What’s Next for Anderson Silva? Dana White Talks Chris Weidman and GSP

August 13, 2012
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Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman and Georges St-PierreDENVER — UFC president Dana White, following the UFC 150 post-fight press conference, informed reporters that middleweight champion Anderson Silva has no plans to return to the Octagon before the end of the year.

Chris Weidman, who is coming off of impressive victories over Mark Munoz and Demian Maia, has racked up an impressive 9-0 record. He’s been waiting patiently in the wings while hearing from Silva’s management that they don’t want a fight with Weidman, they’d rather push for a Georges St-Pierre super fight.

White says he considers Weidman the No. 1 contender, but admitted he likes the prospect of a bout between Silva and GSP in Dallas.

Who is next for Anderson Silva? Dana White weighs in…

  • Michael

    Who the Hell is Wiedman??.. yeah that will sell record PPV’S. Put him up against GSP who is a small welterweight… Common Silva runs around at 205-220 all day long, that’s not a super-fight its a best chance for Silva. Put Silva in with the winner of Jones and Henderson…. guys more his size, if Silva wins then give him a standing ovation on his way out the door as the best of all time! Enter him into the hall of fame already, they set up that Weidman fight it better be free on comedy central, or pass it off as a skit on SNL

    • Triggerman99

      GSP is HUGE for a welterweight. Where did you get the idea that he’s a small WW? And Jones is definitely not Silva’s size. Silva could probably actually cut down to less than 185 if he wanted, while Jones could easily fight at HW.
      GSP vs Silva is much more fair than Jones vs Silva.

      • FlowWithTheGo

        GSP is not a small WW but he certainly isnt a huge one, I really dont know where that myth has come from.

        • Triggerman99

          The myth came from the fact that he is a huge WW.


          • MrAdidas

            Do you mean “FACT”, by made up BS you think? Than yet GSP is a “huge WW” …. BAHAHAHAHA where do you get this “fact” from? The internet I guess?!? Do some research b4 you pretend to know what ur talking about.

            When a guy is trying to gain weight to keep up with the size of his oponents, should tell you something right there. Maybe you need someone to draw you a picture in crayon. “GSP is huge = fact?” BAHAHAHAHA now thats a good one.

        • Lesnardo

          The dude is not a tall WW. But he is definitely on the bigger side (at least was) and that weight class is perfect for him. It’s as if the WW division was set at 170 just to accomodate GSP.

          • Triggerman99

            Wow Mr. A, I thought the fact that I wrote “LOL” would make it pretty clear that I was just having a little fun. Lighten up.

      • DrkDisciple

        GSP is a huge welterweight? Is 185 walk around weight considered huge? I guess every welterweight is huge then!!!!!

        • dathump

          GSP stated in an article in 2011 that he walks around between 190-195, so considering he is lean at that, he is a big solid WW. He also stated putting on lean muscle is hard for him so if he went up to MW he would want to put enought weight on that he couldn’t go back. I think the only way this fight happens if it is at a catch weight or silva cuts down, which given the time I think he could. Silva did fight at 168 in japan, mind you that was 10 years ago.

          • KBEsq

            Silva is not going down to 170 or even a catch. Whatever he did 10 years ago, he walks around at 220 now. He’s stated that several times in interviews. He’s actually a big, densely muscled fighter. He just looks small and skinny.

            Am I the only one who thinks GSP doesn’t stand a chance against Silva? I’m a fan of both fighters, but we all know that GSP cannot stand with Silva, and while GSP wrestling is amazing, he’s just too small to get and keep Silva down. I’m sure this statement will make people outraged, but once you look at them stand next to each other, you’ll think differently.

            I think the Jones fight makes the most sense. Silva and Jones are closer in natural weight than Silva and GSP. Problem is, I don’t think Silva wants that fight.

