of her non UFC fights, the announcers are joking about “Holly’s just going for a quick jog between rounds”. I’ve watched every one of her MMA fights, and the girl does not get tired. Seriously, Holly Holm fighting below 10,000′ is like giving her a 3rd lung :).

      Meisha is pretty well rounded, but certainly not a master at anything, and I just don’t see anything she can do posing much of a problem for Holly. Meisha doesn’t have the strength to dominate her on the ground even if she gets a take down or two, she certainly can’t outbox/out strike her, can’t come close to matching her footwork or ring movement, and Holly has a huge advantage in the kicking game as well. And this is w/o even factoring in the conditioning.

  • Ammy Pearson

    What are you smoking? Tate can take a punch which is good because her stand up game is horrible. She has no hands, she puts her head forward when she punches. She’s got a good ground game but Holly is going to kick her ass.

    • skinyV

      No Tate can’t take a punch. She NEVER fought ANYBODY that knows how to throw a punch. A real punch and absorb it. Like Rousey Tate will get hit with authority and will destroy her and like Rhoda will get desperate. Don’t underestimate Holms groundgame either. She is ALOT better then people give her credit for

  • BigT

    Tate has hands? Her stand up is horrible man. Her grappling is definitely on point. But she is no Boxer like Holm.

  • Snatchcatcher

    Dude I never commented before but what are you talking about , are you in high school?? Tate the greatest all around mixed martial artist female in the world?? Wtf?? It wasn’t the same Rousey because Holly was busy hitting her in face. Holly’s Boxing, Clinch game and game plan will be too much let’s not forget Holly s fight IQ which i feel is much better then Tate’s. I hope your an Intern, terrible view /comparison (Buster Douglas? ).

    • ^ Says “are you in high school” but uses double quotation marks and “your” instead of “you’re.”

      But anyway, yeah, it would have been more accurately phrased “most well-rounded wmma fighter” rather than “greatest.”

      • JunkDog

        In some parts of the world those curvy things are called question marks.

    • SixFootThree


  • Damon Banner

    I do tend to think that Tate is better well rounded than Holm and I favor Tate in a matchup between the two. Tate isn’t going to out punch Holm, but she’ll do better than Rousey did. Far better, as in, she knows how not to block a kick with her face.

    When I was watching Rousey getting destroyed by Holm, I kept thinking, “Ronda should shoot a single/double, but she probably doesn’t know how to do that.” Then Rousey got knocked out. I won’t have that type of concern with Tate. From there, Tate has the advantage as far as I can tell. Fatality.

    • JunkDog

      [Tate is] far better, as in, she knows how not to block a kick with her face.

  • skinyV

    Read Josh Molina article but the one thing that he doesn’t know nor credits is that Holm has GOOD groundgame and is much much stronger than Tate. Holly has not been tested alot on the ground cause she so dominate on her feet but if you have followed her since she got into mma you would know that her ground work is damn good. Not great but real good and easily enough to combat Tate. Tats is good but lime Rhonda has NEVER been punched by somebody the really knows how to throw a punch. If Holm doesn’t KNOCK out Tate within 3 rounds I will be surprised. Holm will knock her out in first round but will give her up to three

  • MMA

    It’s a stylistic match-up.
    In this sport you never know if someone gets in a lucky kick/punch, or someone is having a bad night or good, could mean all the difference.
    This guy Molina sounds like he is doing PR for Tate. A good writer is objective and neutral.

    One thing I noticed in the comments not only here but just about everywhere is people seem to be hairtrigger know it alls, that want to fight at the drop of a hat.
    I can tell you this for sure. The way things are going in this nation you’ll get your chance real soon, so we will see if you fight as good as you talk

  • glove1220

    This article should be called “Wishful Thinking for Miesha Tate”. Tate is NOT a “pretty good boxer”… she’s an awful boxer. It is by far the biggest hole in her game. Slow, no power, no head movement, no footwork, and eats a ton of punches against opponents who don’t have anywhere near the striking pedigree of Holm. Once she’s in the cage with Holm, she’s gonna eat an unbelievable amount of strikes, because of Holm’s reach & accuracy. As far as ground game, Tate’s ground game was not on the level of Rousey’s at all in their matches… but we all saw Holly Holm completely stuff Rousey’s judo. The only thing Tate has going into this fight is her chin & toughness, but I don’t see it as enough to get her through five rounds, Holly Holm will pick her apart, and I see another headkick knockout.

