What Are You Willing to Pay for Bellator MMA’s Tito Ortiz vs. ‘Rampage’ Jackson?

August 9, 2013
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TitovsRampage470Bellator MMA recently announced its plans to enter the pay-per-view market on Nov. 2.  The event will be headlined by a match-up between former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but how much are people willing to pay for the organization’s first pay-per-view event?

“Price point will vary depending on the distributor. We’ll have $35 price point, there’ll be some $40, some of the distributors may push it up to $45. It’ll be distributor specific depending on where they’re located around the country,” said Bellator MMA president Bjorn Rebney during a recent media conference call.

“There is a very high likelihood that we will not exceed the $50 price point,” he added.

The fight card is expected to feature several title bouts.

“We’re going to have a lot of title fights on this show. It will be a long pay-per-view. There’s a lot of meat on the bone for us in terms of title fights right now. There will be a lot of world title fights on that show,” said Rebney.

“Because of the Spike partnership, now we’ve got what I always dreamed of having, which is a backlog for our champions across multiple weight divisions. So we can pick and choose what world title fights to put on that show,” he added.  “So you will see a collection of world title fights underneath Tito vs. Rampage. You may see another special fight to kick it off; probably looking at five fights on the pay-per-view.”

Rebney promises the pay-per-view will feature the biggest names on the Bellator roster, but pay-per-view events will not be a regular occurrence for the fight promotion.

“There will be our best names, our best fighters, and like I said, a lot of world title fights on the show, which is great,” he said.

“The one thing that I’ve always said about pay-per-view is that you can’t force feed pay-per-views down people’s throats month in and month out. You can’t do it as a repetitive vehicle. We’re a free TV mechanism and a free TV business,” said the Bellator president.

“Our partnership and our alliance is with Spike and when incredible opportunities come up for us and I sit down with our partners and we have the opportunity to do Tito vs. Rampage or we have the opportunity to do another huge fight, we will probably jump back into the pay-per-view arena. But it’s not going to be one of those things where every single month, do or die, we keep putting it out same time, same place, same channel, where we don’t necessarily have — or someone else doesn’t necessarily have — the fighters to fuel it the way that a premium purchase should be fueled. We’ll get back into it when the timing is right and we have the right fighters,” he continued.

“Pay-per-views are about great fights between great fighters. Pay-per-view is not about just sending it out there into space and saying hey, give me 45 dollars or 50 dollars of your hard-earned money,” added Rebney.  “We’ll be back in it, but we’ll be back in it when the time is right to be back in it.”

As Bellator grows in the market space, you can expect to see more pay-per-view events.

“You’re going to see more of this. You won’t see it every day. We’re not going to crown the champion this way. But you’ll see more of this as we grow and continue to evolve,” said Rebney.

The UFC typically charges $54.95 for high definition pay-per-views.  Invicta FC charged $14.95 for their most recent fight card.  Nick Diaz’s WAR MMA let the consumer decide what the event was worth.

Bellator’s first pay-per-view is expected to feature the biggest names on their roster, several title fights capped off with a bout between MMA icons, but is a low-end consumer cost of $35 too much, or right on target?

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  • earlsimmons

    pay to watch two horrible washed up fighters you say? No thanks broseph!

  • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

    I have no problem with Bellator and I like how they bring shows to places the UFC doesn’t touch, but no, I will not be paying to watch this fight.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Not a dime, this is a C level fight and D level card.

    • Werdoomb

      I would say A- level fight and C level card.

      This fight could have easily been a co-main event fight on a UFC card.

      Come on, Rampage is still top 15 and Tito is top 20. This is not exactly Tank Abbott vs Paul Valerans 2.

      • wow

        Tito still top 20?! So 1 win in 9 fights over a qualifies you for the top 20? 1 win in 7 years. I’d hate to see your top 20 list.

        • Maddawgmar

          Absolutely correct sir, both guys are way out of their prime, and are struggling to be relevant, seriously don’t no what werdoomb is smoking.

        • Werdoomb

          okay, so you do agree that Rampage could be ranked top 15 still.

          Just look at the guys Tito has fought in the last 9 fights. Tito could still been Stefan Bonnar, the Polish experiment, and other bottom tier guys in the UFC.

