Why Did TJ Dillashaw Get a Title Shot Over Raphael Assuncao?

March 29, 2014
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Raphael-Assuncao-UFC-170-Post-PressSo, after recently losing via split decision to Raphael Assuncao, why did TJ Dillashaw get the title shot against UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barão at UFC 173 instead of the Brazilian?

The shot would have gone to Assuncao, but he was unable to accept having suffered an injury in his most recent bout.

Assuncao is currently riding a six-fight victorious streak, including the October 2013 win over Dillashaw, but suffered a rib injury when he defeated Pedro Munhoz at UFC 170 in February.

He does, however, expect to be waiting as the next challenger for whoever wins the bout between Barão and Dillashaw.

“Due to a rib injury and not being released by doctors, I couldn’t take the opportunity to fight for the belt at UFC 173 on May 24,” Assuncao wrote in Portuguese on his Facebook page on Friday.

“I will be in preparation, waiting for my chance to be the next challenger. I’m totally focused and believe when the time comes I’ll be ready, not only to fight, but to be the new champion.”

The opportunity for Barão and Dillashaw to headline UFC 173 came about earlier this week when middleweight champion Chris Weidman opted for surgery to repair lingering knee injuries. Weidman was slated to put his belt on the line against Lyoto Machida. The two will now fight at UFC 175 in July.

With Assuncao sidelined, Dillashaw was pulled from his feature bout against Takeya Mizugaki to face Barão.

UFC 173 takes place on May 24 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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  • taylor2008

    Renan is going to own Dillashaw. Dillashaw needs more time to become a better fighter. This fight makes no sense.

    • Seth

      I don’t see TJ winning this either, but I think he may cause Renan some problems thou. Should be fun one 🙂

      • Truthcore

        how? He’s not the striker nor the wrestler that Faber is. Faber is stronger, more experienced, and more explosive than Dillashaw but has gotten owned 2x now by Barao.

        Dillashaw also trains in same gym as Faber, so not like TJ gonna learn anything different.

        Dillashaw has nothing to offer Barao.

  • paul

    Why not have Faber challenge again?

    • Timothy Malone

      Because Barao already beat him twice…

  • Science of MMA

    I think they should have a lottery so that one lucky fan regardless of weight can fight for a world title against Barao. That is how pointless this fight is. TJ has no reason to be in there with Barao. The only thing this fight does is add to team Beta Males record of being beta males.

    1.)Uriah Faber Beta Male losses for the title against Mike brown twice, jose aldo, Dominick Cruz twice, and Renan Barao twice. Total of 7 title losses

    2.)Chad Mendes losing as the favorite in NCAA wrestling tournament finals and losing to Jose Aldo for the belt.

    3.) Joseph Benavides losing to Dominic Cruz twice and Mighty Mouse Twice

    4.)Tj dillashaw losing on the Tuf finally to John Dodson and also about to lose to Barao for the title.

    In total fighting to become the champion (alpha) of anything, team beta male is 0-15.

    Definition of an Alpha: In social animals, the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. Male or female individuals or both can be alphas, depending on their species. Where one male and one female fulfill this role, they are referred to as the alpha pair. Other animals in the same social group may exhibit deference or other symbolic signs of respect particular to their species towards the alpha or alphas.

    Definition of a Beta:Beta animals often act as second-in-command to the reigning alpha or alphas and will act as new alpha animals if an alpha dies or is otherwise no longer considered an alpha.

    Any article written about anybody from this team hear on out must refer to them as team Beta Male or it is not scientifically accurate

    • Kenny Powers

      Geez Dominick, just take your time and heal up, you’ll get a chance to fight again. No need to take it out on Faber’s team.

    • prototype

      Faber lost to Cruz once not twice he beat Cruz by choke the first time they fought.

    • RoBeRtOe

      Proud of yourself? How much time did you waste out your day proving to us how robust your MMA knowledge is?

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Barao is running out of contenders and the division needs some champs from outside like Dantas (Barao teammate), Moraes, Bibi Fernandes or Brett Johns.

    – Faber lost 2 time to Barao, never so competitive in those bouts
    – McDonald lost to Barao, not competitive
    – Assuncao injured, he deserves a shot
    – Wineland lost to Barao, he was competitive before the knockdown
    – Dillashaw
    – Easton, Alcantara, Perez are very far from contention
    – Mizugaki is ok with a gatekeeper role
    – Rivera and Caceres needs at least a top 5 win
    – Cruz is a question mark and btw needs at least a top 5 win

    • Lucas Freire

      Barao will close the division when he gets a second win against Mendes.

      • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

        You’re confusing with Aldo.
        Mendes is a FW

        • Lucas Freire

          Yeah! Sorry! I saw “Faber” and thought about Aldo

      • Kris-tyahn

        Wrong division!

  • holden

    Probably because it’s easier to pronounce dillashaw.

    • Lucas Freire

      Assunção: Ah-sun-sam.

      Not that hard. haha

  • drkdisciple

    A fight between two Brazilians wont sell as well in Vegas as one involving an American getting a title shot. Its just business, if Assuncao wins another he will probably be the next in line.

  • chilipowder

    Everyone like to hate much? How many of you gave Gus a chance leading up to UFC 165..or Weidman when he fought Silva for that matter..its a cage fight people

    • Kris-tyahn

      I gave Gus a decent chance against Jones, b/c of the size, hieght reach etc., not to mention he only had 1 loss which was 3.5 years before his fight vs. Jones!! As for Weidman & Silva, I thought Weidman was going to beat Silva, b/c he was a bigger, stronger & better “Chael Sonnen” with KO power.
      I didn’t think Gus was going to win, but I thought he would be Jones toughest fight, but I didn’t expect him to do as well as he did. As for Silva, I thought Weidman was going to win, but not by KO’ing Silva standing, TKO/KO from GnP sure, but not the way he did.
      Sure Dillashaw is a good fighter, but this is just another fight to padd Barao’s resume. (IMHO)