Who Is Canada’s No. 1 Athlete: Georges St-Pierre or Wayne Gretzky?

December 9, 2010
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UFC president Dana White has declared Georges St-Pierre the most famous athlete to come out of Canada. Once he made the statement, the flood gates opened for hockey diehards to rail on him, “What about Wayne Gretzky?!”

For his part, St-Pierre tends to agree, calling Gretzky his idol. He aspires to be the Wayne Gretzky of mixed martial arts, but is he there just yet?

  • Gretzky no contest and i don’t even watch hockey.

  • robthc23

    It’s obsurd for Dana white to believe this,atleast GSP realizes the truth.GSP is 100% correct about Wayne Gretzky being more important and influencial to hockey than he is to mma,While mma is bigger now and growing faster than any sport,Gretzky is the best and #1 athlete to come outta Canada,Respectively.Here is the bottom line for the naysayers.

    1.Michael Jordan,Muhammad Ali,Babe Ruth,
    2.Wayne Gretzky,Tiger Woods,Ted Williams,Mickey Mantle,Bill Russell,Jim Brown,Walter Payton,Jerry Rice
    3.Cal Ripken JR,Pete Rose,Mario Lemiux,Joe Montana,Sugar Ray Robinson,

    There are alot more examples and I know Dana Said NO.1 athlete Canada but we all know how arrogant and ignorant Dana is,not saying I don’t like him cuz I do as far as his business sense and normal smarts.He is dead wrong bout this.GSP is prolly about equal to Sidney Crosby in Popularity and skill which is a very BIG COMPLIMENT.GSP is prolly 1 of the top 5 canadian athletes of all time.I also wanna add that Hockey is alot more popular than people think and is becomming even bigger.