Who Have You Knocked Out? Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold Go At It After Photo Shoot (Video)

September 11, 2014
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Following a press conference to kick off the Nov. 8 UFC Sydney event that Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold are headlining, the two posed for a photo op. Things only went south from there.

The two started to exchange barbs, Bisping heatedly questioning Rockhold, “Who have you knocked out?”

The two went at it for quite some time. Our friends at Australia-based Submission Radio caught the exchange on camera, which you can watch in the above video clip.

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  • Bad blood = great fight night

    One of the most interesting in entertaining rivalry in a long time. There real bad blood hear been brewing for yrs n think the fight will live up to hype. Just wished it was on fox13 or ppv but none the less great fight n very entertaining build up

  • Rob Warren

    Can both their asses and send them over to the WWE, that is where this type of bullshit belongs, it does not belong in the UFC. Martial Arts is about professionalism and mutual respect, not this fake crap to hype a fight.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      Amen to that lie you i am very tired of this nonsense, but i fear that this is what they are gonna sell from now on. DRAMA

      I used to be a pro wrestling fan that all went down the drain after 2003 when WWE decided to hire idiots who wrote daytime drama crap on tv and they incorporated stupid story lines in there product. MMA won’t go there for sure but still its unprofessional.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Tito and Bonner just went there.

    • Jason Priest

      Nothing fake about 2 guys who REALLY dislike each other. This has been happening since the beginning of combat sports. Nothing new bud.

      • Rob Warren

        I hear ya, but this is just Hype, if two guys don’t like each other, that is all well and good, but keep it in the ring and don’t stage shit for no other purpose then building hype and selling tickets. We have fighters admitting their coaches are telling them to do this for no other reason the sell tickets, that is wrong, bad blood is bad blood, keep it in the ring not on the airwaves. Its unprofessional. I lived growing up around WWF and saw the decline to what it is today. They were forced to change the name to WWE for that exact reason, I don’t want to see a true sport go down that same road for the sake of money and greed. Mixed Martial Arts is a sport first and entertainment second. First rule of Martial Arts is respect, even for your enemy! The dislike may be real but this incident was totally staged.

        • jay

          i agree that these sort of things can be unprofessional but the bottom line to every business is money. and this sort of stuff sells tickets, sells ppv’s, and brings attention to the sport. love them or hate them guys like tito, guys like chael, guys like bisping, they create hype. it needs to be out in the mainstream to get mainstream america to garner interest. there are just not enough purists around to maintain this business model.

          i agree with you man but as a business owner i am also a realist and this stuff makes the sport more acceptable to the people who are not as educated. you may say you hate the “decline” of WWE. But correct me if im wrong, but when they were WWF they were worth a few hundred million, as WWE they are worth BILLIONS.
          aint no shame in that game

          • Rob Warren

            I get that it’s about the money, it’s just a shame that it’s the Same money and greed that will eventually turn it into something that is not about MMA, and all about money. This should be a sport first.

        • solo

          i hear ya, but you shoudnt be so upset by that. Not everyone can be Cain Velasquez of MMA.

  • Jason Priest

    This is gonna be a great fight. These guys genuinely dislike each other. Not a big fan of Rockhold, especially after all the crying he did when Vitor throttled him. Bisping looked great against Cung Le. Hard one to call. Haha, I have to admit tho, Bisping does get the better of him in this verbal exchange…. Lolz “Control yourself boy..” Hahaaaa!!

    • James Mckaskle

      BI sping sucks! He always sucks against solid fighters and shines against the terribad.

      • Jason Priest

        What is this babble lol?

        • earlsimmons

          watch the hendo fight bro. nuff said.

          • Jason Priest

            I’ve seen the Hendo fight. Your point?

    • solo

      It should be a great fight…
      But come on, i dont get it why you see it like that, but Rochold didnt cry, he wasnt a baby after that loss imo. More so, he called Vitor’s name bunch of times asking for a rematch cause he believes he can do better. And props to him, not many fighters would do that, call out an opponent who gave you a devastating KO.

      • Jason Priest

        You don’t get a rematch after a first round-highlight reel knockout loss. And his first fight in the UFC to boot. Way to make an entrance lolz. He was constantly calling Vitor a cheater, crying about it and posting on the UG weekly. People call for rematches all the time, not sure what your getting at.

  • Kim

    Liked how he got Nov 8 in at last

  • Kim

    Dosnt seem very staged

  • roger

    Man I can’t stand bisping and that’s all I got from this. When he’s on fs1 or fox or anything I just turn it hate that guy

  • Dragon Kid

    Rockhold knocked out Keith Jardine. Bisping hasn’t knocked out any big names yet. Rockhold 1, Bisping zilcho.

    • Jason Priest

      Everyone’s knocked out Keith Jardine haha. That’s not a “big name” lolz. If that’s ur logic, Cung Le is a big name and overall a better opponent.

      • Dragon Kid

        Jardine has made a name for himself in the bigger organisations & has fought some of the best beaten some of the best. fans have come to know who he is. Not everyone has come to know who Cung Le is. They had an inkling of it after he knocked out Rich Franklin but many are unaware of his work in Strikeforce. Cung Le may be the better fighter but Keith Jardine has more name value than Cung Le.

        • julian moran

          Not at this point.

          • Dragon Kid

            Doesn’t matter he’s still the more well known name because he fought more bigger name fighters. Even with his movie career, there are man movie fanatics who dunno who Cung Le is.

    • solo

      Oh come on! Dont say that. Bisping knocked out now retired Jorge Rivera. lol

      • Dragon Kid

        That wasn’t exactly a flush knock out, more a tko though.

        • solo

          Yea, i know, but thats all he’s got. How can you actually KO someone with the punches he’s throwin?

          • Dragon Kid

            Well that’s kinda my point.

  • Violence solves nothing (besides everything).

  • solo

    Same old, same old from Bisping! As soon as he wins a fight, he starts to talk more s**t. I’ d say Rochold wins via sub, to shut him up a bit.

  • milady

    wolf tickets

  • Scoobykater

    Rockhols hasn’t beaten anyone of significance. I give this one to Bisping. Anyone who disagrees can suck me off and lick my balls.

    • Joe mumah

      On the contrary, you can suck bisping balls…. Since you like him so much

  • Joe Dog

    Rockhold will submit him with some strange reverse Americana toe lock flying knee bar heel hook.

  • Sir_Roy

    I say Luke takes it fairly convincingly.