    • Patrick DeBoard

      I think you nailed it. I agree 100%. Headkick knockout.

  • Diverjoe

    This writer is absolutely crazy! Comparing Mike Tyson to Ronda is a joke! Tyson’s fight with Douglas was a true fluke, Ronda losing to Holm was not, Ronda was dominated from the opeing bell until she got flatlined . Tate’s only hope is to take Holm down, No chance standing! Holm is way stronger than Tate and faster, better reach and more power. Tate was muscled by Rousey overtime they fought, I think that Tate has better striking than Ronda but against Holly that is nullified. Tate better watch her face as she goes in for the double leg, One kick and it’s over

    • SixFootThree

      Tyson was out the night before doing coke, drinking, and sleeping with chicks. The night before a fight that he didn’t even train for. This “writer” is really disrespecting Holly Holm. Ronda finally fought someone who was bigger and stronger in addition to being a great kick boxer and she was throughly beaten. It was no fluke.

    • skinyV

      I’m tired of hearing the Rhonda Tyson comparison. The only truth to it is that the heavyweight division was EXTREAMLY WEAK when Tyson fought in it. Could he have hung with the likes of Frazier Ali Norton Shavers Foreman Quarry and a host of others back in the day and the answer is no and especially when he signed on with Don King. Like Tyson, Rousey is in a division that is relatively week and along comes a real boxer with ground skills that can hit and Rhonda folded and now running away. Tate has skills but again she has NEVER been hit by somebody that knows how to throw a punch

  • TKDGuy

    Holm didn’t win just because Rousey was off her game that night… Rousey got her bell rung early by a powerful striker’s boxing AND kicks. Tate may have decent boxing compared to other women MMA athletes, but is still nowhere near Holm in that class. Tate’s background is wrestling, so she may have a better chance if the fight gets to the ground, but look how well that worked out for Rousey. Holm is a big girl (not just tall) for 135. She’s not going to the ground easily. I like both Tate and Holm, but I think Holm has the advantage in this one.

    • SixFootThree


  • OakHell1

    Tate is good….but she has reached her peak! She is a fair boxer and she is better on the ground but she has nothing for Holm!!!!!

  • HolmSmashTate

    Tate a decent boxer? LOL Ronda was getting the better of the exchanges on the feet both times they fought and look what Holm did to Ronda. This moron who wrote the article must be obsessed with Tate and probably has a picture of her in his bedroom and a bottle of lubriderm sitting on his night table LOL Delusional is the word that describes this “writer.”

  • Joe Dog

    Tate would be good “on her feet”, bent over,….or on her back, or buns up kneeling or any which way I might imagine except in a fight with Holly Holm.

  • Skeletor 3000

    Tate is a well rounded fighter, but a good boxer? She has a sloppy girly punch style. It’s been pretty effective for her. Holms boxing is great. Her kickboxing us is solid as well. The only thing Tate has in this fight is wrestling. I don’t think she can hold Holly down or submit her. It’s Holly’s fight to lose.

  • Rob

    Hahahaha what kind of article is this?? Tate a good boxer????? She’s got power and chin no doubt, but we know she’s got a good chin because she’s been hit a ton.. I think th eperson who wrote this article only sees her as the woman who knocked out Rousey, because Holm has been great her whole career. Tate stands still and wil get tagged a bunch. May not get finished, but will get tagged. Holm will be smart and patient as she always is and outside of punchers chance Holm wins

  • Leroy Hayes

    Ridiculous article, sounds like the author just started watching “UFC Fighting” 3 years ago, hahaha. Tate will lose this fight, though she might put up a better showing then Rousey did. Holm is too big, too strong and too skilled to lose right now.

