West Australian Government Looking to Ban Cage Fighting From March

January 11, 2013
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Just as it seemed that MMA was starting to take a step forward in Australia, MMAWeekly.com has learned that the Western Australian Government will look to pass legislation to ban the sport in a cage as of March 1, 2013.

“The cage in Western Australia will be banned starting on March 1st. K-Oz have just locked the Italian Club on Feb. 23. This show is gonna happen quick and we need a lot of support. We will focus on our approach to legislation in the coming week,” leading Western Australia promoter Grady Stewart said.

Victoria was the only state in Australia that banned the cage and with the UFC becoming more prominent in the country and with a big push behind it, it seems likely that the ban will be overturned in the near future, but today’s announcement about the cage being banned in the west of the country has left fans and officials scratching their heads.

“So the cage will be banned in West Australia from March. Damn what an ignorant decision!!! I am shattered!!! MMA will be now done in the ring,” TUF Australia participant Xavier “X Man” Lucas wrote on his Facebook page.

K-Oz Entertainment is the featured MMA show in the state. After being in operation for over 12 months, they had big plans for 2013 with an eight-man eliminator tournament scheduled and former UFC fighter Soa Palalei as their heavyweight champion, but the announcement of banning the cage could derail their plans or force them to hold their events in a ring.

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for more information as the story develops.

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  • BobLemons

    And the point of this ban is what?

  • dave

    Figured the other way around. Can’t fall out of a cage like a ring

  • El Gvapo

    Just an odd decision. Ban mma? Yes possibly, I could see why they would want to do that, play up to the moral crowd etc. But just ban the cage? What the hell? So mma is “less violent” if its in a ring but attach the word cage and suddenly it turns into a barbaric event? I guess the only thing to consider is that Western Australia, despite being an enormous land mass, has absolutely nothing in it. In fact, I believe Perth is the remotest city in the world. Now there’s some geography for ya!

  • bmc92

    if they gave the ufc a choice between no more cage but allow soccer kicks or stay with the cage and no soccer kicks what wud you chose?? just interested in what people think haha id gladly give up the cage for pride rules in the ufc

    • Timothy Malone

      I don’t know. I remember the number of times they used to have to stop the grappling in Pride and reposition the fighters because they were moving under the ropes. So annoying.

  • Bruno

    I love in Western Australia and actually thought the ‘Cagefighting Bill’ was passed in late-2007. It either didn’t pass or was a bill restricting MMA in some form. I spoke to the Member of Parliament who came up with the bill and his views were as if MMA was still the sport it was in the mid-90s.

    Said it’s too brutal and presents a negative message to society. It’s interesting that our government is a conservative one. I thought conservatives were for less government.

  • I live in Perth and we finally get a new stadium that could hold an FX or Fuel card and now they are going to ban the cage, No wonder this state is known as being backwards

  • choco

    I agree with Matt Kimberley – “No wonder this state is known as being backwards’. I am a perth resident and am embarressed by our so called politicians doing this. It is a sport (fastest growing in the world), and will lead to us flying to NSW / QLD etc to watch live events – goodbye money and exposure for the state. It’s ok for boxing and muay thai to opperate here but why not mma? It is just a sport, with 2 willing combatants taking part, no-ones throwing un-willing contestants in there to fight!