UPDATED: Why is Alistair Overeem Avoiding Fight with Junior dos Santos?

February 12, 2014
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dos-santos-vs-overeem-460x270Following a rather lackluster start to his UFC tenure, Alistair Overeem scored his second victory in the Octagon in four attempts when he dominated former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir at UFC 169 on Feb. 1 in New Jersey.

Even by his own account, it was a safe performance that led to a unanimous nod from the judges.

“Usually I always go for the knockout,” Overeem said in his post-fight interview, adding, “but this fight I chose to pace myself a little bit.”

It was in stark contrast to his first UFC victory when he TKO’d now-WWE superstar Brock Lesnar at UFC 141, and company president Dana White was highly critical, calling Overeem’s win over Mir a “crappy performance.”

Overeem called out Lesnar after the fight despite the big man being busy with his professional wrestling career, not MMA. White, however, told UFC Tonight on Wednesday that he had a different fight in mind.

White said that he offered Overeem a five-round main event in Brazil, opposite former UFC champion Junior dos Santos, a man that Overeem has had a beef with almost since the day he arrived in the UFC.

Overeem reportedly shot down the offer, according to the brash UFC boss. He also shot down White’s secondary offer of a three-round co-main event slot on a fight card in Las Vegas.

Again, White didn’t hold back after the former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 champion declined the fights.

“He wants nothing to do with dos Santos; he’s literally hiding from him,” White told UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani.

Overeem, who is currently on vacation and was initially unavailable for comment, later told Helwani, “I’m hurt,” he said. “Rib problem. So first [I] need an ETA on recovery time. [It] would be unwise to accept any fight before knowing exactly what’s up. [I] wouldn’t want to pull out of any fight [due to] being unfit, especially an anticipated fight as this one.”

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  • Piotr

    I’ll believe it when I hear the other side. Dana is a proven liar.

    • AndreEazyAKAMurph .

      dana does bs alot but then again overeem does have a glass jaw and I wouldn’t doubt him not wanting to fight somebody who can hit like junior

      • Piotr

        Reem has fought kickboxers who hit way harder. I guess it’s possible he’s ducking, worried about another loss and getting cut. But when Dana doesn’t like a fighter, he says all kinds of stupid s*** about them.

        • robc

          In K-1 he had much bigger gloves, alot easier to block headshots… Also no need to defend takedowns and limited clinch so he didn’t tire as easily. Also enough steroids to make a dead horse run didn’t hurt either. Travis browne went to a draw with Cheik Kongo, another former K-1 fighter and yet was able to ko (with front kicks no less) supposed one of the best standup fighters in mma. Overeem is a joke.

          • earlsimmons

            “In K-1 he had much bigger gloves, alot easier to block headshots”
            If you never boxed or kick boxed then why post things like this because you have NO clue wtf you are talking about.

      • Piotr

        Reem has fought kickboxers who hit just as hard. I doubt he’s ducking, but he might be worried about a loss and getting cut. But when Dana doesn’t like a fighter, he says all kinds of bad things about them.

        • AndreEazyAKAMurph .

          Dana favors fighters everybody knows that. Truthfully I think that Dana feels he overpayed Overreem and is a lil salty about it

    • Eric Bullock

      I thought the exact same thing when I read this.

    • Sir_Roy

      He’s a fight promoter. Which pretty much equates to the same thing.

  • Eric Bullock

    Helwani just updated his story. He spoke with Reem. Hurt rib from Mir fight, no time table for recovery and he is on vacation. F*** Dana, he is currently talking s*** about Gil Melendez too.

  • chaosfan

    have to admit, even talking all that mess, and he still scared. but probably after getting knocked out twice in a roll he rethought his approaches cause there is a higher chance of getting knocked out from JDS.

  • dgs

    “Why is Alistair Overeem Avoiding Fight with Junior dos Santos?”

    That’s a pretty silly question, as the obvious answer is, “he knows Junior would violently KO him.”

    • Piotr

      Actually, the obvious answer is that he’s injured. But keep believing Dana’s nonsense.

      • dgs

        I can’t stand Dana “F*cking” White, so I don’t believe a word that comes out of that fool’s mouth.