    • deepgrim

      yes this writer is an idiot, read some of his other articles. He rarely does one without mentioning wwe and is not on point with it either, but even by his own standard this is exceptionally terrible.

  • Too big and heavy

    This writer is a Idiot…Really. How do these idiots get these Writing jobs..? Probably just Graduated from a Technical College last semester… Poor idiot kid…..Tate will lose.

  • bb-15

    The Tate / Holm fight could last longer if Tate tries to stay away from Holm. When that happens, Holly can be cautious and just pile up points with jabs. But in a point fight Tate would still lose. Tate is a mediocre boxer.
    If Tate rushes in, she will eat punches and kicks like Ronda did.
    On the ground Holly is too strong. Tate is a natural 125 pound fighter. Holly is too big for her.
    Holm has great coaches. She is a multiple title world champion. She’s a tremendous athlete / boxer with very good ground defense. My bet is on Holly.

    • skinyV

      You hit every point like Holly punching Rhonda. Not missing and consistently.

    • Lester Macgurdy

      “The Tate / Holm fight could last longer if Tate tries to stay away from Holm.”

      Tate isn’t smart enough for that. She will keep charging in like she always does.

  • Cargo warrior

    You areax a moron, god I hate google for showing this dribble as a card. This is just an extended version of a fanboy puking excuses for their heroes shortcomings on the YouTube comment section. Who ever appro

  • Cargo warrior

    You are a moron, fgod I hate google for showing this dribble as a card, this is just an extended version of a fanboy puking excuses for their heroes shortcomings on the YouTube comment section. Who ever approved this dummiest dribble as an article in the mma weekly should be shot. Ronda Rousey was just an overrated fighter who never faced quality a quality fighter like Holm, and when she did she got her butt kicked that is all there to it. You got sucked into the hype, so just move on and quite whining. Holm’s would easily beat Rousey any day, she is just better. And I really doubt the outcome if she fights Tate to be any different as well.

  • Cargo warrior

    You are a moron, fgod I hate google for showing this dribble as a card, this is just an extended version of a fanboy puking excuses for their heroes shortcomings on the YouTube comment section. Who ever approved this dummies dribble as an article in the mma weekly should be shot. Ronda Rousey was just an overrated fighter who never faced a quality fighter like Holm, and when she did she got her butt kicked that is all there to it. You got sucked into the hype, just admit it, move on and quite whining. Holm’s would easily beat Rousey any day, she is just better. And I really doubt the outcome to be any different if she fights Tate as well.

  • Complete180

    Is this is a joke? Does this guy work for the UFC…is he trying his best to hype the fight?

    So if Tate was better than Rousey in every other aspect of the fight game other then Judo, just how is it she lost the second time?? I mean, first time ok, maybe she underestimated her, but the second time….come on. Ronda IS clearly better than her, so stop.

    As for Holm, dont try to descredit her. She outclassed Ronda in every aspect…the fight did go to the ground and guess what…Ronda got nullified. Tate will not take her down, and will most likely get her face bruised and battered until the ref decides to stop it. I honestly think Cat has a better shot at holly then Tate.

    You need to watch more MMA mr. Molina.

    • CKS

      I was thinking that Zingano is a better match against Holm. Both are quality strikers, and Zingano is strong with a good ground game. Tate’s ground game couldn’t beat Zingano despite having two submission holds because Zingano was too strong for Tate to lock them in. Same happened to Rousey, who got an arm bar against Holm, but Holm easily pulled out of with sheer force.

  • Vince Lovato

    I agree. Rousey lost because of a terrible strategy. I believe she won’t do that again. Tate is very tough and gave Rousey her best tests before Holm. Tate also witnessed the mistakes Rousey made. Holm could be in for a huge downfall. If I’m Rousey, I can make more as a model and actress and I’m 30 now. How many more fights do I really want? Remember Gina Carano?

