We’re Not Sure if Eminem is Dissing or Complimenting Ronda Rousey with These Lyrics

November 24, 2014
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When Eminem’s mixtape dropped in 1997, it was seriously the greatest wordplay I’d ever heard from any emcee that touched a microphone up to that point. He, of course, went on to do things with Dr. Dre and became an icon in the music business, although my personal favorite is the madness he spit on Soundbombing II.

Part of Em’s reputation has come from dissing people on his songs, taking shots at everyone from popular names like Christina Aguilera to smaller names that you probably have to Google like Cage. *waits for you to copy and paste Cage*

And now Slim Shady is calling out UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in his new release, “Shady XV.” We’re not sure if he’s trying to get his ass beat by calling her out or if he’s actually complimenting her. You make the call after reading the lyrics.

Props to my dude Zane Simon for the transcription:

I got a Magic Johnson
It’s like a Magic Wand allows me to not let a blonde arouse me
If Ronda Rousey was on the couch with the condoms out
Holding a thousand Magnums at once to pounce me
I’ll laugh in response to how she dances and flaunts it around me
Her flat little badonkadonk is bouncing around
And all I see is Paulie Malignaggi, she’s slaughterhouse in a blouse

Not much of a reader? It’s cool. Listen to the track below.

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  • sanju singh

    eminem is fuckeddd

    • mariyathomas

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      ▂ ▄ ▅ ▇ ­C­L­I­C­K­ F­I­N­E­N­C­I­A­L­ R­E­P­O­R­T­ I­N­ ▇ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

      ➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜ W­W­W.h­u­l­u­j­o­b.C­o­m


      If you mean incredibly talented and THE BEST at what he does, then yes he’s really, really, really fuckeddd. He’s awesome and hands down the best rapper to have ever lived, not even close. What this guy can do with lyrics at the drop of a hat is un-matched by any other rapper/musician/artist.
      I’d bet Mr. Menim was complimenting her, and that he would love to tap her ass, like most guys!

      • Mike mckinney

        It’s fair to say Eminem is in the conversation, but hands down best rapper to have ever lived? That’s tough.

        • uncle

          Right somehow Eminem surpass Rakim.

          • Mike mckinney

            It’s fair to call him the best if you’re comparing him to today’s pop charts.

  • Shene Robinson

    Wouldn’t be the first spoiled little white boy she beat the piss out of for running his mouth.

    • Frank

      Name another?

      • Shene Robinson

        Some nameless idiot in a movie theater that decided to pick a fight with her and some of her friends. Didn’t go so well for him. She’s been setting boys/men straight for years in the gym earning respect. Don’t know if you roll, but she’s as legit as they come.

        • yurdum

          You’re a f—ing moron. Professional mma fighters would get into a lot of s–t with the law if they beat up regular folks. Think before you dribble s–t out your mouth.

          • Fraser Hawkins

            Either she beat up that guy in a movie theatre or she’s lying about it. She wasn’t a pro at the time. But sure, pop off about something you don’t know anything about. Looking smart!

  • Mike mckinney

    Eminem is spoiled? Not sure he’s been accused of that before.
    Regardless I don’t know that anyone Eminem has spoke about that hasn’t gotten a bump in popularity. However he meant it, she’ll thank him.

  • uncle

    He wants to wife her up

  • P-rick

    he isn’t really dissin anybody if your name rhymes with some lyric he’s writing then your in it ..not personal

  • jean valjean

    I think… No, i’m sure that he’s a little show bizz doll, he just want to do the thing, i mean “buzzing” like a little bug (in instagram or twiter or facebook but never in the ring), i don’t like people like him, they don’t know what is their place… the carpet in his case.