What’s Next for Georges St-Pierre? Middleweight Division or Nick Diaz?

May 5, 2011
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The biggest question for most people following the conclusion of UFC 129 is what’s next for welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre?

After dispatching of the top contender in the division in the form of Jake Shields, the Canadian champion seemingly has cleaned out the best of the best at welterweight. Options appear open for him to try his hand at 185 pounds in the near future.

Hold on just one second.

There is one fighter out there in the top part of the division that St-Pierre hasn’t faced yet. His name is Nick Diaz.

Strikeforce’s welterweight champion has won his last 10 fights in a row, including a brief stint going up in weight, and most recently finishing top ten fighter Paul Daley by TKO.

UFC president Dana White seems open to the idea if that’s what the fans want to see. He says he really has no hurdles to jump if he chooses to bring over a Strikeforce fighter to the UFC.

“I imagine I could do whatever I wanted to do if I really wanted to, but we have a contract with Showtime and he’s a Showtime fighter. I don’t know, we’re going to have to see how this whole thing works out. That’s an interesting fight,” White said about Diaz coming over to face St-Pierre.

St-Pierre’s lead trainer and close friend Firas Zahabi admits that Diaz presents an intriguing style for them to figure out. It’s a fight they would face with extreme enthusiasm.

“Georges has never fought a guy with that kind of punching style. Diaz has got a long reach, he knows how to use it. He’s tough as nails, he’s extremely experienced, and he’s a world champion himself,” assessed Zahabi.

Whether it’s Diaz or possibly going up to fight at middleweight, Zahabi admits he’s open to both options, but he’ll leave the decision to St-Pierre and the UFC. There are interesting match-ups in both divisions, and GSP’s lead trainer looks forward to the challenge of either one.

“I’m open to both. Right now we just finished this fight, nobody’s really talking about the next one. It’s kind of the down time now, just kind of go back to our lives a little bit, and try to get back into our routine slowly. When our heads come back down from the clouds, we’ll sit down and discuss the different options,” Zahabi said.

“I think both options are interesting. Now with the merger it makes things so interesting. There’s so many dream match-ups that can happen. Of course, that’s for Zuffa to decide, and GSP’s management, and of course the coaches.”

St-Pierre hasn’t indicated too much one way or the other which option he’d prefer, but if he’s looking to stay at welterweight there is at least one major challenge awaiting him… the Stockton bad boy.

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  • jared499

    I hope that GSP stays at WW and leaves the MW division alone. First of all a superfight with Anderson, will be one sided either way it goes. If Anderson catches GSP on his feet, lights out badly for GSP. If GSP gets Anderson to the ground, I don’t think he will be strong enough to hold him there like he does with WW fighters, so it may end up a fight where GSP scores massive points from takedowns with no follow up.

    On the other hand, a fight with Diaz would be very chalaging for GSP. THink about all the challengers lately to GSP’s title. Shields, great ground work no stand up. KOS, great ground sub-par stand-up. Alves, great stand-up no ground. BJ Penn probably one of the best all around fighters, just too light to work from his back where GSP put him. Diaz has great if not awesome striking (while it may not be knockout power, you try getting hit 50x) and his ground game is just as good. Although he has not used it lately, his BJJ is good and he is big enough to get GSP off and work from his back.

    All in all I would say that Diaz would be the biggest threat to GSP in a very long time. I would probably bet on Diaz becuase of his striking/grappling/BJJ combination being better then anyone GSP has faced.(besides BJ who was to light in weight)

  • mma24069

    i hope gsp come out with that bullshit jab against diaz he will get whooped. hope this fight happens i have a feeling the champ cant take diaz hands. i sick of watching gsp take people down or jab for 5 rounds. diaz is way more exciting

    • MrAdidas

      mma24069: LOL – u’d think people like you would be smart enough to stop ASSuming the next guy who fights GSP is going to “beat” him or its the biggest threat to his title blah blah blah etc. Jake Shields is 5X the fighter Diaz is & he couldnt do shit Vs. a ONE eyed GSP – Jebus, Shields didnt even get GSP off balance, yet he was going to get GSP down, mount him & submit him…… LMFAO yeah, doesnt that involve actually taking him dwon 1st?!?

      As for your IDIOTIC comment about Diaz being more exciting than GSP, may be true but if you give GSP the same quality or even the same fighters Diaz has been figthing in Strikeforce, I can GUARANTEE you GSP would finish every single fighter by HIGHLIGHT reel submition or KO/TKO. What do you think would happen to Diaz if he were to fight the quality of fighters GSP has been figthing since his 1st fight in the UFC?!? After GSP spanks ANOTHER Cesar Gracie bum, we will finally see Diaz fight the worlds TOP WW’s & NOT the worlds top B level WW’s.