    • B F

      Rousey lost because frankly she’s just lousy and other fighters didn’t believe in themselves enough except maybe Tate who just got over confident going into round 3 in RR / Tate II. Miesha would have beat RR in the third fight no doubt in my mind at all. The blueprint has been laid out. RR will never win again.

      • Frank and beans

        Ali lost 5 times so I guess he is a terrible fight ha ha ha. Stop pretending to know anything about the fighting game.

        It’s very clear you do not.

      • Vince Lovato

        Do you actually believe the verbal fertilizer that comes out if your mouth? Geez, man, get a clue.

    • Lester Macgurdy

      “Rousey lost because of a terrible strategy.”

      You know nothing about fighting. There are only so many ways she can get into the clinch, and any time Rousey even thought about trying, Holm tagged her in the face. Rousey wasn’t striking by choice, she was striking because Holm imposed her will on her and rousey couldn’t get close enough to clinch.

      Tate is tough, but she’s an idiot in the ring. She has no mental game. She has no real strategy, she just goes out swinging and hopes for the best. By some fluke she could beat Holm, but that isn’t probable.

      • Vince Lovato

        Let me reply while dusting off my National Junior Olympic and CIF Southern Section Wrestling championship trophies at 178 pounds and my Kiwanis AAU boxing championships in three weight classes: oh, wait, there’s my plaques for coaching boxing and wrestling and there are pictures of me when I was hand-picked to coach at Carlos Palomino’s boxing camp in Southern California.

        • Lester Macgurdy

          “Let me reply while. . .”
          either lying about your experience or proving that you’re so dense, that your experience didn’t take.

          You should watch the video analyzing the fight by firas zahabi, then you should watch the fight again. Every time ronda got close to holm, she got rocked, and in the few times she did manage to clinch, Holm’s defense was too good and she made ronda pay.

          Ronda has already said the straight left that she got caught with 30 seconds into the fight dazed her and she never recovered. It wasn’t her game plan that was bad, it was her inability to implement her game plan that was bad.

          Her game plan was to box her way into the clinch and then take holm down, but she didn’t have the skills to do it. She lost because she was thoroughly outclassed.

          • Vince Lovato

            OK. Let’s back up. Why would you make such an offensive and presumptuous statement for any reason, let alone not even knowing the other person’s background or experience? Why? You came to my statement, I didn’t attack you or invite you. Are you are these young anti-social kids who bangs away on social media all day with no fear of getting your beak rearranged? I PROMISE you that no one in my life ever speaks to me like that when I’m in the same room with them. Never. Second. Just because you have probably zero to very little experience in any combat sport, or sports at all, doesn’t mean others don’t either. I’m 54 years old, I was a triple letterman and rode motocross, boxed and wrestled. I’ve won championships in every sport but baseball and coached two California State Championship basketball teams, was a professional sports writer for 11 years and covered the winter and summer Olympics, The LA Rams, Raiders, Clippers, Dodgers, Angeles, Kings, two Rose Bowls a Super Bowl and countless boxing championships such as Hagler-Hearns, Hearns-Leonard, Tyson-McNeely and a whole lot more. In fact, I’ll bet you any amount of money you want that I can prove I have done these things and many more if you want to. I’ll post our wager on my seven websites and 14 social media postings and my email campaigns and the four publications I own in three states. After YOU lose that bet, you will, on video, write a check to my favorite charity, apologize to me and resolve to stop attacking people when discussing issues as if you are a mature person. Or, after you lose, I’ll waive all that if come to my house and tell me I’m lying and don’t know anything about fighting within arm’s reach of me, and if you do, I’ll make the donation and public apology. I will warn you, I am 54 years old, 6-foot-3 and weight 246 pounds with a 32-inch waist and a 54-inch chest. I do 100 crunches and pushups and 40 squats and 40 30-pound curls every single day and still run a mile in well under six minutes. I have a Masters degree in two subjects including sports psychology and physiology and the other in Language Arts and currently coach a youth boxing team and a shooting club. So, is that a wager? As for your continued blather, I’ve watched the video myself and I know enough about combat sports that I don’t need some other person to break down film for me. I watched film when it was still really film of evert great fight and fighter you can name, if you can name anyone before you were born. If I had a chance to coach Rousey in the first match I would have taught her the simple, age-old, long-known fact that wrestlers can not box boxers. The boxer wins everytime. Everyone I watched the fight with were shocked that she used that rush-in strategy because the people I watched with understand combat sports. Wrestlers must tie up and engage and ultimately ground a boxer at which point the wrestler always wins. Always. Even Ali lost to a wrestler, did yo know that? BTW – did YOU watch the video of Holm getting her ass beaten up and knocked out by some unknown boxer? I guess if people like you analyzed that video, Holm would have retired or never had the chance to fight Rousey. I am waiting for your response but let me predict: You will not answer anything I asked, will not accept or decline the wager, will call me names and attack me personally, and continue to wildly claim I am ignorant of fighting. Or ignore this completely. Pretty predictable from keyboard cowboys like you.

