What Carlos Condit Could Have Done Differently to Defeat Georges St-Pierre?

November 19, 2012
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This UFC report is courtesy of MMAWeekly.com official content partner Bleacher Report:

Nobody in the world thought going into Saturday night that, skill for skill, Carlos Condit was better than Georges St-Pierre.

His potential success hinged on things like scrappiness and willingness to make it ugly, or on the fact that St-Pierre was out for a year and a half and might very well have been returning on one good leg.

But you know what? Thanks to one crafty strike and some narrow misses in the follow-up exchange that could have gone either way, Carlos Condit could very well be somewhere in the world right now looking at his brand new world title.

The fact is that, in every measurable way and in some ways that can’t be measured, Condit did everything he could against St-Pierre.

He brought the fight to him.

He defended takedowns as well as he could have hoped.

He drove GSP crazy with his furious, active guard.

He never once, not one time, gave any thought to going away.

He fought.

Sometimes that’s not enough though, and it wasn’t for Condit at UFC 154.

He, like many, is now left to wonder what he could have done differently. The answer? Not much.

He fought a Carlos Condit fight—that is to say, he was smartly aggressive, ruthless when he had his opportunities and quirky enough in all facets to give the true champion fits. Sometimes you’re just not better than the other guy. In this case, that’s very much true.

About the only things that The Natural Born Killer could have done differently against St-Pierre would have been to target his repaired knee more intently with strikes—something that was likely avoided out of fear of the takedown… (Click here to read more)

  • rampage

    he could ve ran away on every eexchange,the hit and run technique

    • Hit and run? lol Or what we call use foot work to avoid the damage. It was a great fight. Condit is no chump, he is an incredible fighter, GSP was just the better fighter in every way.

      • rampage

        he could ve easily done that strategy to avoid the takedowns. 2 or 3 strikes then turn n run(foot work strategy) but he didn’t becAuse if he knew he would look really bad. its smart game planning though courtesy of Greg Jackson.

        • The guy just lost a very good fight to one of the greatest p4p fighters. Condit has destroyed everyone else. I dont think he could have done much differently, GSP was just the better fighter. He had 5 rounds to change up his game plan or put it all out there, which he pretty much did. Its easy to say what he could have done; it’s harder doing it against GSP. I’m sure GSP knows how to mix it up and cut off angles and adjust his strategy if Condit changed his.

          • rampage

            anderson silva is going to change all that

          • Wouldn’t be surprised. After Silva handled Bonnar at 205, I just don’t think anyone is giving him a fight anytime soon. But best of luck to GSP.

  • ML

    Hit him in the knee with a bat.

  • GoNoles

    bring on hendrix and give diaz a #1 contender fight put it on the same card. your welcome dana

  • Grisscoat

    Anybody who fights St. Pierre should study the Franca/Sherk fight as if were the Zapruder film. I’ve never seen a guy(Franca) land so many knees on a shooting opponent. It’s unbelievable to watch actually. Franca must have spent a lot of time training up that move. Unfortunately for Franca though, Sherk’s neck is a flesh-wrapped steel cable so he was able to survive it. Hurt him though, no doubt at all about that. St. Pierre would not walk away from a single one of those knees…

  • stevemcz11

    He shoulda stood his ground with Diaz. It would have been invaluable experience and maybe he would have known what to do against GSP when he was backed up against the
    cage and curling up into a standing foetal position.

  • Dave

    Have you ever seen st-pierre fighting live? have you ever trainedwith st-pierre? I did twice.. The guy is lighting fast.. You dont even have time to blink that your already on your back.

    Please don’t compare GSP TD with sherk TD… It’s disrespecful

  • Eniac

    im going to go out on a limb here to claim that Condit played right in St-pierre’s game plan. Admiteddly he didnt give up and it is very admirable. but in the same time, he let st-pierre set the pace and establish his “authority”, thus become more cautious initiating strikes. St pierre was blind from one eye or almost. by round 4, condit should have understood that he had to start taking risks, force the standup and duke it out. he’s been known to be a finisher, he had more than a puncher’s chance, but it seems like he was more focused on countering with singles than initiating combos of his own. in all fairness though, it seems to me that if anyone is gonna beat gsp in the welterweight, it could be condit, in a year or two.