        I have no doubt however, that Overeem knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Junior, and I could certainly see him ducking a fight with Junior. I mean, even though Dana is a tool, he does have a point; why would you call out someone you’ve already beaten who doesn’t even fight in MMA any longer, when you should be calling any of the active UFC heavyweights?

        • deepgrim

          i didnt agree with anything dana said about overeems perforance against mir, but i did agree it was a s*** move to not only call out someone who is retired, but someone he has already beat.

          • well depends how you look at it, as a career move its kinda smart, maybe brock would think i want another go at this guy, and wwf fans would pack stadiums to go see it. Also makes reem more well known. I dont think that fight would matter to eithers career but from a PR perspective its smart.

          • deepgrim

            it would just be about the money but would not advance his position in the ranking and it shows that he isnt interested in a top 5 fight. He is already quite well paid and have a feeling dana will look to cut him. sure carwin said he would come out of retirement to fight brock and off the mir rubber match would make most sense so i dont think the ufc would ever make the match with overeem again

  • Piotr

    What a surprise, Reem is hurt and can’t take the fight. Dana White was purposely bashing a fighter for no reason again. What a classy guy.

  • taylor2008

    Reem is ducking Dos Santos because he knows Dos will KO him.

  • brad king

    wonder if reem would school JDS instead of other way around which is most probable.

    • yeh id like to see how jds defends reems body strikes or if jds’s boxing nulls it

  • Sir_Roy

    Because he’ll lose /thread.

  • Sir_Roy

    Sometimes, I think that Dana is akin to the ancient Ianista – the head master of the Gladiator schools of antiquity – a selfish, callous opportunist profiting off the blood and lives of those he has fight for him and his fortune. Sometimes, I think he deserves the same fate. But, a smack upside the head would be a good start.

    • Mark Bazid

      Wouldn’t it be great if they had a press conference a fighter just smashed him in the face? I bet it would be the most satisfying moment of that fighters career.

  • Guest

    Anyone interested in Dan Henderson as the replacement minus his previous few losses? If not then I say just reschedule the fight because this was a great match up.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Long as UFC sticks with DW they will not evolve properly. Dana is the undisputed douchebag of mma and he is a nut job.

    • Mark Bazid

      I think that you might be right about that.
      Dana White is what the UFC needed to get to where they are today. But moving forward I think that they need someone with his passion but who has more class. He comes across as a bully who uses the media to bully fighters.
      What he did/is doing with the GSP situation speaks to his arrogance and douchbagery. Like GSP or not, he did more for the UFC than any other fighter and conducted himself like a pro. The second that GSP says something that Dana doesn’t like, he trashes him by saying he’s not a man and calls him crazy.
      I think it’s time the UFC tells Dana to sit behind a desk and STFU!

      • Dan DeRizzo


        • carsti07 .

          I don´t know. I´m also not pleased with DW latest comments, but at the end my addiction to mma grows every year, and ufc offers more and more great matches and they have more and more success all over the world. It´s hard to not give DW a bit of that cake…

    • Dan DeRizzo


  • Honestly I don’t think many fans are as interested in that fight since Overeem got KO’d by both Silva and Browne. I have no clue who could be next for him though. Just give the guy some time to heal up and set a date. If he ever wants that title he has to fight JDS at some point.

    • deepgrim

      oh im still interested in that fight, mainly cause of the trash overeem dished out when jds, and i would like to see him get a fist- ful of humble pie, but in fairness i cant see anything bar a jds knock out

      • I love Overeem but JDS is the most dangerous fight for him. I would love to see this fight still. Everyone talks about Reems glass jaw but at the same time he took several hard shots from Bigfoot Silva before being dropped and I don’t think many guys can handle being front kicked in the face by 6’7 Travis Browne. I don’t see Alistair in the UFC much longer if he doesn’t get himself a fight with JDS together.

        • deepgrim

          honestly i think overeem needs a fight against a low ranked fighter, get a big ko, to build up his star quality again and then line up jds. prob is that he is getting paid a huge salary and i think dana will cut him if he doesnt see him a profitable. think the heavy weight division could use him around, there isnt many stars in the division

          • I somewhat agree. I was shocked to hear he was offered JDS. He should tell Dana he will take the fight but give him enough time to heal his rib. A win over JDS puts him right in line for a title shot. If he fights lower ranked fighters he’ll be getting paid and have a very decent advantage. I disagree but many fans believe he was built up already by facing low ranked fighters. IMO the guy has big names of his resume and is a true combat sports competitor.