          • MrAdidas

            GSP was 185-187lbs before he started to add size/weight b/c of how big everyone @ WW was. GSP had to gain weight/size b/c of how small he was compared to everyone else @ WW. Before he added the extra weight, GSP was about 185lbs. Which is still 30-40lbs smaller than Silva. Anthony Johnson was a HUGE WW, Anderson Silva is a HUGE MW, Jon Jones is a HUGE LHW.

            FTI: GSP has only been gaining this weight for 2-3 yrs now (since he’s been out for 16+ months). How many other fighters are trying to “gain weight” & continue to fight in the same division?!? I dont know many, other than GSP & Edgar, I know no other(s). So right there tells you GSP is NOT a huge WW, even with the added weight/size he’s not “huge” he’s starting to catch up with the majority of the WW’s.

      • MrAdidas

        TRIGGERMAN99: GSP is not even close to a “HUGE WW”, he walked around at 185-187lbs, before he started to pack on some extra weight b/c of the size of the WW’s. Fitch, Koscheck, ALves, Hardy, Shields etc were all bigger than him & they could all easily fight @ MW, no problem. Ellenburger, Condit, Diaz & Rory McDonald are all bigger than GSP & they could all easily fight @ MW as well. GSP only looks big b/c of how shreded he is, but GSP is only an avg sized WW & thats only b/c hes been adding size/weight for the last 2-3 yrs. GSP with ADDED WEIGHT is probably 193-197lbs MAX, yet Silva walks around between 210-225lbs. Which is why Silva wants to fight a small WW, rather than fighters his own size @ LHW!!! Not what I would consider for being G.O.A.T, fighting smaller, weaker fighters with a short reach. WOW how impressive is that?!?

        If Silva wants to be G.O.A.T, then I think he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to fight @ LHW & do well. If Silva can beat 2 or 3 of the top 5 & give Jones a good fight, I would definately consider him the G.O.A.T. I dont think Silva needs to beat Jones to be the #1 fighter on the planet. But Silva cannot afford to lose to anyone @ LHW & he would have to do well vs. Jones, to be G.O.A.T. Even if Silva beats everyone by decision @ LHW & loses to Jones, he’d still be G.O.A.T. But if Silva continues to fight these smaller fighters/BUMS @ MW, then I dont even know how people could consider him the #1 fighter ever. Especially when you have Jones beating all former Champs & finishing most of them & you have a “small” GSP OWNING bigger, stronger guys at WW who are world class fighters & doing it with such ease. To go 30+ rounds without losing a round, not even close, whic would span 7 or 8 fights is UNHEARD of. I still dont see how Shields won 1 round vs. GSP, especially the 4th Round where GSP head kicked Shields & knocked him on his ass. All of this with 1 eye.

        • Triggerman99

          How many times are going to reply to the same post?
          I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore after reading that huge post of yours.

          • rsnowbass

            Never anything positive to say either…in her mind she’s the all knowing Mrs.Addidas. No one else is right when she’s on these forums.

          • dathump

            I am also sick of everyone saying Silva is ducking guys the same size as him by staying at 185. If he can make weight so be it. The same people were crying that the weight cut hurt Sonnen in the last fight. Why is the weight cut an advantage for some and a disadvantage to others. If both fighters are 185 the day before the fight chances are they are both around 200 come fight night. Most fighters that jump up and down weight classes do it because they lost in their current weight class. Can any of you name me 3 top fighters that moved up or down when they were winning? Shields is one, any others?

    • Ketsugo_John

      You sir are a plethora of ignorance and misinformation.

