Why Doesn’t the UFC Reveal Exactly How Much Their Fighters Make? Dana White Explains

January 26, 2012
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Why doesn’t the UFC reveal the exact amount their fighters are paid?

Well, according to UFC President Dana White they don’t put out exactly what their athletes make because once that figure becomes public knowledge, his fighters become the target of every hanger on in the world.

White spoke about the subject on Thursday, and compared the recent signing of former Milwaukee Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder to a multi-million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers.

“All I have seen for the past 3 days is that Prince Fielder is making $214 million dollars over the next 9 years. That sounds awesome right? Everybody would love to be Prince Fielder. (Expletive) no, you don’t want to be Prince Fielder over the next three years,” White said.

“His whole life is going to change. He thought it was bad before with the (expletive) he had going on in his life? Everybody and their mother is coming after that 214. Believe me when I tell you. Mark my words, Prince Fielder talk to me in five years and tell me what it was like when the news put out there that you were making $214 million dollars. I’m not going to do that to my guys.”

Check out all the details about what Dana White had to say about the fighter pay issue:

  • I really couldnt care less what they get paid. If the fighters are happy to be in the UFC and the UFC is making money and expanding then I dont give a ****.

    • Not complaining, love this site and what you guys do. But I find it a bit funny that my comment was censored for using the s-word when the video posted features dana white…using the s-word lol

  • bbtakayama

    That was great. I wish the fighters would get paid less though. How little do they have to get paid to make PPV cost $6.00?

    • jmat13

      There is no way to get PPV down to that low. If you don’t want to pay than just go to a sports bar that has the fight on. Many times in the past I’ve had some friends come over and we all chip in $5 or bring some beer. But those guys bust their ass to make what they make. No way they should be paid less.

  • voltaire

    Hangers on my ass. The only reason UFC doesn’t want the figures published is so fighter A isn’t complaining about how much fighter B is making so much more.

    • jared499

      Seriously, you think fighter B has no idea what fighter A is making. It may not be the specific number, but he sure the heck knows he is a good deal more. I know my employees talk and even heard them talking about their pay.

  • Dana White just say I dont want to give my fighters more money because it would cause them more problems? Isn’t that up to the fighter to decide. Imagine your boss saying uggghhh cant give u more money because it will only bring u more problems!!! Might be true but really I do not know many people who would agree with that that should be up to the fighter!

    • shereko

      Thats absolutely not what he said at all… listen to it again. He just said they aren’t releasing the amount for people to know and go after their money etc, he didn’t say he wouldn’t pay them. If people knew that would cause more problems. The fighters want the money, they don’t care that someone knows what they made. I’m sure they want it kept quiet also. Like voltaire said, if fighter B doesn’t make what fighter A makes, then he needs better management. But, listen to whats said, don’t make up sh*t if they don’t like what they make, negotiate in their next contract AFTER they perform. You don’t hear Anderson, or GSP complain about money do you? Nobody complains what they make, if they don’t like it they can leave, they know that. But, don’t spew sh*t if you didn’t even listen.

  • jmat13

    I could care less what they make. Most people don’t want to tell everyone exactly what they make in a year. Most places people work don’t want it to be discussed by employees. The UFC is a private company. They only need to disclose the fight purses and they do. They also disclose some bonuses. They do not have to do that. It’s up to the UFC and the fighters to decide.

  • Usman

    This really isnt that hard to figure out

    UFC makes is 50 bucks times the number of PPV’s (usually around 500,000 sometimes as high as 1mill) plus 1 or 2 mil in gate fees.

    So they have about 25 million to 50million they make off each event; knock off about 50% for taxes, fees to distributors, stadium rental fees, taxes. etc.

    So they only make 12.5 mill to 25 mill per event PROFIT; they don’t pay more then 20% of profit out in labor about 1.5 to 5 mill….even the best fighters (the jon jones, JDS’s, alistairs) make around 3-5 mill a year if they fight three times a year NO WHERE CLOSE what the **** dana white is saying (comparing his fighters to a 9 year 212 million dollar contract).

    At absolute maximum (if UFC was making 50 mill per fight and paying 20% of REVENUE (which aint happening but whatever) to fighters thats still 10 mill split amongst a whole card).

    Bottom line…UFC fighters get paid ****