What’s Next for Jon Jones after Lyoto Machida, a Drink and Umbrella?

October 26, 2011
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It’s a rare occasion for anybody under UFC contract to get four fights in a year, much less three that are championship bouts.

Welcome to Jon Jones‘ world.

The UFC’s reigning light heavyweight champion kicked off 2011 with a fight against Ryan Bader. After coming out victorious in that fight, he turned right around and faced Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in March, winning the UFC light heavyweight title.

In September, Jones returned and soundly thumped former champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135.

When the promotion was without a main event for UFC 140 in Toronto in December, the powers that be made the call to Jones one more time, and now he faces Lyoto Machida for his fourth fight this calendar year, three of which were title fights.

It’s quite obvious with a fight schedule like that it doesn’t leave a ton of time for relaxation.

“It’s funny, this is actually the second time a vacation of his or some time off of his that he wanted got derailed or Dana (White) calling and asking for something to get done or whatever it may be,” Jones’ manager Malki Kawa joked when asked about Jones finally getting some much needed down time after UFC 140.

“Listen, it’s all good. He’s a guy that loves what he does. He’s a guy that takes pride in the sport and he’s willing to step up to the plate when he needs to.”

Jones has gained a reputation in 2011 for not only being one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport, but an undying willingness to go out and give the fights fans want to see.

Much like UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who has gone up in weight on two occasions when the promotion asked him to, Jones’ number is on speed dial when the UFC needs their champion to come through.

At the end of the day according to Kawa, Jones is just a fighter who loves his job, and whether it’s Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, or whoever, they’re all going to have to fight at some point, so what better time than now?

“Jon Jones won’t dodge anyone for anything. He just won’t, he doesn’t have to. I think he proved that already,” Kawa said.

With Dec. 10 just around the corner, Jones is already heading back into training camp to get ready for Lyoto Machida. If he’s successful, Jones will have gone 4-0 in 2011 with three title fights.

There’s not much doubt at that point that Jones should be the unanimous choice for 2011 Fighter of the Year, but also the award for fighter most in need of a vacation.

“As soon as this fight’s done, I think he’s going to take a pretty good vacation,” said Kawa. “I’m trying to send him on a cruise. Hopefully send him on a nice cruise somewhere and let him enjoy himself.”

Win, lose or draw, Jon Jones has definitely earned some time off after a very, very busy 2011.

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  • wonggfan

    I’ll tell you what is going to happen.

    First, Jones will beat Lyoto Machida.

    Second, Rashad “the Retard” Evans will come on to the stage and say shit like, “I want my belt back!” Evans and Jones will face off in the Octagon with Joe Rogan in the middle. Jones will say, “this is the last time you will ruin my celebration.”

    Third, Evans will go on to rant about how he has the perfect game plan to beat Jones and get “his belt back.”

    Fourth, vast majority of MMA fans, who are already fed up with Evans, will say, “Retard Evans is delusional if he believes that its his belt. The dude has been dodging Lyoto and Shogun for the last two years. He just wants to prolong his MMA career by fighting for the belt.”

    Fifth, MMA noobs and UFC nuthuggers will support Evans by saying, “Nobody is undefeatable! Jones has not been tested because he hasn’t fought a wrestler yet!” <–LOL!

    Sixth, Evans will hype up the fight. The UFC will market Jones as the greatest LHW of all time.

    Seventh, leading up to the weigh-ins Evans will say that he is in the best shape of his life.

    Eighth, Jones will woop Evans.

    Nineth, Evans will make excuses.

    Tenth, Evans will challenge Shogun in an attempt to stay relevant in the game. Shogun will woop Evans and Evans will challenge Rampage for a rematch.

    • What happens after that?

      • wonggfan

        It’s too far into the future. But pretty much Jones will defend his title and there will be a lot of pressure from the fans for Jones to move up to HW, where Jones will have bigger threats like JDS and Cain.

        Evans vs Rampage will be an irrelevant fight in term of ranking, because by that time both of them will be completely out of the title picture.

        Oh wait, I forgot to mention one thing. Evans will be in a suit (most likely a grey suit with black shirt or pinstripe suit) when he confronts Jones in the cage after Jones beats Lyoto.

    • BigGuy

      Damn it, wonggfan! Once again, you are right! Hey, I thought I was the only one that called Evans “Retard”. Very nice!

      • wonggfan

        It doesn’t matter what label we give him. The fact of the matter is that he is below Lyoto and Shogun, who in turn are below Jones.

