Wesley Snipes Thinks Boxing Fans Dress Better Than MMA Fans

February 18, 2015
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Blade thinks you dress like a chump.

Wesley Snipes caught up with the paparazzi recently and they asked him all sorts of MMA questions because ACTORS NEED TO BE QUOTED ABOUT THE UFC, BRO. And one of the things he said is the dress code at boxing matches is on a higher level than that of MMA’s audience.

“The people that go to boxing matches, they dress better … When they come out to a boxing match, they come out tux and tails.”

Looks like Snipes isn’t lining up to purchase UFC-fighter-related Reebok gear.

To the footage, courtesy of TMZ.

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  • benoit

    Who cares????

  • billywood

    you cared enough to watch and comment.

  • sintheticreality2

    C’mon, the “Just Bleed” guy looked pretty spiffy.

  • hyperbole

    I find that non-Wesley Snipes types trend to do a better job of paying their taxes.