    • MrAdidas

      I completely agree ], Silva wants to fight GSP b/c of the advantages Silva will have, size, strength & ESPECIALLY the reach advantage. Silva talks about not wanting to move up in wieght to fight Jones b/c of the diff weight classes, but then says he wants to fight GSP?!? How in the hell does that make any sense? What I get from that statement is …. Silva: “I do not want to fight people my own size @ LHW & lose ALL the advantages I have fighting at MW, nor do I want to fight the more skilled fighers @ LHW, b/c I love beating up the bums @ MW.” – “I want to fight GSP b/c he’s a much smaller fighter & hasnt fought in over 19 months, not to mention he doesnt have half the power of Jon Jones …. I mean GSP is a great fighter.” Apparently Jon Jones “isnt a great fighter.” GTFO of here Silva, so sick and tired of this clown being considered the #1 fighter in the world for beating up “B level” talent at MW (for the most part) & fighting guys who are ALL smaller than him. Silva loves the size, strenth but especially the reach advantage he has in EVERY MW fight. GSP is too small to fight @ MW = FACT! When a fighter/GSP needs to gain weight so he can move up a weight class, IMHO signals something isnt quite right.

      • BizzleZX10R

        Silva vs GSP have agreed to fight eachother forever and a day ago. Silva doesn’t want to fight him because he’s “bigger” it’s because the only dominate champ aside from Silva was GSP.

        Jon Jones as much as i love the guy is still new in the game,he has 4 title defenses. Let the kid be on top of the LHW Div for a bit before making a superfight.

        If GSP is apparently fighting all these Welterweights that are bigger than him,then why won’t he fight Silva? GSP fought both Shields & Miller; 2 fighters that have fought at MW & WW. Plus Jon Fitch looked massive compaired to GSP. So,maybe GSP is ducking Silva?

    • sc_98b9351859744002a96162c6ecc72512

      I remember when Brock lesnar was supposed to be too big for the competition. Everybody said fighting Couture was unfair. Then brock lost to a 240lb mexican american. Woops, I guess 35lbs (nearly 15% of Cain’s weight) didnt help Lesnar did it? If gsp loses to silva, its not bc of 25lbs.

      Also, selling ppvs isnt a reason to book a match. I’m guessing you get a cut of the ppv? otherwise why would you care? Munoz was next in line for a shot at silva when he had elbow surgery, and Wiedman just smashed him. We have one belt per weight class, silva is the champ, Wiedman is the #1, simple math. Does silva want to fight him? i doubt it, but this isnt boxing afterall. If # 1,2,3 ect doesnt mean anything anymore, lets just throw away rankings alltogether.

      Too many whiny effing fighters who only think of $$ and forget its supposed to be a sport. #1 means somebody is the best fighter not wearing the belt. Thats who they should fight. Why does JJ and silva ect not understand this?

  • longtime fan

    obviously your not a true mma fan. or maybe just a nube. Weidman has a chance to shock the world. If youve seen weidman you would know the potential this kid has. Silva knows it too. he has a better shot at beating st. pierre. weidman is a beast and i would def. buy a paperview with that matchup as the headline.

    • dathump

      The problem is true mma fans are the only ones who know Weidmans name, I see what he is doing and its smart trying to add some hype to his name, but he still isn’t a big money PPV draw. On top of that Silva’s camp feels they have earned the right to chose who deserves a shot. Right or wrong Silva doesn’t think some kid who has less pro fights then he has title defences is deserving. GSP is a far safer fight for Silva, not just the fight, but his legacy. I think GSP stands a chance to win, and if he does, Silva lost to another “greatest pound for pound fighter” not just some new kid on a tear.

      • rsnowbass

        Yatzee! Ding Ding Ding^^^

      • MrAdidas

        BAHAHAHA yeah if Silva cant beat jsut some kid, then I guess he isnt GOAT, now is he?!? ding ding ding idiot!

  • shakejunt

    I think the reality lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, Weidman has some skills that could pose problems to Silva, but he really does need another showcase victory before we assume that he’s on the same level as Anderson. Winner of Vitor vs Belcher sounds like the right stepping stone for him while Anderson takes apart Bisping (assuming he beats Stann).