        So for Evans to believe that he deserves a shot at the title is ridiculous. Hey Rashad!!! Why aren’t you so desperate for a rematch with Lyoto?

        • kjs84

          Damn dude you really need to stop riding jones’s nuts. Yes he is on a role and a fast rising young talent. However your counting out Machida way to fast. And a high percentage would agree that the shogun was not himself in that fight. Shogun and jones will meet again one way or another
          in the next year. You are jumping way ahead of yourself to say jones will head to HW just like that.

          In a division like Lhw there will always be a challenge.

          • wonggfan

            “you really need to stop riding jones’s nuts.”

            I am riding Jones’s nuts as much as you are riding Lyoto’s nuts. While I do agree that any of the top LHWs could pose a problem for Jones, I don’t think anyone is close to having a good chance of beating Jones. Good chance meeting 30% or higher. Lyoto has maybe 25% chance. Of course those figures are not meant to be taken literally but rather for the illustrative purpose.

            “And a high percentage would agree that the shogun was not himself in that fight.”

            Define high percentage! And even if Shogun were 100%, I doubt he could beat Jones.

            “Shogun and jones will meet again one way or another in the next year.”

            Yes, and chances are Jones will beat him again.

            “You are jumping way ahead of yourself to say jones will head to HW just like that.”

            I never said he WILL head to HW just like that. There will be some pressure for him to move up to HW and face real competition.

            “In a division like Lhw there will always be a challenge.”

            That was the case two years ago. Now there is a visible pecking order in place with Jones on top, followed by Shogun and Lyoto, and then Rashad and Rampage. I could see Mousasi or King Mo putting on a great performance against Rashad or Rampage, or even Shogun or Lyoto. But Jones is on a different level.

        • cracker.cheese

          And what happsn if Lyoto upsets Jones catches him and does knock him out or tko’s him?

          • wonggfan

            Then the following will happen.

            (1) Rashad, who has been avoiding Lyoto, will now ask for a fight with Lyoto or Jones. Rashad will most likely back out from both fights and demand Rampage Jackson or Tito again.

            (2) Lyoto will credit Seagal, half-jokingly. Seagal will genuinely credit himself.

            (3) Shogun will ask for Lyoto immediately. He wants to avoid Jones.

            (4) Ed Soares will rave about how Lyoto is the best LHW ever and the next Anderson Silva.

            (5) The Machida Era part II will commence.

  • adice89

    LOL why is everyone counting out Lyoto Machida? technical wise he is the one to beat Jones. I think he will be having a much harder time then what people are thinking. Since when did anyone just smash machida? Besides Shogun’s lucky punch in there second fight?. Standing up Jones will have alot of trouble and if he doesnt use kicks and his wrestling he will lose the fight. You heard it here. Did anyone forget that Lyoto is the least his fighter in mma history?

  • Evans record speaks for itself. He has the best chance of anyone in this division to beat Jones. Mentally he is all up in Jones Head. Physically Evans Battles and defeats bigger guys all the time and has the RECORD to prove it. Jones is a great fighter. He is a true Champion and has A LOT of fight left in him. He will be around awhile and will probably go up to Heavywieght and RULE there for awhile when he get’s older and heavier. BUT and I DO MEAN BUT! If you hear Jones talk about Rashad you can clearly see the anger fog in his eyes…that is ALL the EDGE Evans might need to exploit and defeat a legendary fighter that will have an epic fight record and history….
    Win Tito Ortiz TKO
    Win Quinton Jackson Decision
    Win Thiago Silva Decision
    Loss Lyoto Machida KO
    Win Forrest Griffin TKO
    Win Chuck Liddell KO
    Win Michael Bisping
    Draw Tito Ortiz
    Win Sean Salmon KO
    Win Jason Lambert KO
    Win Stephan Bonnar
    Evans has played the spoiler before. I AM a huge Jones fan, but I see Rashad using the head games and wrestling to stifle JONES and squeeze out a decision victory. Jones will REMATCH and that is the fight I am anxiously anticipated! Rashad Haters make me laugh because his record alone silences them, I just wish these haters would evolve and become Martial arts and fight fans, then hate or love Evans they will at least honestly give props to his seriously impressive record. See you at the fights!

    • Bob

      I would say the only impressive win Rashad has is against Lidell. In that fight he had an impressive knock out.

