WBA Champion Austin Trout Says Carlos Condit Brings the Sweet Science to MMA

August 27, 2012
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 There’s always something to be said for diversifying a fighter’s training ahead of a big fight, and that’s no different for UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit.

With still a few months remaining until UFC 154 and a showdown against Georges St-Pierre, Condit has taken some time to work with WBA champion Austin ‘No Doubt’ Trout to get better with his hands.

Trout is an undefeated champion with 25 wins, 14 by knockout and currently holds the WBA light middleweight title. He also happens to be a New Mexico native so when the chance arose to work with Condit, Trout was happy to stop by Team Jackson/Winkeljohn to help the UFC champion with his striking.

“I’ve worked with Jorge Hernandez and Will Fox before they do local radio here in southwest New Mexico, and Will Fox is real close with (Carlos) Condit so through him, Carlos reached out and wanted some work and it just went from there,” Trout told MMAWeekly.com about how he first met Condit.

Trout went out to the gym and worked with Condit on the bags, watched his technique and taught him some new tricks to add to his arsenal. A fan of MMA, Trout knows that striking in mixed martial arts is much different than striking in boxing, but there are elements that will always crossover.

“It was great, it was a lot better than a lot of other MMA fighters. They throw their punches a little different in MMA, but Carlos he threw like a boxer. With a couple of exceptions because you have to guard against different striking points, you can’t stay in the same boxing stance the whole time I understand that,” Trout said.

“His stand-up was very impressive especially for being as versatile of a fighter as he is.”

There are certain weapons utilized in boxing that are regularly underused in MMA, like the jab or the body shot. Trout helped Condit with his combinations and technique, but was remarkably impressed with how well his boxing acumen lined up with his MMA skills.

“He thinks in a boxer’s mind, he was throwing jabs, throwing good body shots. He would follow up with a good knee to the body and a hook to the head. I do see those qualities in him, he definitely utilizes everything he’s taught,” Trout stated.

Trout says the key to Condit, or any MMA fighter’s success for that matter, is to look at striking in the cage the same way you should in a boxing ring. The techniques may differ, the stances and footwork may be drastically different, but ultimately there still needs to be a high IQ approach at how to best beat your opponent.

Trout believes Condit has those qualities to out think his opponent on the feet, and that is immediately a very dangerous and potent weapon.

“He’s smart, he uses the whole sweet science instead of the tough man type of striking. You take MMA and make it a sweet science just like boxing is. He’s one of the best strikers in MMA,” said Trout.

When looking at the fight coming up between Condit and St-Pierre, Trout knows that the Canadian’s game has traditionally been to look for the takedown and avoid striking too much on the feet. Trout knows it won’t be easy for Condit to avoid St-Pierre’s wrestling, but if the fight stays on the feet for very long he anticipates a short night for the incumbent champion.

“I would love for him to beat GSP,” said Trout. “And bring the title to New Mexico.”

(All photos courtesy of Will Fox)

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  • mark-31

    Condit is a bitch. That is why he gets boos at every arena he goes to to watch some real fighters. I hope GSP destroys him within a few minutes.

  • atmosphere

    MMA is very much a “what have you done for me lately” sport and fans generally have short memories. that said, Condit is an exciting fighter, but as I’ve said before, I believe that Greg Jackson crafts very conservative gameplans for his top-tier fighters. it seems as though he’s not taking ANY risks whatsoever, even calculated ones.

    Guida, Condit, and Jon Jones are more recent examples of just that. they use to be exciting, throw caution to the wind fighters, but now they’re fighting for points

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Condit is a Warrior! GSP better be ready. Just as Nick Diaz what a leg to ace feels like!

    • Triggerman99

      I would imagine Nick Diaz wouldn’t speak too highly of it, since he basicly chased Condit around the cage trying to get an actual fight going.

  • MaritalArtist

    Go CONDIT!!

  • maddawgmar

    I don’t understand the venom towards Condit. The man has the highest stoppage percentage in the UFC at 93%. Two fights went the distance. Ellenberger and Diaz. There are two ways you beat Diaz, wrestle him down and hold him there the entire fight hoping to not get caught in a submission, or get on your bicycle and pick him apart as he comes forward. That’s it. Condit fought the right fight and won. GSP. Will have a tough fight on his hands.

  • Condit and GSP it going to be a great fight. I’m just wondering the game plan Jacksons camp has for this fight.

  • demetriousgonzalz

    yea if u call running away and throwing lil baby kicks sweet science

  • mma fanatic1982

    lol fans r so fickle. condit is abeast! he used great footwork and threw the whole time. seems some fans dont want a fighter to have skill or technique, they just want them to stand in the middle and swing till someone falls. thats not who has the most skills or better fighter, thats just whos tougher. mayweather, ali, 2 of the best ever, they dont stand and trade lol thats just dumb barbarian crap, no they stick move and outthink there opp. ofcourse u try to finish but u dont force it, if it happens it happens. condit threw head kicks too and spiining backfist, but to say just throw caution to the wind is not smart. so lets see if i got this right, if u out wrestle a guy its called lay n pray, if u out strike a guy in terms of picking shits footwork erc. (by the way jds boxes well and we dont stand n bang, he throws combos and moves. just so happens he has heavy hands so it kos alot of ppl) anyway thats called running. so the only thing it seems is good is standing still and swinging like school kids haha. so gsp outstruck a striker in kos but all he does is lay n pray, lol he broke dudes eye socket, j.kosh couldnt even fly in a plane for awhile, lol he took away someones boarding pass and really grounded him. condit moved footwork and out struck diaz and he ran lol, fight stats shows he outlanded it, and so did nicks face! dude this is not the doorjam at home where u and a buddy just stand with your backs against the doorway and trade shots till someone falls lol, this is mixed martial arts! i enjoy seing actual skill fights. yes there r some that really do lay n pray but not gsp, and some have ran lol brock vs cain. but condit didnt run. and guida has always played it safe, all he did before was hold a guy like pettis to the ground with no intention of causing harm. those r the real lay n pray, now that stuff i dont like. wrestle but do it with the intent of ko or getting a sub, if they defend well and u dont get it, ohwell take the rnd but atleast try to cause damage. sorry i rambled, point is guida never was exciting! i cant stand bones but he is very talented with his abilitiy to use his frame and length. he hasnt gotten boring. only time he went dec is evans and he landed some nice elbows to my boy lol yes i was rooting for evans. but point is jackson may be a snake and make jbj a wuss for not taking the fight, but his gameplans in a fight r great. they try to finish every time but if u cant get it then tbey cant get it, they dont get emotional and overlook for something; just let it come natural. god bless.

  • MrAdidas

    Condit better hope he’s 10X better than he was in his last fight vs. Diaz. I Thought Condit was going to “finish” Diaz, yet he barely won. I think GSP will still be too much for Condit, even with a long lay off, but GSP isnt your avg fighter. Hopefully Condit, like many of his fans under estimate GSP (b/c of his long lay off), b/c I guarantee GSP will be a new & improved one, but alot hungrier. I really beleive GSP will finish Condit, and I havent said that in a long time. YES I’m a huge GSP fan, but I never expected him to finish Koscheck or Shields, eventhough he should have vs. Kos.