          • deepgrim

            well a win over jds would put anyone in the title frame, however i think jds is taylor made to ko overeem, he’s hand speed is faster, more accurate and more powerful in my opinion, very hard to see overeem get inside to clinch up with jds and use the knees, his jaw isnt the best lets be honest and jds is very hard to put away as we saw in the cain fight



  • diazfan209

    Kinda funny reading both quotes from White and from Overeem.

    One sounds like a troll and the other sounds like a professional.

  • Cain vs Fedor + Timemachine =

    Its all marketing. Claim one fighter does not want to fight and the other wants the fight, rehash the postivie test that stopped the previous fight. Then u get more pay per view buys when the fight happens. There is so much of this BS perpetuated through out this sport.

  • Seth

    That’s not a news, I wouldn’t pick a fight with JDS on Reem’s place too. It’s not best idea to go against heavyhanded striker like JDS with a chin like Reem’s. Pretty damn smart decision.

    • Dragon Kid

      It’s best for business 🙂

  • Informed One

    Reem is currently on vacation in Jamaica. You know what is legal in Jamaica? Steroids. He lost a lot of muscle since the bust, he needs a good cycle to get back in shape. It’s no coincidence he has been training away from the US, they won’t fly to Europe to test him, he knows this.

    • carsti07 .

      don´t want to argue, but u get high quality steroids everywhere. money opens doors everywhere

  • Karen Meade

    Dana’s just pissed cause Overeem turned him out at the negotiating table. Every time Overeem enters the cage, he reaches in Dana’s stretch-marked wallet for 285 thousand minimum (400 for wins). Apparently it’s finally dawned on Dana Dane that he’s paying Championship money, to a guy who has trouble even making top five. The carnival barker is just dying to find a reason to cut Alistair.

    Overeem doesn’t strike me as a fool. I think he knows that JDS and Cain are probably the two guys that might easily find his chin. Both are high risk fights that only make sense over a belt. Otherwise he can try to fight safely, and keep banking close to half a mil a fight for a long time.

    • king

      He’ll fight them at a later date remember he was suppose to be 3-0 not 1-2 his last 3 fights so he’s trying to get a win under his belt before jumping into a fight with jds but i’m sure it will happen just wait n see.

  • slobak1

    Before the Mir fight Junior said that he wants Alistair,and then after the fight Overeem calls out Lesnar maybe to avoid Junior,and i remember when he came to the UfC that he said he will fight anybody to get the belt,now it seems that he just wanna survive in the division.I like him but he always do stupid s***

    • james

      Overeem is actually doing the right thing by avoiding jds right now cause he’s just coming from back to back losses he need a few more fights and wins on his belt before he jumps in and take the fight but i’m 100% sure he will fight him at a later date.

  • Scoobs

    I don’t think Alistair is afraid of anybody. Even though he’s 2-2 in the UFC, he’s dominated all his fights. Dana is a fat piggy.

  • Jon Doe

    Can we please let go of the this notion that a Professional Fighter is “afraid” of another Professional Fighter. Seriously, logically it makes no sense at all, your job is to get in a cage with another man and hurt him until he becomes unconscious/GivesUp/Stopped. He fights Sergey, Hunt, BigFoot, Badri, Saki, Sponge plus many other Heavy Hitters and suddenly he’s afraid of Dos Santos? C’mon?

    • Manuel Lopez

      Exactly… Reem is a professional fighter with an amazing resume, has faced a who’s who of incredible HWs and even in losses has made his opponents look very vulnerable. DW should go dive his face in a toilet.

      • ferpty

        Come on. It’s not hard to understand. He doesn’t have to be afraid of JDS the man. He is afraid of what another loss would do to his career, his reputation, and his salary. I would hate that fight option if I was him as well. JDS is a beast, and since Overeem doesn’t like to take the fight to the ground, JDS is about as dangerous a striker as you could face.

        • JDMMA

          EXACTLY !!!

        • Manuel Lopez

          Well if you listen to DFW he’s making like Reem is quaking in his boots. This is also a game of wits and diplomacy, nothing makes another guy more stubborn than your boss wanting to manipulate your future. Bottom line these men aren’t afraid of any other man including DW and his bullhsit peer pressure.

