September 10, 2009
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Press Release courtesy of World Championship Fighting
World Championship Fighting on Thursday announced its full fight card for its Sept. 26 event at the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, Mass. The card is stacked with talent from top to bottom, and features 14 Professional fights, and is expected to have several current UFC fighters in attendance. With celebrities like “The King of Queens” Kevin James attending WCF 7, you never know who you may run into at WCF 8.

WCF 8 Full Fight Card:
-Mike Campbell (Sit Yod Tong) vs. Mike Medrano (Team Rhino)
-John Benoit (Renzo NH) vs. Hitalo Machado (ATT)
-Dennis Olsen (Gracie Barra NH) vs. Ryan Schieding (Burgess)
-Dan Bonnell (Premier Fight Team) vs. Josh LaBerge (Gillette)
-Joe McGann (USMMA) vs. Jason Dublin (Dublin Fight Factory)
-Kevin Corrigan (USMMA) vs. Saul Almeida (Rivera MMA)
-Aniss Alhajjajy (BTT) vs. Brent Reed (ATT)
-Jeremy Ross (Link) vs. Jon Sola (Burgess)
-Damien Trites (Wai-Kru) vs. Noah Wiseman (BJJ Revolution)
-John Ortolani (Gracie Barra NH) vs. Igor Makasins (Guy Chase)
-Jim Pitner (USMMA) vs. James Boran (Rivera MMA)
-Lev Kamenetski (White Water MMA) vs. Joel Ty (Guy Chase)
-Luke Corona (Bombsquad) vs. Luke Douglas (Guy Chase)
-John Lemke (Irish) vs. Steve Beck

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