      His win over Forrest was a fore gone conclusion for a lot of people. I really don’t think Forrest beat Rampage to win the belt. I said at the time that Forrest would loose the belt on his first title defense.

      His win over Thiago was more about running away and stalling the fight to get a decision win. When Rashad tried to stand with him near the end Thiago put him on wobbly legs and almost ended the fight.

      Rashad fought a rusty Rampage and only really landed one good punch- the first one! After that he used the same game plan he did in the Thiago fight and ran away and stalled until the end to get the decision. Would like to see a remach of this fight as I see it going differently.

      • sirreadsalot10

        I have disliked Evans ever since he beat a washed up Lidell and then show boated like the classless clown that he is. Chuck is a legend and deserves respect, even in defeat.

        • wonggfan

          This is the reason why I don’t like Brendan Schaub. He is picking fights with legends just to ride their names.

    • wonggfan

      Lol at this UFC noob not knowing how stupid he sounds.

      Win Tito Ortiz TKO <–LOL @ thinking this fight was relevant.
      Win Rampage <–LOL @ Evans almost getting KTFO in the third round, which was the most meaningful action in the entire fight.
      Win Silva <–extremely boring fight. Evans won via points.
      Loss Lyoto <– This is the only fight that is relevant.
      Win Forrest <– Forrest doesn't look that tough anymore huh?
      Win Chuck <– So did Rich Franklin
      Win Bisping <–who cares?
      Draw Tito <–LOL @ drawing with Tito

      Salmon, Lambert, and Bonner are not, were never, and will never be relevant.

  • Bob

    The Lyoto riddle has already been figured out by Shogun and then Rampage. As long as you are not afraid of taking a punch on the way in all you have to do is rush into the pocket and throw combos. Jones is probably the best in the LHW division at rushing in and out of the pocket thanks to his reach.

    Lyoto may loose his title of ‘least his fighter in mma’ after his fight with Jones!

    • wonggfan

      Rampage did NOT figure Lyoto out. Rampage lost to Lyoto.

    • sirreadsalot10

      Rampage got the decision but even Rampage knew he lost that fight and said so in the post fight interview.

      • wonggfan

        The most meaningful event in that whole fight was in the third round when Rampage got wooped.

  • adice89

    Gabriel . Rashad stands no chance against Jones. Fighters dont have other fighters in there head, thats all hype to build a fight. Jones is way better in standup, alot better freestyle wrestler too. What can Rashad do to win? NOTHING. Machida will win this fight, then go on to knock rashad out again or beat him on decision. Rashad has nothing to win against jones I do know that.

  • Wongfan you are a JOKE…your opinions about the fights DO NOT change the outcome. I am sure when you walk around the house and tell your mom and your cat all about the fight game, they are super impressed with you mma facts…but it ends there WONG…add the “R” to your name and that pretty much says it all…you are WRONG! your opinion is like your asshole…only shit comes out and only you play with it….Jones will have a great fight agains Rashad.
    @adice89 if you seriously think that there is NOT a mental level and emotional level in combat, you obviously do not train.

  • Santz

    Wonggfan, what’s up your a$$?! You are one bitter SOB! So what if some of these guys just started following MMA; that’s great…more support for the sport. That whole MMA noob UFC fanboy stuff is just some lame attempt to sound cool to the rest of the MMAWeekly community…well it’s not working, buddy! You just sound like some lame a$$ who hides behind his computer insulting people because they don’t go search Wikipedia for fighter info before they post their comments here as you do. Oh so you have a ton of MMA knowledge…that’ll really help you in life right cause I guess you’re the cool guy to your 3 friends sitting at the bar watching a PPV cause you know everything about the fighters…LOL! How’s that working for you with the girls…LOL! You need your a$$ kicked for your ignorant rants!

    • wonggfan

      Why the personal attacks?

      So do you agree or disagree with what I had?

  • afk

    wronggfan loves to bitch and pretend he knows everything, welcome to mmaweekly lol. even if he’s right occasionally, the bleeding ignorance and retardation in everything else he says tends to weigh it down until people stop reading… hopefully. lol

    • wonggfan

      Afk is bitter that he pretty much has no MMA knowledge. I remember afk talking about how Lyoto would destroy Shogun. Well, afk is a TUF noob and has never heard of Shogun until the Lyoto fight.