      Dude give me a break, maybe use common sense & think b4 you talk MORON! GSP has been “disappointing” in his last 2 fights, but his Koscheck fight was still good, I just wish he would have finished him, especially since Kos couldnt see out of his right eye. As for his fight Vs Shields, it was disappointing but b/c of SHIELDS more so than GSP. GSP had ONE good eye & he still owned Shields who was this “amazing” fighter, well he may be amazing but he sure didnt show it, he barely showed he deserved a title shot. Shields had one realistic chance of winning Vs. GSP & that was to take him down & TRY….. TRY & submit GSP, which I doubt he would have. If Shields couldnt submit Kampmann while having his back & had him mounted several times, yet he couldnt do shit in those dominating positions. The same goes for the Henderson fight, Shields had Hendo mounted for like 20 mins & couldnt submit him, nor did he do any damage to Hendo’s face, considering he was mounted for 20 mins. Funny thing is…. Hendo isnt known for his BJJ or his BJJ defence, yet stupid people like YOU thought he could submit GSP?!? BAHAHA, now thats a good one.

      Dont get me wrong, I think Diaz Vs. GSP will be a great fight, I think Diaz & his arrogance/trash talking will bring out the best GSP, just like Matt Serra, BJ Penn & Koscheck did in all of their 2nd fights with GSP. I think GSP fights alot better when people make him angry & Diaz will be no different. The shit will poor out of his mouth the instant that fight is signed. I for one cannot wait to see GSP fight Diaz.

  • MrAdidas

    JARED499: I think GSP is too small to fight Anderson Silva, seing how Silva’s natural weight class is LHW. Silva walks around/weighs the same as most LHW’s, he’s even bigger/heavier than some LHW’s. Silva would love to fight GSP, b/c GSP is a much smaller fighter, but does not want to fight @ LHW b/c he doesnt want to fight people his own size. silva is ALWAYS the bigger, stronger & has the longer reach Vs. any & EVERY MW fighter, but if Silva moves up to LHW, Silva no longer has the advantage(s) & I dont think Silva likes that idea, which is pretty cowardly if you ask me. Especially since he doesnt want to move up to LHW b/c he wants to retire @ MW? WTF – WHY?!? Its the worst division in all of MMA/UFC & hes been beating up BUMS, whats the challenge? whats the fucking point in beating up B level fighters?!? A guy whos the #1 P4P fighter in the world, fights in the WORST division EVER, hasnt fought any real “great” fighters in YEARS & has no interest in moving up & fighting Jon Jones b/c he knows Jones would embaress him by KO or submition. so instead of fighting some of the best fighters in the world @ LHW, he’ll stick to figthing BUMS @ MW!!! WOW what a true P4P chump…. I mean champ! If hes so good, then Y not fight people his own size & people who are actually world class. If anyone thinks Maia, Leites, Cote, Sonnen, Marquardt of 07 – even Marquardt of today is shit, Travis Lutter, Chris Leben & Vitor Belfort who’s “old” & who didnt fight in over a year, what disadvantage?!? If you can seriously tell me without laughing that the above list is a “world” class list of fighters for one of the best fighters in the world, your obviously a fucking DOUCHE SAC! and you should NEVER watch MMA again. Silva has only fought 2 world class fighters in… Franklin X2 & Henderson and thats it. How many MW’s (besides Anderson Silva) have we heard in the top 10 P4P fighters? The MW division is BY FAR the worst division EVER, so to say that the #1 P4P fighter in the world fights in the WORST division & whos mostly fought B level fighters makes his #1 P4P ranking seem a lil “ironic”. Just sayin’

  • MrAdidas

    P.S I’m not saying Silva is a “paper champ” or he doesnt deserve the #1 P4P title, but what I am saying is that I would like for him to fight some “real” world class fighters to see how he fares Vs. some of the worlds best! I dont know how Dana White can say GSP “cleaned out the WW division” & not say/feel the exact same way about Anderons Silva in the MW division. If anything Silva cleaned out the MW division a LONG time ago, simply b/c there are NO “real” top contenders. Also, Silva hasnt lost @ MW & he has won 13 straight – 11 of them @ MW, so hows that not cleaning out the division?!? Doesnt make sense Dana. I wanna see Jon Jones Vs Anderson Silva, lets see how “good or great” Silva really is, Id also love to see Silva Vs Rua or even Silva Vs Evans!!!