  • Dumbsh!t

    Good for Miesha she is getting the shot she earned but unfortunately it is probably going to end up as another L. After watching her stuff everything RR threw at her I find it very hard to fathom that Miesha is going to be strong enough to do anything. I believe Holly has never been taken down even by an Olympic judo medalist, so yeah good luck Miesha!

  • Complete180

    One point this guy never cared to venture was the camps. Ronda trains under a coach who by her own moms mouth, got lucky when ronda walked in. Who does she train with?? What does she train?? Any fight strategy???

    Holly trains at arguably the best camp in the world with some of the best fighters. She trains hands on with guys like jon jones and carlos condit, and gets great fight prep from incredible coaches. This was no “buster douglas” fluke. She has been busting her ass to get to where she is. Ronda just got humbled and reminded that the womens division is still young, and their are always other world class martial artists ready to make that leap into mma.

    • CKS

      People also love to disparage Buster Douglas as a one-hit wonder, but Douglas earned that title shot by fighting lots of top talent in the days when the Heavyweight division still had some. He beat McCall and Berbick, to name two, in pretty convincing decisions. He knocked out two former champs en route to Tyson, as well. He was a very good boxer, and I suspect most people look at the long odds more than they give Douglas his due. Tyson probably should’ve won, but Douglas had a plan and executed. People also forget that Tyson COULD have won that fight, when he knocked Douglas down. That Buster got up and stopped him says a lot about his determination that night. It’s also worth remembering that Buster lost to Holyfield at the top of his game in his first defense. No shame in that.

      Is Miesha Tate equal to Evander Holyfield? Not even close. Holyfield had never lost AND had moved up a weight class. Tate has lost a pile of matches already; Holm has lost only three fights in her life. She also has a 70% KO rate in UFC, so Tate had best be very careful. She’s no Buster Douglas!

  • kimilaa

    Wow lol

  • KT

    Wow, this author is a complete joke! Is he one of those “new to MMA/Rousey fanboy-turned MMA expert”?!

    Mr. Molina (the horrible author of this article) said, “the Rousey that she [Holm] fought was not the same Rousey [that Tate fought]. Tate probably could have stopped Rousey that night.”
    Ummmm, of course she was a different Rousey! If anyone gets cracked a few times by a world champion boxer, they’re going to be a bit hindered when trying to fight/defend.

    Also, stop trying to put this “one hit wonder” label on Holm. She is a multiple-time world champion in boxing who defended her titles 18 times in three weight classes. Have some respect!!!

    • skinyV

      The one one hit wonder from Holly is if you get hit once by her you need to wonder if you gonna get up. Holly has unbelievable skills and strength. Don’t be surprised if Holm wins in the 1st round. Like I said before Holly by ko or tko by the 3rd rd but don’t be surprised if its ended in the first with Holm winning

    • Informed Two

      Not a fan of the author but anybody who thinks RR was fully prepared for Holm is crazy. RR from strikeforce vs Holm fight.

  • Elizabeth

    The author clearly is the survivor of a partial-birth abortion; his eyes and brain sucked out, leaving his hands and fingers to string together nothing but incoherent remarks about a topic he clearly knows nothing about.