      • afk

        i don’t get bitter bro, i just enjoy seeing you lower the evolutionary average of mankind daily while imagining you are god’s gift to the internet lol.

        not sure what a “TUF noob” is but i’m fairly certain you’re a rage essay king, and i’m not the first nor will i be the last to point it out lol

  • MikeMc1983

    Wong is pretty close to being right in his first post. That’s only because history seems to repeat itself, and that’s already happen twice.

    Ive never understood the fanboy/noob stuff. Hell, one could make the argument with 3-4 years experiance Jon jones is a bit of a noob. Allister overeem could be a fanboy since he said you have to go to the UFC to fight the very best. Gilbert Melendez says so as well.

    I know in my life of seem a lot of NEW, and ignorant people come up with crap ideas. However new eyes can come up with some gems as well. New eyes can sometimes see things that old eyes look over.

    The thing that seems a bit silly to me is the whole jones fighting at heavyweight thing. It should be a ton of work to get there and be good.
    His punching power is obviously not at that level. There’s bigger punchers then jones at lhw. Quite a few. His reach advantage though still longer is much less However the biggest difference in the two classes is wrestling. Jones has done well for himself with wrestling, but there is a huge difference between taking down Bader, and taking down, Brock, carwin, Cain. Even the non wrestlers like jds can’t be taken down as easily. There’s just a huge strength difference.
    So could jones win there? Maybe, but acting as if he could just jump right in is a bit aggressive.

  • When I refer to Jon Jones eventually going to Heavywieght, this has to do with how young he is. as you get older your body gets more dense. your metabolism slows down. you naturally get heavier. Jones has a long frame and he could where more weight as he ages very solid, this would slow him down a tad…but definitely give more snap and power to his punches. Bruce lee has proven time and time again, power is nice…but repeated accurate strikes will take down any opponent. I see Jones as a long time LHW champ and contender before age and experience naturally lead to him going up in weight and handling business at that level. He is fast, strong, accurate, has the heart to take it all the way and is a very creative striker. Jones has no limits….except for this Rashad debacle….You know when a fighter is caught up in head games…intimidation, mind fucking this is all part of the fight game, from backyard brawls to karate competitions to cage fighting and boxing…being mentally and emotionally ready for combat is just as important as being physically up to the challenge.

    • sirreadsalot10

      I agree with most of what you say here except for the heart part. I don’t think he has faced a situation in the cage yet where his heart has been tested. I’m not saying he doesn’t have heart, just that it is yet to be determined.

  • MikeMc1983

    I know this isn’t a message board, but could you do me a favor? I ask you because it seems you use the terms the most readily.
    Could you define “fanboy, noob, and nut higher?”

    I’m sure I probably fit into one or more of those groups, but I wouldn’t want to insult those guys by just assuming I’m part of their club. Maybe I’m not a fanboy, but just have fanboy tendencies?

    I think I know what you mean, but I don’t want to be ignorant and assume.
    Thank you in advance for the knowlage, and wisdom.

    • bajafox

      Those terms are only used by those who think they know everything. If I were you, I’d wouldn’t give a crap about those terms…

      They all pretty much say “I know everything and you don’t” or “I was watching since UFC 1 and the PRIDE days and you just started because of TUF”

      They’re terms to make a person using them sound like they’ve “been around…”

    • wonggfan

      exactly what bajafox said.

      UFC Noob/UFC fanboy/UFC nuthugger/Dana nuthugger/TUF Noob/TUF Fanboy/ TUF nuthugger

      These are terms to describe newbies to the sport of MMA who have no idea what they are talking about.

      I’ve heard the following comments from UFC noobs:

      “Who is Ricardo Arona?”

      “Royce Gracie sucks because he lost to Matt Hughes.”

      “What? Gracie fought Hughes?’

      “Wait isn’t Matt Hughes deaf?”

      “Yushin Okami is the best fighter to come out of Japan.”

      “Isn’t Sakuraba the japanese can that gets beat all the time?”

      “Andre Arlovski and Time Sylvia were never good.”

      “Frank Mir is my favorite fighter.”

      “Everyone in the UFC is better than everyone outside the UFC.”

      “Who the hell is Sergei Kharitonov?”

      “Josh Barnett beat a can in Kharitonov. There is a reason (performance related) why they are not in the UFC.”

  • adice89

    LOL there is no such thing as a special fight….yeah its cool that these guys are getting into a cage and putting it on the line BUT all in all ITS JUST A FIGHT. These guys fight everyday in training. So when I said fighters dont get mental damage I was speaking in terms of it effecting the actual fight itself, its nothing to these guys to get in there.

