Why Did Forrest Griffin Retire Now? Because UFC President Dana White Asked Him To (video)

June 1, 2013
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Forrest Griffin at the UFC 148 Press ConferenceFormer UFC light heavyweight champion and original Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin has been on the sidelines since late 2012 with an MCL and ACL injury. He and UFC president Dana White announced his retirement at the UFC 160 post-fight press conference on May 25.

So why now?

“I was (expletive) all over him to retire. I wanted him to retire,” said White.

It took some plodding and pleading, but White said he was finally able to convince Griffin a couple months ago that there was really little left for him to accomplish. He could step away from the Octagon, but still have a future with the UFC outside of fighting.

And although the decision was made, it took this long to coordinate schedules and finally make the announcement.

It was as much a matter of convenience as anything. With UFC 160 taking place in Las Vegas and Griffin residing in Sin City, it just took a phone call from White to get Griffin to the press conference and make the announcement.

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  • toohotinhere

    When will Dana retire himself?

    • jon


    • Why should he? He’s the best thing to happen to the UFC. You little haters suck. That guy built the UFC. Go nut hug on old Pride footage. Chump.

      • barnettoo

        Lol…u don’t have to be a Dana White hater to find the dude annoying.

        Get off Dana’s nuts.

  • pedro

    dana is trying to make everyone retire. he is also telling bj penn to retire too.

    • Dave Laughery Jr.

      Yea, two guys way past their prime is everyone. Good call.

  • EDKatz

    DW wants to bring in fighters that don’t command the prices older, proven fighters want

    • Gary Fredericks

      That’s exactly why I don’t obey the commanded prices DW wants these days for the PPV’s. I had gotten every available UFC from the first one on PPV or went to a friends to see it. The fights just aren’t that fun to watch anymore aside maybe 3 PPV’s per year. $hit, the UFC on Fox/FX/Fuel are better cards these days anyways….or at the very least, ALWAYS end up better.

      • Skinhead Jenn

        Why shouldn’t Dana White make people have to pay more money to watch fights?
        These guys and Dana White have to put up with so much difficulty and injustices that it is enough to piss some people off to the extent that…even if their nephrologist (kidney doctor) tells her,
        “NO!! I will and am not going to give you a doctor’s note from me stating that you are medically cleared to physically compete in UFC/MMA or WWE!”

        So right now…I have to decide…

        “Am I still going to make the time to train and work out today..so that tomorrow I will be closer to being able to get into the kind of physical condition I need to be in so that I will be able to compete professionally in UFC/MMA & WWE?”

        Answer: YES!

        Will doing that be easy?

        Answer: NO!! Except…taking THAT action IS 100% WORTH IT & WELL-WORTH doing and accomplishing!!

  • Gene Mitchell

    The folks at UFC had three choices for Griffin: ask him to retire, release him, or continue to sign him fights.

    If they released him, it would have been a hurtful thing for all parties involved. If he kept fighting, his competition would have gotten worse and worse until he became a gatekeeper for mediocrity. A stepping stone for newcomers. Face facts, Griffin hasn’t won a legitimate fight since 2008 (his wins were over Tito Ortiz twice and Rich Franklin). Retirement, although an admission that he doesn’t have it anymore, allowed both parties grace and a good relationship to continue. I think it’s great. Make him an icon and move on.

    • Dragon Kid

      i doubt he ufc would release him since he and bonnar took ufc into the mainstream.

      • barnettoo

        that’s some nonsense spewed by Dana and mindlessly adopted by his followers.

  • MuayThaiFood

    “it took some plodding”?

  • lowlb

    Forrest and Chuck -retirement fight! It would be a better fight than many of the current ones planned.

  • I was time for Forrest to retire….obvious, wasn’t it!

    • Matt Masterson

      He and Tito retired gloriously together…lol.