    • Lester Macgurdy

      amen sister

  • William Arthur Storer Jr.

    “Other than the judo throw and the arm bar, Tate is better than Rousey in every way.”??? Are you out of your mind? Rousey out-grappled and out-struck Tate on every front in their last fight. You are right about one thing. What Rousey had was the disadvantage of short, easily analyzed fights that could be used to divine her game plan and counter her front line attacks. Holm and especially the Greg Jackson machine did this extremely well, prepping Holly for the “Rousey Exam”, good call. The question is can they do the same against Tate? Normally I would bet the answer is yes but Tate has been making major improvements and changes to her own game in anticipation of another shot at Rousey so, it all comes down to who can prep better. I’m still betting on Holm and the well known Jackson machine, the top MMA camp on the planet. If she focuses on the sprawl and her boxing game, she should be able to shut down Tate at the door to the ground game and smash her on the feet without too much effort. The only thing Holm has to fear is if some new and improved, Super Miesha Tate shows up that night.

  • Peekineeze

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Misha is my favorite but she is not the “greatest all-around female mixed martial artist in the world”. This is preposterous.

    • CKS

      She might be in relative terms. But unless she does something spectacularly well–like Rousey’s arm bars, or Holm’s striking–someone can find a weakness. Nothing wrong with being very well-rounded, and Tate is. But she’ll still need a plan against a fighter with a devastating, dominant skill set, and that’s the real test.

  • InTheColosseumTonight

    I hate to critique a writer, but this article reads like a text message. I love this website and have been a frequent lurker for years, I honestly think it just wasn’t quite ready to be published. There are some solid ideas but they are never developed or supported.

  • skinyV

    Dana White just announced that Rousey will fight Caitlyn Jenner in 2016.

  • Derrick Rose

    kill yoself Joshua Molina.

  • Joe T Baggerly

    Joshua Molina:

    I read your article, enjoyed it and agreed with it.

    Rousey haters are a dedicated bunch and simply cannot give rational thought a fair chance.

    Miesha Tate is a super gangster and has been improving steadily and in her prime.

    Holly Holm is in for a long night and past her prime but in full disclosure, has an endless gas tank but guess what… So does Miesha.

    Thanks for the article Joshua Molina.
    PS> Holly is CLEARLY on some type of PED/s.

    • Lester Macgurdy

      you’re an idiot.

      • Ted Bates

        You are a flaming douche nozzle.

    • Ted Bates

      YEs she is. She failed her UFC 193 drug test. She gave a diluted sample. That means she watered it down. It does not mean she drank too much water. It means she put water in the cup she peed in. Tests are not monitored in the UFC. No one watches you pee. You take the jar into the bathroom and pee in it. God only knows where she could have hidden the water. You look at her in the UFC 193 weigh in, then look at the very recent Invicta FC 15 weigh ins with Cyborg and you can tell Cyborg has finally gone off the sauce. all of her huge muscle tone is gone, but when Holly weighs in, she looks like she is roided to the max, because she is. She is a cheater and there is a reason why she fought Ronda in a foreign country, lax drug testing standards. It was a fix. The fix was in. F holly Holm, damn cheated.

      • 1rocketcharger

        Ted Bates !
        Dilluted sample has absolutely nothing to do with steroids or watering it down !
        It means that the sample was not properly tested because of the of the lack of evidence provided which can happen to anyone even if you pee a hundred times
        Quite common in marijuana testing
        The body doesnt always produce the proper measurables neccessary for testing

      • B F

        They don’t just take urine, they also take blood samples also idiot. Honda Lousy is a media creation that got destroyed and exoposed and won’t win in the UFC again. The blueprint has been laid out and now everyone know she has zero gas tank and can’t fight worth a crap other than a hip toss / arm bar. Avoid that and she’ll faint after three rounds…

    • 1rocketcharger

      How is holly past her prime ?
      Dumb comment
      Gansters suck

  • Frank and beans

    Well Tate is going to lose again, I give her two rounds.

