Welterweight Prospect and GSP Training Partner Brandon Thatch Signs UFC Deal, Awaits First Fight

May 12, 2013

Georges St-Pierre and Brandon ThatchWelterweight prospect Brandon Thatch has signed a four-fight contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Like most fighters, the UFC has long been Thatch’s goal.

“I want to be considered one of those elite fighters. I want to strap on the UFC gloves and be considered one of the best in the world,” he told MMAWeekly.com before his last fight, which took place at RFA 7 in March.

“I don’t really consider myself an MMA fighter until I strap on those UFC gloves. Once I strap up those UFC gloves, I’ll feel like I’ve made it.”

He’s now about to strap on those UFC gloves after an impressive first-round submission victory over Roufusport fighter Mike “Biggie” Rhodes at RFA 7 bumped his overall record to 9-1 and put his current winning streak at eight consecutive fights.

That victory, coupled with the backing of key training partner UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, helped earn Thatch the shot he has been longing for.

“I believe Brandon Thatch could be in the UFC right now,” said St-Pierre before Thatch’s win at RFA 7. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to prove it to everyone in his fight (with Rhodes).”

Thatch told MMAWeekly.com on Saturday night that he doesn’t yet have a date or opponent for his first UFC bout, but told the crowd at Kickdown MMA – a local fight event in Denver – that he is continuing to train, staying at the ready for when the UFC calls on him to make his promotional debut.

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  1. Proof read your articles!

    • Haha this one is especially bad. “One I strap up those UFC gloves.” “Bumped his overall reord.” And who can forget the UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges Gt-Pierre

      • Give Ken a break. He puts on good articles as does the whole staff here at mmaweekly.com. They do it day in and day out, weekdays, weekends, and holidays….and it’s free.

        • Thanks for the kind words Gary. Those were some silly mistakes though. But I do very much appreciate your support and appreciation of the site and our efforts!

    • Since you enjoy being a grammar Nazi, I am sure you already knew that “Proof read” should have been one word….Proofread, right?

      I love it when you guys attempt to be smarter than the guys doing all of the work here…..and FAIL! LOL

  2. Why does GSP keep bringing Welterweight fighters to the UFC? Is he trying to fill up the division with elite fighters that he will never fight? Doesn’t he train with anyone that is not 170?

    • Probably because he knows he can beat them already is my guess. He trains with them after all. That, and there’s no way I’d stand in the way of a friend’s career just because my little ego feels threatened.

      By the time Thatch has a chance at reaching for the belt, GSP will most likely have moved on to other projects … a few more fights at 170, maybe a “superfight” (yeah, yeah I know, don’t hold your breath) then hanging up the gloves IMHO.