          Maybe Tito is more like top 20 – 30.

          Outside the top 10 or 15, I have no interest in ranking the fighters.

          • wow

            I do agree Rampage is still top 15…if he kept himself in shape he could easily be top 10. It’s hard to say if someone is in the top 20 or 30…He’s had one impressive moment in 7 years. There are too many fighters in the UFC and other organizations that have racked up quality wins (more than just 1) in the same time span. So I’d say Tito at this point in his career isn’t top 30, probably not top 40. Against Griffin he stayed in one spot eating punches and kicks and then landed 2 good shots that knocked Forest down. The other 4:45 seconds was Tito being picked apart with combinations. Little Nog smashed him, Rashad smashed him, Hamill put a 3 round clinic on him, Machida out struck and outwrestled him. And Chuck knocked out Tito and then didn’t knock out anyone ever again. The only reason people believe Tito is still relevant is because Tito keeps talking himself up 24/7.

        • Werdoomb

          Just make things clear, I am not a Tito fan. I can’t stand him. He is probably the worst human being in MMA.

          But people in this site have a weird tendency of belittling/dismissing everything that is not UFC.

          Come on. Tito vs Rampage is not a relevant fight in terms of ranking. And I personally won’t pay $50 to watch this fight.

          But they are not C level fighters. Ben Rothwell, Cheick Kongo, Matt Mitrione, the Polish Experiment, and other bottom tier UFC guys are B level fighters. So how can Tito or rampage be a C level fighter?

          A level fighters are the top 10 or 15 guys in each division. B level guys are the top 15 thru 30 guys in the division.

          I would say both Tito and rampage are in the top 30.

      • TheCerealKiller

        “This fight could have easily been a co-main event fight on a UFC card.”… 8 years ago! Come join the year 2013 with the rest of us. It’s OK, Pride went under a long time ago. Just wait until you see what cars look like now a days.

        • Werdoomb

          Not really. UFC had Tito vs Griffin 3 only a year ago.

          Randy was active in the UFC only a year ago.

          JBJ fought Chael Sonnen in the UFC.

          Had these two been in the UFC, the fight would have been billed as co-main event.

          In PRIDE the fight would have been main event.

          • shakejunt

            how is this an A- fight and the multiple title fights on the card would make it a C?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Randy hasn’t fought in over two years… I’m wasting my breath. You’re an idiot.

          • Mark McDowall

            Tito/Griffin was only a co-main event because Tito was being inducted in to the hall of fame.

            Cotoure hasn’t fought in over 2 years…

            Not sure what Bones vs Sonnen has to do with anything here…but yes they did fight in the UFC?!?!

            This fight wouldn’t be a co main unless the rest of the card was weak as hell…it just doesn’t have any pulling power. 2 has been fighters will only get this kind of publicity in a smaller promotion like Bellator.

            In PRIDE alot of main events wouldn’t be given the time of day now.

      • The Best Eva

        Tito would be lucky to be considered top 50 now, Rampage maybe if he would ever come fully prepared.

        • Werdoomb

          you have no idea. Top 50??? dude, I want to see that list.

          Tito is for sure top 50. There aren’t that many top level MMA fighters out there dude. And yes, Tito can still beat Stefan Bonnar and I would say Bonnar is top 50.

          • The Best Eva

            Tito beat an awful looking Bader and before that Shamrock twice he hasn’t proved sh** in the last 7 years get a clue buddy.

          • Mark McDowall

            Bader gave Tito his neck and he took a gimme submission. I have a feeling that if that fight went any longer it would have been a win for Bader.

      • drkdisciple

        top 10 light heavyweights in the bellator roster no doubt, top 20 light heavy weights in the world no way.

      • Milosc

        Great point. Agreed

        They would have headlined a Fuel TV card, easy. I think, for some people, it’s all about making money for the UFC

        (even if they don’t even know your name)

      • james j

        Totally disagree. Your posts are generally spot on, just not this time. Sorry friend.

  • Christina

    If I had to chose between paying $14.95 to watch Bellator or Invicta, Invicta gets my money. Rarely a truly boring fight with Invicta. Can’t say the same for Bellator.