    This already looks like it is going to be a dull fight. Tate is a terrible fighter compared to Holm and Holm is the most boring champion of al time.

    • srichey321

      I love coming back and reading comments like these.

      • Aneldo Amathiel Arosemena

        hahahaha mee too and I keep giving them likes

  • Frank and beans

    Ali did it and also lost 5 times, I could give many more examples. Stop pretending to know anything about the fighting game.

  • Ancient Rathian

    I for one am stoked about this fight. If rumors are true and that Miesha might retire soon to focus on coaching younger fighters this match would be a great way to retire with dignity against a competent striker.

  • Lester Macgurdy

    the author is a moron. Where Rousey is concerned, a lot of the mma journalists refuse to give holm the proper credit because they are embarrassed about their slavish devotion to a third rate judoka that was only dominant because she fought in a weak division. It was no buster douglas moment when holly dropped rousey, it was a clearly superior fighter outclassing an opponent so crappy that she didn’t even deserve to be in the cage with Holm.

    Holm was one of the best women’s boxers of all time and already proved her mma creds when she took the women’s bantamweight title against juliana werner in invicta fc (while fighting five rounds with a broken arm and winning every one of those rounds). Rousey’s claim to fame before the urfc was coming in third place in her second shot at the olympics. Not very prestigious.

    Anything can happen in a fight, but in all probability, Holm will beat the crap out of tate.

    • Ben

      Rousey fought a dumb fight. Holm doesn’t know how to fight on the ground. Ronda believed her own hype that she can beat every one at their own game. Miesha Tate is a better wrestler than Ronda, but taking Ronda down is a bad idea. Juliana Werner, who is a straw weight not even in the top 10 right now, is proof that Holm is for real? A bronze medal in the olympics isn’t prestigious? Then Cormier and Randy Couture’s wrestling achievements were irrelevant. Miesha will GNP a victory against Holm

      • Dale A

        I don’t know what fight you were watching. Rousey tried to tie Holly up and get her to the ground the entire fight. Holly stuffed almost every attempt Ronda made. Rousey is a brawler with limited skills standing. Ronda had no intention of fighting Holly toe to toe, but she had no choice because quite honestly, Ronda’s stand up is terrible.

    • James Soroe

      How did that work out for you? Please, no more opinions from you. Ever.

  • Lester Macgurdy

    you’re wrong about the steroid use. Rousey weighed 1/2 pound more in the recent pic. The only way she could be so much larger while only gaining 1/2 pound is by losing muscle while gaining fat. That extra weight isn’t muscle, it’s fat. She isn’t taking steroids, she’s getting chubby.

    • B F

      Man are you blind….Look at the pictures again. Start at her head and make your way down. The woman is ABUSING Winstrol at a minimum. You gain muscle and not weight generally with Winstrol. She said it herself (along with a Freudian slip), while being interviewed. As someone who uses the same Olympic medalist trained excuse as Jenner and Marion “(I’ve never been caught”), she basically gave it away by all her knowledge of that particular steroid that is a favorite of women. You’re just a delusioned fanboy. I’m a body builder, body builder / fitness personal trainer and 35 year trained martial artist. I KNOW when my clients are juicing even when they deny it to my face. YOU don’t get thick masculine (as in male hormone induced) square wide jaw and thick trapezius muscles, deltoids and upper arm mass like RR has right now without either SUPER HEAVY resisitance training and / or heavy steroid abuse, and you don’t get a man jaw unless you use steroids… She even still gets acne and she’s an adult…I don’t even know why I’m bothering explaining this to you as you’re absolutely clueless.

  • Ted Bates

    Holly Holm is a steroid abuser. Period.

    • Mog

      Holly Holm has never used steroids. Period.

      See how easy it is to make claims with zero evidence? Anybody can do it. Period.


    • 1rocketcharger

      You dont know what you are talking about and dont know her personally
      Period !!!!!!

