Who Could Be the Next Tito Ortiz for the UFC?

July 5, 2012
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Tito OrtizIn the realm of UFC history, Tito Ortiz certainly was original.

No he wasn’t around during the time of the first UFC events that Royce Gracie ruled with an iron grip, but Ortiz was without question the first “rock star” of the Octagon.

A fighter who knew how to combine his aggressive and attacking style in the cage with persona and charisma outside of it, Ortiz was the original star of mixed martial arts long before pay-per-views reached one million buys.

But now just days away from his final fight at UFC 148, Ortiz is about to step into the UFC Hall of Fame, retire and pass the torch he helped light on to the next generation of competitors.

While you can point to names like Georges St-Pierre as fighters who may be as popular or wrestlers like Mark Munoz who have taken ground and pound to another level, it’s the combination of fighting ability and star power that may make one fighter the next Tito Ortiz.

“I guess Jon Jones would be that guy just because he’s young. I know he has a lot to learn, he makes mistakes as all of us humans do, make mistakes, and hopefully he can learn from those mistakes,” Ortiz said about the UFC’s reigning light heavyweight champion when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

“But he’s a really good guy. I spoke to him on a few occasions and he’s just like all my friends, very cool, very collected, an awesome athlete and if I did want to see someone beat my record I would want to see Jon Jones doing it.”

The record Ortiz is speaking about is his consecutive title defense streak in the UFC light heavyweight division. It currently stands at five defenses and Jon Jones has already defended his belt a total of three times in less than a year’s time.

While there can never be another Tito Ortiz, he believes that Jones is the fighter that will help carry the UFC into the next 10 years and beyond.

It’s certainly a daunting task for the current champion, but if he’s able to have the same type of success or even surpass Ortiz, Jon Jones will truly be something special for the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

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  • kylesmith

    Tito’s boring style of fighting was what drove me away from the UFC for several years. MMA had turned into a lay ‘n pray-fest with Ortiz and Hughes dominating and putting everyone to sleep, and it wasn’t until Chuck came around and started employing the sprawl ‘n brawl tactics before I became a fan again. Here’s hoping that there’s NEVER another Tito Ortiz in the UFC.

  • gnodeb

    Sure I like Chuck more but let’s see Tito’s wins before he lost title to Rendy:
    – TKO (punches)
    – TKO (knees)
    – TKO (cut)
    – TKO (punches)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Submission (cobra choke)
    – KO (slam)
    – TKO (punches and elbows)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – TKO (corner stoppage)

    Huges? 🙂 Just ten wins before he lost title to GSP:
    – TKO (strikes)
    – TKO (doctor stoppage)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Submission (standing rear naked choke)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Submission (armbar)
    – Submission (rear naked choke)
    – Submission (kimura)
    – TKO (punches)
    – TKO (punches)

    There is a big difference between domination with a finish and domination via L&P. Let’s see my favorite L&P hero:
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Submission (arm-triangle choke)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Decision (unanimous)
    – Decision (unanimous)

    No, it is not GSP… it’s Chael Sonnen…

    • dathump

      I agree, Tito had some great ground and pound finishes in the day. With a sport that is ever evolving like the UFC, fighters with one dominant style of figting could reign for along time.(tell someone figured out how to stop them) I think the level of competition has risen so much that a “king of ground and pound” or “submission specialist” are things of the past as far as being dominant. They may win a few fights, but I think the days of a dominant one dimentional fighters are over.

    • markrenton

      The ultimate Lay and Pray all star has to be Jon Fitch IMO. Keep in mind that when Ortiz and Hughes fought, their takedowns were slams and when they got you to the ground they typically beat the Sh*t out of you.

      Fitch hasnt finished someone in over 5 years. Last 10 fights…7-2-1 (7 decision wins, 1 decision loss, 1 Brutal KO loss).

      Sorry for bringing fitch into this Tito thread, I just cant stand watching him fight.

  • Sonnen. Next article please.

  • It cant be Jon Jones because Jon doesnt act like a dbag.

    • The_SaavedraFiles

      Yes he does. lol brainwashed by the dark , you are young padiwan.

      • The_SaavedraFiles


    • caninejustice

      Drunk driving accident isn’t being a dbag? He could have killed someone. That is the definition of a dbag, not marrying a pornstar.

      You confuse personality with personal actions. Jon Jones is the ultimate Eddie Haskill douche.

      • Lesnardo

        Who cares?

        Jon Jones has recently acted somewhat arrogantly. But it’s not annoying. He does it to an acceptable degree.

        At the end of the day Jon Jones has skills to back it up. He is the undisputed king at 205.

        • The_SaavedraFiles

          He’s awesome and as good as it can get.. but he’s just running on the luck of the draw right now he’s kind for NOW.. i’d honestly say that even though i’m a Welterweight fighter if i were 205 i’ve found ways to beat jones and yes its easier said than done. but i believe you can only be so good and i think Jones has over used his talents and he now can be surpassed. his stand up sucks by the way robotic ass hell without his reach he’s get absolutely murdered.

  • Prodigy815

    Nobody hopefully

  • Spartacus

    GNODEB thanks for putting some facts up!!! So many dbags on this site constantly throw their ridiculous opinions up with no freaking CLUE what they are talking about. Even worse than arm chair quarter backs lol.

  • soboc1


  • Son Goku

    We don’t need another Tito hes a one sided fighter. THIS IS MMA. IT NEEDS MORE MMA FIGHTERS. Not scum like Chael an Tito.

  • johnnylopes

    Tito actually dominated Hughes in a grapple match.. little UFC fun fact

  • You may say whatever you want about Tito Ortiz, since most of you are “post-TUF” fans, but Tito walked into the UFC without any martial arts background and/or experience and he beat a bunch of people. He did what nobody else has been able to do: he is the reason why the UFC survived its internet era and made it into what it is known today. Royce Gracie was the first UFC champion, but nobody cared about him. Ken Shamrock had something going for him, but he went to the WWF when the UFC was on its breaking point. Tito was the face of the UFC or many years!!! Nobody deserves credit for what the UFC is today more than Tito. Sure Dana White was a savvy businessman, who used other people’s millions, but it was Tito Ortiz who filled those seats whenever the UFC needed to make money and stay alive. Nobody will be able to replace Tito because nobody is as charismatic and original as he was!! You can say whatever you want about his tactics, his style, his losses, but nobody made the crowd go crazy like Tito did!!! Sure, now there are a lot of recognizable fighters, because most of you spent hours googling them and seeing their videos on Youtube, and because the UFC has more publicity now, but none of that compares to what Tito did on hiw own, without all of that pageantry we have now-a-days!!! Sure, Chuck “no personality” Liddel beat Tito, but Tito did not have the extent of Liddel’s training. Look it up!!! Many of you think the UFC started with the Griffin vs Bonnar fight in 2005, but the UFC was brought into the mainstream by the sweat, blood and tears Tito spent many years before that!!!!! People who started watching UFC after 2005 and watched MMA videos on Youtube shouldn’t even be allowed to comment about issues like this!!! Also, those people with no fighting experience and who are not ranked currently…please…. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • macgrubber

      if you want people to read what you wrote dont post a novel. I for one do not care enough to read all that garbage you wrote.

  • Maine2Alaska

    I gotta disagree with Bones being the new “rockstar”. He doesnt run his mouth..he doesnt “where his heart on his sleeve”. He doesnt flip people off. Hes nothing like Tito.. hell, my mom and just about every other woman thought Tito was so “handsome”. You hear anyone say Bones ia gourgeous? lol. he just doesnt fit the :rockstar” bill if u know what i mean, and i dont think anyone really will,,, yet,