    • dathump

      thats also assuming Hardy wins another one. The brits need someone to cheer for. If he does, then Dana will give the only UK PPV draw a shot while the rest of the world will buy a PPV to watch Bisbings head bounce off the canvas again.

  • Triggerman99

    Yeah I don’t think Weidman should be in the 1 spot right now. If he’s as deserving as he thinks he is, then prove it. Beat another top name, then there is no question who the #1 contender is. Because right now, there’s a whole lot of questions about who that is.

  • Hotnickson

    Weidman should not be getting this much praise. Lets see him face the winner of Bisping vs Stann. On another note lets put Silva in a dream match vs Nick Diaz!!

    • maddawgmar

      Time to wake up from that dream. Nick Diaz does not deserve a shot at Silva. If he wants a chance, have him fight Weidman. Wait, he can’t fight for another six months. So stop talking about it.

  • Weidman does deserve a lot of praise. Mark Munoz was set to fight Chael Sonnen on Fox for the number one contender in the middleweight division this year but had to pull out. If he would of beaten Weidman they would of gave him a title shot but Weidman had a flawless victory over him and made Munoz look like he never had a professional fought before. He has potential to be a middleweight version of Jon Jones where his talent is way ahead of his experience.

  • maddawgmar

    Well considering GSP has his plate full when he comes back, he isn’t a viable option. If he wins against Carlos Condit he has two or three more guys waiting in the wings. There is Kampmann, Hendricks, and let’s not forget the pothead. Plus a strong showing puts Ellenberger back in the picture. Weidman is on a short list of candidates that are on a strong win streak and hasnt been beat by Silva yet. Jones is a viable candidate for his next fight. But I see Silva saving a super fight for his farewell fight when he retires.

  • Weidman and GSP both have fantastic opportunities to beat Silva. They’re both very elusive on their feet. GSP needs to get past Condit first before that conversation gets brought up. Sometimes guys dont come back as strong as they were after an ACL injury. Jones and Silva have already said that they have no interest in fighting each other. If Sonnen can take Silva down I have no doubt that Weidman can. Soares is really slimy and wants to choose the fights that best suit Anderson. GSP’s chin will be tested and will fail against Anderson. Chris Weidman is the man that stands the best chance to beat Anderson Silva and his camp knows it.

    • RonnieV

      Dude, you are the first person to ever recognize “Sometimes guys dont come back as strong as they were after an ACL injury.” Thank you, but to make your statement more correct NOBODY comes back stronger.

  • Triggerman99

    I’m asking because I honestly don’t know, does Weidman have some exstensive wrestling background? I think I heard that he wrestled at Hofstra or something, but as far as i have heard, he wasn’t a multiple champion, and not an Olympic alternate or anything like that.
    I only ask because because a lot of people seem to be very confident that he can take Silva down at will.
    Other than Sonnen, who is a world-class wrestler, nobody has had great success taking Silva down (some success, but not great success). I’m just curious if Weidman has some incredible wrestling talents that I haven’t seen or heard of.

    • yellowmonkey

      In short, yes.

      From wiki:
      Weidman attended Baldwin high school on Long Island where he was a Nassau County and New York State wrestling Champion. He was also an All-American in Cadet Freestyle and Greco Roman. Chris was also a standout in college, Weidman earned All-American wrestling honors at NCC before transferring to Hofstra. He became the first junior college wrestler in history to be a NYS Collegiate Champion. At Hofstra, he became a Two-Time Division I All-American, placing 3rd at the NCAA tournament his senior year. When all was said and done he was two time NJCAA All American and a two-time NCAA Division 1 All-American.

    • yellowmonkey

      He needs at least one more impressive fight, maybe more, before a shot.

      • Triggerman99

        So it sounds like his wrestling is really good, but not top-flight like Koscheck, Hughes, Sonnen, Henderson and others.
        I just don’t know if that’s good enough to take Silva down and keep him there consistently. Maybe it is, but I wouldn’t call it a sure thing like a lot of people seem to believe.