When Does Anderson Silva Get Old? (Video)

July 21, 2012
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Anderson Silva at the UFC 148 press conferenceUFC president Dana White makes no bones about it, Anderson Silva is far and away his favorite fighter. From what he does in the ring to the superstar/artistic quality, White loves dealing with his 37-year-old middleweight champion.

“He’s our Mike Tyson.”

About the only question that White has left now is, “When does Anderson Silva show up and it’s like, oh (expletive), I’m old?”

Silva hasn’t given any indication that it will be any time soon, but as White says, you never know. One day, it will happen.

Check out what Dana White had to say about Anderson Silva following his latest victory over Chael Sonnen…

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  • shereko

    Well, seems like if he ever does start to feel old, he can just start using TRT and turn that clock back anyways… seems like the thing to do.

  • lowlb

    Truck’n who gives an expletive?
    let individuals be individuals. I will not let generalities rule my life nor will I let somebody else think for me. Because Dana looked like shit when he was 38 doesn’t mean everyone else will. Embracing generalizations equals the death of critical thinking and evolvement.
    Don’t do it!

  • nicolasg.

    Anderson “The Cheater” Silva :
    – Anderson Silva announced he would revolutionize the MMA at UFC 148 and he did, he was the first man to win a fight for the world championship belt by cheating from beginning to end, revolutionary ! And Dana White has approved… Well done ! (UFC = Union of F-ck-ng Cheaters ? )
    – The retirement of Anderson Silva is named “Hector Lombard” !

    • ifighterc

      if u want to talk about cheating talk about Sonnen using TRT, what Silva did is not cheating its just taking advantage of the rules, everyone knows a fighter can hold on to shorts for the first time and not get penalized for it. when everyone does it in the fights its not cheating use your common sense nicolasg

      • shereko

        some people don’t have common sense to depend on

        • dathump

          Plus, Lombard doesn’t look like much of a threat now does he?

    • Prodigy815

      U mad?

      • RubeKegal

        he has a point….Anderson had 3 major violations that are sadly allowed. He could have hit a grand slam if he kicked Chael in the nuts then eye poked him as he was going down LOL

    • MuayThaiFood

      How’s Anderson’s “retirement” looking now?

  • shereko

    You mad bro? Why cry? Nobodys making you watch, so UFC is obviously giving you high blood pressure, so you should stop watching… And worry about Lombard winning his first fight before you hand him a title.

  • MuayThaiFood

    You must be one of the loudmouth Chael fans that doesn’t like humble pie. Nobody was louder than Chael himself but at least he didn’t further embarrass himself after he lost by making up bs excuses. He’s smarter than his fan base at least. You do recall his suspension for cheating after their first fight don’t you?

    • MuayThaiFood

      My last comment was meant for “nicolasg”.

  • soboc1

    Now that Sonnen lost twice, dudes are lookin for someone elses scrotum to swing from. Lombard has beat no one, Weidman fought and beat 1 top ten fighter. These guys need more wins against top welterweights before they should even be considered for a title fight IMO.

  • soboc1

    I meant middleweights

  • Booker T

    Is Silva scared of Jones? Why not move up for the challenge?

    • Why dont jones drop for the challenge. Oh because hes ******* huge and already cutting ****loads of weight to fight in light heqvyweight. Anderson said hes gonna fight anyone that drops to middleweight, hes already won showfights in light heavyweight and hes not movimg up or down. Wanna face anderson? Ok good make weight. No one is “affraid” rofl…. What a joke

  • LMAOF 37 year is not old at all, 70 is, yes hormonal therapy is where its at if one wants to stay young, feel great be pain free for a long long time. Dr life check him out.

    TRT low dose testosterone every 7-10 days 100-150mg, 1-2IU or growth hormones per day and 25-50mcg of T3, with an AI on hand to avoid side effects of testosterone and some HCG to keep the nuts full. Medical doctor need to wake up and start studying hormonal therapy for the older man. It a better life for many that is being wasted.

  • trevor

    Anderson Silva blah blah blah! A champion is defined by his opposition and most of those put in front of him have been second rate. This of course is not his fault that the other 185 crew at this point in history suck. Before some moron goes off and tells me he has beat #1 , #2 competitors etc your argument is void. I can see he has fought the current ratings best, my point is they are not great. Tito held the title for awhile fighting a shit class of fighters too. The only difference was then Chuck was waiting patiently to tune him up. Anderson is good there is no doubt and he will likely retire unbeaten but I am tired of his mythical, godlike comparisons. BLAH

    • MuayThaiFood

      And then Chuck got knocked out by Franklin who moved up to get out of Anderson’s way after having his nose shifted to the side of his face. You can say Fedor ducked the best by not coming to the UFC but all you can say about Anderson is that his competition sucked because everyone who’s earned a shot at him has got beat. He’s fighting the best middleweights that are out there. He’s not ducking anyone. I’m sick of hearing how he needs to move to another weight class. People say he’s a big middleweight and that he’s really a LHW who cuts a lot of weight. I say B.S. but if it were true then the other LHW fighters should cut to 185 like he does and take strap from him if it’s so easy.

  • soboc1

    Trevor Prangley, is that you? lmbo

  • soboc1

    Welcome to the big leagues Hector, lol. What a joke. Now the haters only have Weidmans scrotum to swing from.

  • AdamBianski

    Anderson Silva is one of the greatest fighters I have ever watched. In fact I think he is the best at 185 ever. I just do not believe that he can ever be called the best pfp when he fights in the worst division in the sport. Maybe he could dominate at 205, maybe Boise State could dominate in the SEC but the truth is playing in or fighing in Garbage divisions does not make you the best.

  • soboc1

    Adam, I see your point, but its not his fault its the worst division. It might be the worst division, but he fights the best in that division. What other organization has a better middleweight division than the UFC? I guess you could say he can’t win, lol

  • Booker T

    Come on guys, we the fans should demand Jones vs Silva at 205 lbs. That’s not asking to much!! In boxing, the best at 175 always stepped up to fight the best at heavyweight. Spinks vs Holmes Conn vs Louis Foster vs Frazier and the list goes on. Personally I think Silva fears Jones. Why would he not ask for that fight?

  • So what if Anderson doesnt want to fight at 205? Can you really blame him at 37 yrs old if he doesnt want to fight a much larger 24 yr old 205 pound guy? I heard somewhere that Anderson said he WOULD NOT fight Jon Jones, so who knows.

    Also I don’t see how Anderson cheated at all. Holding shorts? A knee to the sternum? Really? Is the HATING that serious? Funny how none of the nut-huggers mention Chael’s cheating. Anderson is the best out there. Nobody in the welterweight can compete with him. It’s not his fault he is the best. Maybe he just makes his opposition look second rate…

    • AdamBianski

      No his opposition is second rate.

  • shereko

    It may be the worst division… but, the key is he finishes, like your SEC its like Gators winning by 50, if you fight worse guys then finish them and he does… but on the point of worst, Franklin isn’t a slouch and got destroyed twice, at the time Forrest was coming off being 205 champ and got crushed, Vitor was/is supposed to be a great finisher former champ, Chael supposed to be great, Dan Henderson fighting for the 205 title we know his record and beat by Silva… I mean I hear the weak division story but maybe he’s that good to make guys in that division look weak?? So if Rashad moves down, and Silva wins, then what? Whats the excuse? The list I mentioned all fight or have fought at 205… not 185

  • shereko

    Check out GSP’s record for finishes, and who he has fought and didn’t finish… yet he’s always brought up in the P4P. Just admit when you hate for the sake of hating.