  • natpaukar7

    There is some real hostility here..haha…While I think it is not so nice “Wongfann” to attack people as noobs I would prolly agree with most of the fight info that you say except I do agree that you are counting out machida too much…25%…that is HUGE in MMA…Machida has awesome take down defense…he is smart as fuck…and he is generally very driven…I do not think he’ll win but I think that he stands a great chance…and really the division is still stacked dude to be honest….205 has chuck liddell….haha jk guys don’t bite my head off….but really it does have some awesome fighters…I’d like to see SHogun fully trained and healthy…and honestly I think Rampage could have done better if he didn’t fight so defensively…that is not his general style…I think if Henderson trained and had cardio he could maybe beat Jones…

    Also…while I do think Gabriel has some good points I agree that Rashad is a great fighter adn probably underrated because of his arrogance…I still do believe he is level 3 fighter…considering that Jones is level one with Anderson Silva kind of guys…though Anderson is probably a 1+ level…Level 2 is shogun and Machida (who killed Rashad) and Rashad is probably unbeatable outside of those 3…while his resume is very blemish free…it certainly doesn’t hold huge fighters in my opinion…I think Chuck in his prime would have KO’d rashad adn just had a terrible night that pretty much ended his career. When he was put to the test (Machida) he failed.

    Rashad’s wrestling IMO is not any better than Ryan Bader (maybe a little) but not significantly nand look how that turned out against Jones…

    I have said this and will say it…

    Anderson Silva vs. Jones

    Silva KO’s jones whenever he wants to…haha

    If Jones steps up to HW he would be good but couldn’t handle the power…speed and relentlessness of either JDS or especially Velasquez….

    summarry: haha Jones is good and could go undefeated with current 205ers until Anderson comes up and would be only level 2 at HW

  • shakejunt

    i usually disagree with wonggfan, but damn you nailed it on your first post! i’d bet money that is exactly how it plays out (at least through phase 9)

  • BigGuy

    People…Can’t we all just get along? LOL!!!

  • Santz

    Well, wonggfan, don’t personally attack others for their opinions…agree or disagree but don’t go off about them with that UFC fanboys TUF noobs garbage. More fans, more support! Do you want it to be like several years ago when the UFC’s biggest events were at the crappy Hard Rock with 300 people watching and have no public recognition. It probably wouldn’t exist and MMA in the US would dead by now.

    • wonggfan

      I agree. I think some people misunderstood my usage of the term UFC noobs.

      UFC fanboys can watch. But they should think twice before saying shit like Lyoto will beat Jones.

  • Towers66

    Scroll up and find Gabriels comment about the Rashad fight history. Absolutely correct why he should get that fight with Jones. I think he will pose the biggest danger for Jones yet. I dont think he will beat Jones but I want to see it. Lyoto and Jones is going to be a boring fight but Jones will definitely get a finish.

  • MikeMc1983

    Wong, I find something really odd with your statement that “noobs” think machida will beat jones.
    I don’t believe there is any fighter that has a larger band wagon filled with new, and “uneducated” fans than Jon jones. I kinda viewed a lot of the guys who say that someone is “Unbeatable” as new to the sport; since the rest of us have seen all the “unbeatable” guys fall.

    Jon is good. He showed that he can handle a strong guy that wrestles when he beat Bader. He showed he can avoid getting hit by a power guy when he beat shogun, and rampage. However someone will hit him, reguardless of how well he can try to avoid it. If even by accident he’ll get hit, but I doubt he has a glass jaw so we’ll see how that goes.

    Shogun didn’t seem himself, but maybe he was, and was just stifled. I doubt it but maybe.

    Next 2 fights we get to see how jones deals with speed in two different ways. Machida has fast head movement and really slick, where as rashad is fast getting inside to strike, and getting out.

    Jones probably wins and will be the favorite. So we’ll see.

    Also I’m not one to think rashads all that great either, but fights are about matchups. Maybe rashad could best jones where as the top 5 could not. The number 2 guy isn’t always the biggest threat to the number one guy.

    • wonggfan

      Well, I am using the word noob loosely here to include uneducated MMA fans as well.

      Look, I don’t doubt that Machida has a chance. For god’s sake it was the Machida era not too long ago.

      But don’t you think given each fighters past performances, it’s more than 70% likely that Jones will beat Machida and Rashad?