    • ShootoShawn

      Exactly, even bigger issue is your choosing between $14.95 for Invicta and $45 or $50 for Bellator. Laughable that they could be this stupid. They’ve done nothing but make horrible mistakes since the move to spike and this is by far the biggest of all. Instead of putting this brutal fight on PPV and charging an astronomical amount for it, they should have put this fight on Spuke TV for free. It could have maybe brought in a lot more fans and viewers than usual and actually some new fans who normally don’t watch their shows. And if done right they could have possibly even obtained some of those viewers for future events. Instead the PPV will be a huge failure and another major blow to their brand and public profile.

  • battle ready

    It may barely be worth my time to look for a free copy on the internet. But then again…maybe not.

  • Dan

    I buy all UFC PPV’s and I casually follow Bellator – not a chance I’ll buy a Bellator PPV to watch Tito vs. Rampage or any of their “world title” fights…

    • bajafox

      Same here

    • Bro Namath

      I was a little annoyed when he kept mentioning “World Title Fights”. I guess it is a title fight in their org but it means nothing when you don’t beat an elite fighter to get the belt. They deserve to have championship fights but don’t try to make it sounds like these are the best fighters in the world.

  • Darin

    “There is a very high likelihood that we will not exceed the $50 price point,”
    There is a very high likelihood that you will not get 50 people to watch this turd.
    I wouldn’t pay $0.50.

  • Tomas Arellano

    Sorry Bellator, I respect that you are giving 2 legends a chance to compete again. I really want to see this fight but not on PPV . You just missed a big opportunity to gain some fans. Good luck.

  • Todd Sparks

    Nothing, zero. I like watching Bellator fights but no one on their roster is PPV caliber. Tito and Rampage were great to watch in their day but no more.

  • Truthsayer

    What is he smoking? World title fights? Which “world” does he live on? It certainly isn’t earth.

  • Timothy Malone

    I hope nobody buys this. I like Bellator, but I hate the PPV business model. They have been giving us title fights for free, don’t be a sucker and start paying for them.

  • ShootoShawn

    F’n insanity that Bjork thinks anyone will pay up to $50 for this B.S. then he says it will be a long PPV, then says it’s 5 fights? Invicta has like 8 fights on theirs and it’s anywhere from 410-$15. Honestly when they 1st announced the Tito vs Rampage PPV I figured they’d ty charging $20 or something and even that I thought would do horribly. But expecting people to pay $40-$50 for something they have always got for free and still didn’t watch is just stupidity. Like you need to know your brand. Then they think bringing in 2 guys who are a combined 1-10-1 in their last 12 fights to headline it? Like WTF? Not to mention the brutal publicity they’ve been getting lately with the Eddie Alvarez situation. Just look at their numbers for the “Summer Series” and Fight Master. Absolutely brutal. I swear these guys have no clue what they’re doing. The 1st thing they need to do is let Alvarez walk so they can at least attempt to get some fans back on their side. Next they need to scrap the whole Tournament format. It was a good idea at 1st. Something different to separate themselves from the competition but now it’s just old. They end up having these stupid fights that no one wants to see because they don’t have the ability to make the best and most exciting match ups. Say what you want about the UFC and that Title Shots aren’t given they’re earned but the UFC and Joe Silva do a phenomenal job at putting the best possible fights together that fans want to see and that will sell PPV’s. With Bellator being purchased by Viacom and getting on Spuke TV they had a huge opportunity to actually make a run at the UFC. Obviously they will NEVER be on their level or really even close but they could have done great things, I know it’s early on in the relationship but IMO they have gone backwards. They continue to make brutal and honestly baffling decisions and it’s translated into losing what few fans they had, Low numbers and un-happy fighters. They need to get their ish together and quick.

  • ShootoShawn

    I wouldn’t pay anything for this event. They made a HUGE mistake not putting this fight on SPUKE TV for free. Could have been a big boost for their brand. At least if they would have been reasonable and charged $15 or at the most $20 then maybe just out of boredom or lack of anything else on some hardcore fans would have purchased it. But charging UFC PPV type $ for your 1st time on PPV with 2 guys combining for a 1-10-1 record in their last 12 is just stupidity. They will end up regretting this for a LONG time.

    • cs

      How do you come up with a combined record of 1-10-1? It’s like 3-9. It isn’t much better but don’t make S*** up.