    • JDMMA

      By “Afraid” they mean… they know they gonna lose or can’t beat them, hence it’d hurt their career i.e. Melendez & Diaz refuse to fight Nurmagomedov

      • Jon Doe

        So…. the man is no longer afraid….? but is now “hence it’d hurt their career”? Right?
        Let me get this straight, you are “afraid” because you willfully chose to protect your career? A man who depends on his “career” to feed his family, pay his bills, have a roof over his head is now less of a man? You would sacrifice your career and food in your children mouth for your pride? Thats what you are saying? Really?

        Obviously he was very tentative in his fight with Mir. This shows that he was concerned and willfully chose to fight cautious because a win meant a lot to him.
        Screw him and his family because as long as it is convenient and you are entertained he’s just an animal you throw in cage so he can pleasure your needs for violence. Right?

        • rdd08

          Well its a profession to ENTERTAIN the crowd. Not play it safe. And yes this sport is very rough and merciless, yet Dana White has stated if you fight with all your heart he won’t fire you. No one wants to pay for a play-it -safe fight, sorry but it’s the truth.

        • Lawdog1521

          If you’re making decisions based on “putting food” on your families, table, stop being a ***** and a get a real job that guarantees an income. Choosing an unstable career like fighting isn’t being responsible.

          If you live the life of a fighter, then ****ing act like it. Choosing to fight only people you know you can 100% beat is the sign of a coward.

          • jonas

            lol overeem will fight dos santos maybe not right now cause he’s just coming from back to back losses which is a smart thing to do i don’t see anything wrong with it.

          • jonas

            calling him a coward online is childish why don’t you sign a contract and go in the ring with him and call him a coward LOL

          • Lawdog1521

            Telling someone to “sign a contract and go in the ring with him and call him a coward” is the sign of a moron. Go kiss your Overeem poster and shut up.

      • anthony

        Its called being smart not afraid, the only thing hes afraid of is another loss

    • JDMMA

      Also this can be seen in Flyod Mayweather Jr,,, he chose his opponents whom he can beat and he’s open about it

    • King_DG

      He is afraid, that’s why he called out Lesnar (a guy that hasn’t fought in a while, who he already beat, knows he can beat). Why didn’t he call out JDS?

    • Ferry Vd Lans

      wel said!!

  • shakejunt

    the fight would sell, but it doesn’t make sense for allistair’s future. build him back up a bit before feeding him to cigano.

  • TRT-rex

    Overeem v. Stipe Miocic. Great matchup. Stipe could win IMO.

  • MPA2000

    Why? Look at him. The only person that can defeat JDS is a guy named “Cain”.

  • Jack Donovan

    never thought Overeem was all that bright but I can see how by taking and losing a fight to Dos Santos would be more like working your way down instead of working your way up the ladder.The guy just wants to make a little money too.

  • richard

    overeem vs mark hunt

    • TRT-rex

      Nah. Styles make fights. If Roy wins his next one their matching him up with hunt. ROY NELSON V. MARK HUNT.

  • brad king

    overeem vs jone jones his 1st heavyweight fight. however if reem wont fight JDS, he will run to the hills screaming at the thought of meeting jones.

  • Mark McDowall

    Just cut him…He’s making a ton of money per fight and done NOTHING. He beat Brock..ok cool…oh wait…he was roided out of his mind when they fought. Now he “dominated” Frank Mir…yeah thats really something to be proud of. Reem needs to just go away as soon as possible…

  • Gomlen

    Overeem does not make “a ton of money per fight”. The same counts for Cain, JDS and the other top heavyweights. They are all litterally fighting for pocket money compared to boxing.

    Overeem made 407 000 USD on his fight with Mir. The heavyweight champ himself (Cain) made 400 000 USD from his third fight with JDS. Number two ranked JDS (at the time) only made 120 000 USD from that fight.

    This is the MMA top dogs anno 2014. Back in 1997 (17 years ago) Tyson made 30 million USD and Holyfield 35 million USD on their second fight alone. Adjust that bank account for inflation and see where it brings you today.

    These guys risk their health every time they enter the octagon, but receive very little in return. If MMA is half as big as the hype machinery says it is, it is about time Dana stops screwing his fighters …