What if Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson Need to Fight? Randy Couture Thinks They Would

December 2, 2012
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This UFC report is courtesy of MMAWeekly.com official content partner Bleacher Report:

Chael Sonnen vs Dan HendersonDuring my sophomore and junior years of high school I beat the crap out of one of my best buddies twice a week, regular as clockwork.

He was a great guy. If I felt like drinking beer during the offseason, he was one of the first dudes I called. Girls liked him better than me, so he was worth hanging out with just for that reason alone.

But he wanted my spot on the varsity wrestling lineup. So, when it came down to it, I was perfectly happy to grind him into the mat. He didn’t take it personally.

Now, I’m talking about a level of competition that was light years below what happens during the Olympic trials. We were a small school in a small state.

But it’s the exact same attitude MMA legend Randy Couture was referring to when he spoke about the possibility of a Chael Sonnen-Dan Henderson fight during a recent Cage Junkies interview. Addressing the possibility of a potential fight between Henderson and Sonnen, Couture said:

“Yeah I think they’d fight. They’ve wrestled each other for a spot on the Olympic team, they’re wrestlers at the end of the day and now they’re fighters, they’re professionals, this is what we do.”

I’ve heard Couture make similar statements often over the years. Again and again, the always affable Captain America has explained that fighting a guy he likes is no big deal because he’s used to competing against some of his best friends in the wrestling room.

Now, there is surely a difference between punching a guy in the face and taking him down and pinning his shoulders to the mat. But if you think the difference is that substantial, then I have to say you have probably never wrestled… (Click here to read more)

  • So much respect for both fighters. Both really good guys. If they fight, they fight. No hard feelings after, no matter whats on the line.

  • gay sonnen

    Easy win for Henderson.

  • Bulldozer

    Easy win for Henderson !?!? As long as Chael stays away from Dan’s right hand…he will take him down over and over. Henderson takedown defense is average at best in MMA. Chael wins this fight by UD all day.

  • ed

    Yea goodluck with that cheal wasn’t afraid to scrap with Anderson silva , he puts his body on the line each time and win or lose he’s always there to fight , he’ll Prolly want to get hit by the b-bomb lol crazy S.O.B he is