  • JRod

    They better hope that TNA crowd buys the promos these guys have been selling in the ring lol. I love both fighters, but I wouldn’t have paid for this 5 years ago, much less buying it now.


    They should pay me $25 to watch

  • grashopper

    This ppv is only going on because they told a judge that it would so in a way anyone that buys it is helping bellator keep Eddie Alvarez On the sidelines. Reason two why not to pay for this ppv you got two old fighters that have never fought in a bellator cage headlining what a slap in the face for bellator champs.Reason three you can watch it for free on firstrowsports:-)

  • King_DG


  • diazfan209

    I don’t understand why Bellator would rather test the PPV waters instead of just going for good ratings on Spike.


    What am I willing to pay?…. about tree fiddy

  • johnny q

    $35 with Chandler-Alvarez, Veigh-Lawal, Curran-Straus, Kongo-Mighty Mo

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      add silva vs weidman 2 and ill pay

  • al57

    Is there one person dumb enough on the earth to but a Tito/Rampage fight? ONE

  • al57

    If the Tito fight was free it wouldn’t draw any ratings.

  • robc

    If Bellator wants to eventually compete with the UFC (and they have to at some point) and wants to draw talent, they pretty much have to move to the PPV model. The UFC has proven that is where the money is. The UFC routinely gives it’s top fighters undisclosed cuts of PPV profits. That is what Bellator needs to get guys from the UFC. Money is how Strikeforce got Dan Henderson. Until Bellator can offer big money to fighters, much of which is drawn from PPV revenues, they will be stuck with B and C level fighters with the odd star in the making (Alvarez, Chandler, Askren). And as soon as those stars have established their value (ie, Alvarez) they immediately want to go to the UFC once their contract is up. Why? Money, exposure, better endorsements (which again translates to money). Rampage got the A-Team movie because of his exposure in the UFC, not what he got in Pride.

    Is this card worthy of PPV status? If they have Chandler and Mo fighting decent guys, it could be. There have been plenty of UFC PPV cards that were essentially stinkers with a couple of decent fights at best. I agree with the general consensus that it should be less expensive but Bellator runs of the risk of being seen as an inferior product to the UFC if they heavily discount their PPV price (which they are but most casual fans likely won’t know the difference).

  • Melanie May

    I just hate to see them take the same road as Elite XC and go bankrupt due to paying fighters too much. I understand that they have to charge to re-coup what they are paying Tito and Rampage, but I think its just too much of a financial risk.

  • El Gvapo

    Do you boys in the states really have to pay varying amounts for PPVs depending on where you live? That seems pretty shitty. I don’t get the whole PPV model you have over there, seems so scandalously expensive especially when you can’t even guarantee the product is going to be any good.

    • Gary Fredericks

      ….and that is before taxes and fees from your television provider.

  • The Best Eva

    Your PPV’s should be $20 at most or it will fail like strikeforce and WEC.

  • Truth

    Realistically, if they want to give this a legit chance… they can’t go above $20.

    $50 is suicide. Dana gotta be just laughing…

  • I’ll watching it, but I won’t be paying.


  • Gary Fredericks

    What a slap in the face it must be to the Bellator champs to have a severely overhyped Tito vs Rampage headline their show.

    As to what price I would pay for this PPV? Nothing at all.

  • bajafox

    Coming from a guy who owns Tito toy figure…$0

  • jeremy

    i wont watch it for free

  • Bendo’s Abs

    Wake me up when the PPV’s over…..

  • Ben

    I would buy it at no more than $10. Not a dime for the Tito/Page fight but just for the fights in general. Tito has whored (not referring to Jenna) himself in every way possible. Rampage would be exciting if it were the Rampage of old and not just an old Quinton Jackson; but the beast is long gone. This fight is not even a fight of legends so much as it is a fight for the plain stupid. They should have remained loyal with the UFC and taken executive rolls whereby they would remain respected. Instead we have this very uninteresting fight headlining an otherwise pretty good card. Bellator is making foolish decisions with regards to Eddie Alvarez as well. Bellator will likely never have the greatest fighters in the world. It has been done with the UFC for so long, who would dream to be Bellator champion. Bellator would be better focused on being the farm league, so to speak; with twice as many shows all on Spike, call it every Friday or Saturday night. They can accomplish it by thinking big picture and and much smaller.

