What’s Next for Jose Aldo? Not Retirement

June 5, 2017

While questions abounded following Jose Aldo‘s loss to Max Holloway at UFC 212 on Saturday, the former UFC featherweight champion was quick to respond.

Though many pondered whether or not Aldo might call it quits after losing the belt for the second time in his career, Aldo doesn’t appear to be considering such a move. Though he wasn’t at the UFC 212 post-fight press conference and didn’t say much on Sunday, Aldo took to Instagram on Monday to thank his coaches, his team, and his fans before declaring, “I’m going to be back because we fall to get up.”

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Jose AldoAldo’s statement (translated from Portuguese):

“I just have to thank Paizão Andre Pederneiras, the best team in the world #novauniao, because if it were not (for them I) would not be the #peoples champion. To all my coaches who did the work super well done and left me ready and to all the fans that are always with me, here is my affection and my thank you. I am even speechless to speak of all the affection I received and I continue to receive today, every word of affection that they send me. Thank you.

“The rest, (expletive) because I’m going to be back because we fall to get up!! Then that’s it!! Let’s go back!!”

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  • Dyler Turden

    Move up to lightweight

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Thank you Aldo – you’re a true Warrior and it’s been an honor to watch you. I wish Rousey had that kind of fight in her. Come back with a better camp and take your belt back. When you do retire, retire as Champion!!!

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