  • Mog

    Holm fought a perfect fight against Rousey. Rousey looked liked she was fighting poorly because everything she did was being countered; that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t fighting at her best, just that she was up against someone better. Tate has virtually no chance to win this match, 10 to 1 at best.

    • James Soroe

      How did that work out for you? Please, no more opinions from you…

  • 1rocketcharger

    To think someone is on steroids that is in the business because she wants to test her morals values and heart is just plain stupid !
    The preachers daughter is against cheating in anyway
    Time to call vanna or pat sajack and buy a vowel

  • Joe A

    Holm will slap the s–t out of Tate, and head kick her into oblivion.

    • James Soroe

      Is that right?

  • igor marich m.d.

    I agree with those who said that author of the article is either biased or incompetent
    Misha Tate the best MMA fighters today???
    She lost to Zingano, Sara Kaufman, Ronda Rousey-2 times. And never avenged any loss,refused to fight Amanda Nunes,who should be in line for title fight,she has nothing
    To offer to Holly,who is also biger,taller and stronger than Little Misha who will be manhandled by Holm worse than Rousey was.

    • James Soroe

      How did that work out for you? Please, no more opinions from you.

  • Kevin Light

    Miesha beats Holm. It’s really simple to understand. Tate has good stand up. Rousey does not. You need to have good stand up to get in close for a takedown in which Miesha is also good at. It’s a cage not a ring. Tate can also take a shot and still come forward. I knew Holm’s style could beat a Ronda in a stand up war she knows nothing about head movement. Tate wins by ground stoppage

  • CKS

    This article seems to contradict everything said about Rousey over the years: her strength, her solid standing game, her superior wrestling. Now? They give all those accolades to Miesha Tate instead, despite the fact that Rousey demolished Tate in two fights that weren’t even close.

    When Tate says that this is going to be a match of footwork, she’s very right. And she’s going to have to match the speed, fluidity, balance and ring-awareness of a former champion boxer. Tate’s very good, but she’s also tiny compared to Holm. She’s not as strong, contrary to the assertions in the article (Holm easily escaped Rousey’s attempts to take her down, before she got gassed). She’s going to have to close distance before Holm can hit her with those hard crosses, while avoiding Holm’s devastating (and unmatched) kicking skills that are designed exactly to keep people like Rousey and Tate from closing distance by snapping their shins and/or knees every time they take a step forward.

    Tate could certainly win. If Holm gets taken down early, give it to Tate, assuming she can lock in a hold. But Holm is going to try to gas her out, hurt her legs, and mess up her face with those 5-pound gloves. Has Tate ever been hit by someone with stopping power like Holm? Doubt it. I think this fight is Holm’s to lose.

    • Jack Denial

      yes, I think Tate is not strong enough to take Holms down. Even as strong as Rousey is, Holms over powered her when attempt to do what she did with Tate, twice. I don’t think trying to take Holms down early Is a mistake, Tate will have a better chance, small opening, if she wears Holms down first. And hopefully, with luck and patience, Holm makes a footing mistake for the take down. strength wise, I don’t think she can win this fight.

  • Meangreen

    The guy writing this article must have a job selling this fight because he’s talking a little nonsense,1st off Holly is a dedicated athlete and loves competition , she trains hard and takes no one for granted, she’s grounded, she’s one hell of a boxer and throws her punches correctly, Tate like Cyborg do not punch correctly, Cyborg punches like a drunken woman in a nasty mood, wild and uncoordinated and a good boxer with just a little power would dispatch both Tate and Cyborg with little effort, after Holly knocks out Tate hopefully Cyborg doesn’t get scared and signs to fight Holm, but she loses also by knockout early in the match.

    • Shorty20122012 .

      LOL Looks like your rant was in vain because the writer was right on the money. Holms got that ass BEAT. Feel dumb yet?

      • Matias Sebastian

        Miesha just got lucky in the last min

  • Bloody Macbeth

    Writer is obviously a Rousey fan. Still sour over her loss and projecting your hate into this article. Holm is legit, get over it.

    • James Soroe

      She had zero title defenses. Miesha has held belts in multiple organizations.