What Would the UFC Be Like Without Dana White at the Helm? We May Soon Find Out

May 28, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 144What would the UFC be like without company president Dana White around on a day-to-day basis?

That’s a question that has been often asked, but we have yet to experience… although we may soon get a taste for what it would be like without the UFC’s brash head honcho around.

White has developed  disorder called Meniere’s disease. It’s a disorder of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance to varying degrees, often times accompanied by extreme cases of vertigo. That description probably doesn’t do the symptoms justice.

“I didn’t miss a fight for 11 years. I’ve had the flu, I’ve had food poisoning, I’ve had everything. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life and I don’t ever want to experience that again,” White said when explaining the symptoms.

He was initially slated to go in for surgery last week to help deal with the disorder, but the doctors at the last minute instead talked White into trying medication to deal with it instead. But White now insists that he wants to have the surgery done, as it has a better chance of staving off a recurrence.

The greatest caveat to surgery? Doctors say White would be sidelined for around a month or so. The procedure, according to White, involves cutting nerve, and then he would have to undergo rehabilitation than includes relearning to walk, picking up objects as simple as a water bottle, and the like.

Although White says he doesn’t have time to be out of the game for a month, that he’d instead plan on a two-week return, it would be the longest span of time that the UFC would be without White out front.

White is involved in all matters UFC, across the board, from the details of fights to production to media and more.

He says anybody can do what he does.

But what would the UFC be like without Dana White standing front and center on a day-to-day basis? We may soon find out.

Check out what Dana White had to say about the prospect of having surgery and the recovery process…

  • The guy has an insane work ethic. The promotion wouldn’t be the same without him steering the ship and promoting it the way he does.

  • Anthony

    Dana has a passion for the sport like no one else. He may swear alot, but he doesnt pull any punches and doesnt need to be polically correct and sensor what he thinks. I like the guy and wish him a speedy recovery if he does have the surgery. Maybe he can bang out a few cycles with Overeem so he’ll recover even quicker….J.K.–seriously, good luck Dana

  • troop

    Just as long as Scott Coker doesn’t take the reins. Dear God no. Or am I giving Coker a bad rap and it’s really Showtime that is piss-poorly managing Strikeforce?

    • phrankthetank

      Scott Coker did a lot of good for strikeforce, the UFC pillaging all of their fighters and a serious lack of promotion by showtime has caused them a lot of problems.

      • Coker did a great job as a regional promoter. His downfall came when he got in bed with Fedor and the goons at M – 1 and tried to compete on the national / international scene.

  • voltaire64

    Hope surgery works for him, it doesn’t for many people.

  • Tepin

    If a surgeon encourages you not to have surgery you should listen. So many folks seem to think it’s not a big deal, but recovery from a lot of surgeries is rough and there is no guarantee you’ll get back to 100%.

    • voltaire64

      not only is there no guarantee you’ll never get back to 100 percent, there’s no guarantee the disease won’t return. You also face the possibility of losing the hearing in one or both ears.

  • Can they sew his mouth shut while they’re at it?

  • Good luck Dana.

  • joan

    He is a very important piece in the UFC, but this organization is now too big to depend only in one man. The UFC will function as normal with him or without him. GWS Dana!

  • gnodeb

    I think we need DW for at least 5 more years…

    • voltaire64

      Considering the nature of the disease and the demands of being the president of the UFC, 5 more years is highly unlikely. My guess is he’s out in a year, year and a half tops. If not sooner.

  • smill0313

    Best of luck with surgery and recovery

  • atmosphere

    it may or may not be a just comparison, but UFC is its own living, breathing brand now. if anything, the UFC would have to replace White with several talent rather than just one figurehead. It’s like how Apple is still thriving post-Steve Jobs.

    • Triggerman99

      That’s what I was thinking. He does so many different things and brings so many things to the table to varying degrees that there would have to be 3 or 4 people to fill the voids left in promotion, personel communication, contract negotiations, etc.

  • Dana’s destructive and toxic lifestyle is what’s doing him him. This disease is just one step in a downward spiral. Dana needs to watch some of his fighters more closely on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • gary

    who cares. the sport would go on without him. as a promoter he knows how to work the herd, right short bus heh. but he is not the end of anything should he not continue. i dont feel sorry for the poor big mouth millionare, boo hoo. everyone has problems.

    • BizzleZX10R

      And if it wasn’t for White and the Fertitta (SP?) Brothers,we’d still be stuck watching ****** bloodbath fighting to “Fight ended in a draw due to lack of judges”

      If the UFC never went mainstream,howmany kids would be dealing drugs and getting into trouble as oppose to learning MMA?

      There wouldn’t be fights worth watching..no weight classes,no rounds,no sponsors,schools,video games or anything else for that matter without him.

      So,like him or not..you should still respect him for the matter; if not then go back to watching your shitty boxing and WWE and STFU.

      • gary

        lol. sorry i mest have clipped your chin a bit when i kicked him in the junk there. next time ill be more careful. why should i repect someone thats good at there job and is well compensated for it? did he do it for me and the rest of the fight fans? did he do it because he loves the fighters and wanted to improve there lives? nope… so yes the guy helped create a good fight brand which i watch. yay.. if he had not then id be watching whatever is available. i dont climb on some writers jock for creating a good story. i simply allow it to entertain me, and the drug fuelled kids would be doing drugs regardless. the ones doing mma now would be doing somthing else with there time. good fantasy though, nice try