    This is something that the UFC would love to do, but cannot. The UFC would lose credibility trying to shove lower class fighters down our throat. The prime time would just be too much for the less experienced, generally. However, should the fighters have a chance to be the best and move on from Bellator into the UFC, they would fight their hearts out with less pressure.. In this world you have to make a fit, not take another’s.

  • Juan

    This fight is meaningless, the co main event should be Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair, if you pay anything for this fight your flushing your hard earn money down the toilet. They should show this on Spike TV, so least people will be tempted to watch, but to pay for this crap is joke.

  • Steve

    Bjorn Rebney is a moron. He wants so bad to be Dana White that he is gonna cause the demise of Bellator.

  • al57

    who would be dumb enough to buy a Tito PPV? No one is that dumb?

  • shooter

    sorry Bellator. i support all MMA, but not going to pay to see Tito vs Rampage.

  • Kay

    I want to start this out by saying , I’m a fan of the UFC however, you guys don’t understand fighting. How is rampage not top 15, 20 he’s only lost to the top 5 guys in the division excluding the Ryan bader lost. That dosent make him washed up that makes his oppenent better then him. Even Jon jones didn’t even want to engage with him. In Tito is of coarse top 30 maybe to 20 he’s only lost to the top guys , in he’s was never destroyed. I think you guys forget Dana is a promoter first , and belittles fighters who are not in the ufc

  • dgs

    I must chime in with the majority here, and say, “not one, red cent.”

    Bellator, I understand you’re trying to break into the PPV market, but a Tito Ortiz vs Rampage Jackson fight as a headlining bout is simply not the way to do it; unless of course you’re trying to attract the WWE Raw crowd. Real MMA fans are not going to be interested enough in this fight to pay to see it.

  • DamianCross

    Let’s just say I intend to pay the exact same amount that I pay for UFC pay per view.

  • gnodeb

    I simply don’t believe this is a real fight. Win or lose it’s all the same. They have nothing to prove or fight for. It’s just about one pay check… They will show up, gas out and go home…

  • al57

    might as well put Bob Sapp on the undercard

  • al57

    Tito wasn’t watched in the UFC how dumb is Bellator?

  • reality sucks

    This whole Tito/Rampage thing is the equivalent of that band that used to be really popular in the 80’s, selling out stadiums all over the world, and now they can be seen on the smoky stage at your local indian casino. And no, I won’t be paying a dime for either.

  • BobGyro

    i already am paying for it as i will use my internet connection to download it

  • james j

    This ppv will be in the red for Bellator. They are going to lose their shirt, and it might bankrupt them. I am sure they have insurance for this, but the quick answer is, li like the 80% of the median bell curve, will not pay a dime for this fight.

  • al57

    I’d rather watch ten hours of Al Sharpton than watch a Tito/Rampage fight. So help me Rhonda.

  • kiv


  • al57

    seriously what moron is dumb enough to purchase this Tito fight?

  • al57

    The first moron who would actually purchase a Tito/Rampage fight needs serious mental help.

  • al57

    Tito belongs in IRAQ

  • Byrd


  • al57

    Please let us know what moron actually pays $50 to see a Tito fight? I wouldn’t pay $5 to see Tito’s wife and mother of his kids in a porn movie.

  • Schmana Blight

    Not exceed $50? Is this guy delusional? This is a UFC on Fx fight at best. It’s going to be a total disaster and I doubt they’ll claw back the fighter salaries. Neither fighter is relevant any more. If anyone is dumb enough to buy this, I have some fireproof diving watches I’m trying to sell.

  • al57

    No one cares about Tito when he was fighting for nothing. Why pay to see a lead head like Tito when he is washed up? Dumb.

  • BobGyro

    No one is going to buy this garbage fight on PPV. Hell no one would watch it for free on Spike TV. Dumb. Bellator to go belly up/

  • BobGyro

    Fans don’t watch Bellator when it’s on for free. Who the hell is dumb enough to pay to see fricking Tito fight?

  • itseme

    2 has beens who the hell wants to pay for that

  • RedinDenver

    Maybe the undercard will be good … but $35 – $50 ???? I can’t imagine they will get many takers.