Which Rounds Did GSP Lose at UFC 129? Official Scorecards Released

May 25, 2011
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Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields Official UFC 129 Scorecard

Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields Official UFC 129 Scorecard

It was a few weeks ago when Georges St-Pierre defeated Jake Shields at UFC 129 in Toronto, but now the official scorecard has been released finally showing how the judges scored the fight.

The real relevance here is GSP had gone 30 rounds without losing a single round on a judge’s scorecard, but at UFC 129, according to two judges, the champion lost two rounds during the fight.

The final scorecard comes courtesy of the Ontario Athletics Commission.

Looking over the scorecard, judges Nelson Hamilton and Richard Bertrand scored rounds four and five for the challenger, Shields, while judge Doug Crosby scored all five rounds for St-Pierre.

Interesting to note, St-Pierre suffered an eye injury in the third round of the bout and spent the final 10 minutes wiping blood away and dealing with impaired vision.

St-Pierre went on to win a unanimous decision, but according to two of the judges the champion lost the final two rounds.

  • phrankthetank

    At least one got it right

  • naterock73

    Okay, these two judges are delusional. GSP did not lose any of these rounds. Jake Shields looked absolutely terrible and his stand up was exposed. He was very choppy and seemed to have robot like movement throughout the fight. It goes to show how badly hurt Dan Henderson back really was during his fight with Shields. Let’s be honest. Who was the last person to be a star in another promotion and come in and dominate in the UFC? Nobody! The UFC houses the fighters in the world. The only fighters out there that have that shot is, dominating is nobody. Fedor is washed up, Diaz has not fought anybody really since leaving the UFC. The UFC has the best fighters in the world and to be completely honest, there is not a whole lot of top talent out there in the other promotions. The rest of them will continue to be the minor leagues until someone other than Zuffa can sign someone relevant that is not a has been.

    • RealmmaFan

      nate your a piece and should get off the dana bandwagon which fighters outside the ufc came in dominated? how about anderson silva who got beat up by smaller and mediocre asians in Pride a organization Fedor dominated. UFC would be nothing if it wasnt for the smaller organizations as a matter of fact UFC had nothing but chumps till the buyout of Pride and other top promotions. ALOT of fighters have came into the UFC and dominated that were veterans of other promotions such as Rampage, Shogun, and Anderson

  • rampage01

    gsp lost 2 rounds in those judges eyes, with one eye. Even though he didn’t lost those rounds IMO.

  • Cptmats

    Zuffa may be releasing their card but Ontario Sanctioning body released theirs the next day ! This isnt exactly news Score cards have been out since April 30th !

  • DGfishingtime

    I still think that was a blatant poke in the eye. So in my eyes, GSP still hasn’t lost a round in a while.