Waters Tested, Anderson Silva Not Planning Return To Light Heavyweight

March 23, 2011
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Anderson Silva UFC 126

Anderson Silva at the UFC 126 post-fight press conference

Whenever the term “super fight” is thrown around, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s name inevitably comes up.

The man who has stayed undefeated in the UFC while riding a nearly five-year, 14-fight unbeaten streak, is almost universally ranked as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport. Silva has also ventured out of his usual weight class and laid a beatdown on fighters like Forrest Griffin and James Irvin at 205 pounds.

It’s no wonder that almost the moment that Jon Jones finished off Maurcio “Shogun” Rua, the questions immediately came flowing in about the new UFC light heavyweight champion squaring off against Silva.

Well, it doesn’t appear likely that fight will happen.

Silva, who is currently waiting to hear about who his next opponent will be, has informed UFC president Dana White that he doesn’t have any desire to go back to 205 pounds again. He wants to finish his career as a middleweight.

“Anderson Silva has made it very clear to me that he does not want to fight at 205 pounds,” White stated following UFC 128.

The UFC’s reigning and defending middleweight champion will more than likely face either top 185-pound contender Yushin Okami or, in true super fight fashion, take on Georges St-Pierre if the Canadian is able to get past Jake Shields at UFC 129.

Silva vs. St-Pierre is the super fight everyone has been talking about for years, at least until Jon Jones put on a show at UFC 128.

According to White, Silva only tested the waters at 205 pounds because the UFC was essentially asking him to do it. Now he is content to stay at 185 pounds, defend his title, and let the best of the best come to him.

Even with the temptation of adding another title to his mantle, Silva just doesn’t seem interested in any fight at light heavyweight.

“Originally, when I was always talking about him trying to go for another belt at 205 pounds, and he stuck his big toe in it a couple times, I think because I was pushing the issue. He’s made it very clear he doesn’t want to fight at 205,” White stated.

Silva still has plenty of challenges, however, without ever facing Jon Jones. Beyond St-Pierre and Okami, there’s still a potential rematch with Chael Sonnen looming overhead. The middleweight champion can stay plenty busy and face a lot of top competition, it just won’t be at 205 pounds.

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  • XIRandomHeroIX

    I think Silva vs Jones is a way more interesting fight than Silva vs GSP honestly.

    • armendo420

      i think its more of a fair fight gsp vs silva rather silva vs jones cuz the spider is a great fighter dont get me rong!! but jones is a big boy man!!! silva could very well knock him out but if it went to the ground man!!! jones is a monster submissions would be hard as hell but could be done!!!!! but chael sonnen lasted so jones would 4 sure so i think personally i would like to see jones vs silva!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wonggfan

    GSP would get killed. Silva would love to fight GSP instead of Jon Jones.

    Look who is padding his record now!!!

    185 is full of lukewarm talents and 205 rejects. Chael Sonnen was shit at 205. Hendo and Franklin moved down after realizing that they are too small at 205.

    And this “p4p king” refuses to go up to 205 to fight J. Jones. I don’t blame him because he knows he would get killed by J. Jones.

    GSP, Okami, and Chael???? Those three are not even a question for Silva. One if too small, ther others are just mediocre. HAHA! A. Silva is afraid of J. Jones.

  • streetfightertoo

    Dont blame him, Jones is Bigger, Stronger and Faster. By the way he is also younger and more talented and he has takin almost no damage in any of his fights.

  • witts

    i think you guys are falling in to the UFC/dana trap…. i’m not saying it is a bad trap tho…because i like many others would like to see that match up.

    it was said by silva long ago that he wants to finish his career in the MW division… we all knew that.

    what dana is doing, is creating the idea that silva doesn’t want to test 205 because of resent changes.

    ufc is trying to get fans and fighters to call out silva, putting him on the spot, making it seem like he doesn’t want any of jones….

    a super fight is what we want to see and if enough heat is put on silva and people start “questioning his legacy”…. we could see the fight after all.

    that is why it’s not a bad trap…. but it sure is deceiving.

    • wonggfan

      umm…no…witts..you are the one that fell in Dana’s trap by analyzing the UFC drama as if it is some reality show.

      Just listen to your shit. Dana intentionally told fans that Silva doesn’t want to fight at 205, predicting that the fans will be upset, somehow this will affect Silva’s mood, make it more likely that Silva will fight at 205, and at the same time shift the blame to Silva as making that move??????

      I mean….you just fell into Dana’s trap. Anyone that dramatizes the situation like a fan of Jersey Shores……you know..

      Look, Silva doesn’t want to fight J. Jones. He just wants to fight at 185 (where 205 rejects and guys smaller than him are at) and stay as the champion there.

      Silva could fight at LHW easily. Easier than CC dropping down to LHW (and that seems not that hard).

      THIS IS YOUR P4P champ!!!

  • MrAdidas

    Silva wanted/wants to finish his career @ MW is b/c its full of “BUMS”, its BY FAR the worst division in all of MMA/UFC. I am now realising that Silva is much like Fedor, doesnt want to lose that “unbeatable” allure he has b/c that would be it for Silva, like it has been for Fedor. I no longer consider Silva in the top 2, in regards to the #1 P4P figther, b/c hes a PUSSY!

    He doesnt need to stop fighting @ MW, Dana didnt ask him that, fight @ both if he wants, I’m sure Dana/UFC would tell Silva we will give you a top 3 contender @ LHW & if you win the 2 fights, we guarantee you a titel shot. BUT we all know Silva is TERRIFIED to DEATH of the top LHW fighters like Rua, Evans, Lyoto & especailly Jon Jones. FUNNY how b4 Silva said he wouldnt fight @ LHW b/c Lyoto was champ, which is understandable. But now hes just SCARED, pathetic.

    streetfightertoo: You are right – “Jones is Bigger, Stronger and Faster. By the way he is also younger and more talented”. BUT I do blame Silva, b/c he has the size, strength & reach advantage over every fighter @ MW, but now Silva doesnt have the BIG advantages @ LHW, hes too scared to see how he can do without having all of the advs b4 the fight even starts. Jon Jones would EMBARESS Silva worst than he did Rua & Silva knows that.

    I dont know why people ALWAYS talk about GSP not wanting to move up to MW, while you have Silva whos a HUGE MW, who wont move up to fight people his size. Silva walks around 220lbs-230lbs, which is what alot of LHW fighters walk around at. While GSP is a “small” WW, he just looks big b/c hes shredded & looks like hes carved out of granite. Most WW GSP has fought were all bigger than him, Fitch, Alves, Hardy, Koscheck are all bigger than GSP, the only 2 guys GSP was bigger than, were BJ & Serra. Not sure y people expect a small WW/GSP to move up to a weight division where he will STILL have most of the disadvantages he had @ WW, but even worst @ MW b/c the fighters are bigger, stronger & longer (reach wise). If Dana is “forcing” GSP to move up to a weight class where GSP will ALWAYS have the disadvantages, then Y not force Silva up to his “natural weight class” where the field will be much more even & where Silva will NOT ALWAYS have the advantages?!?

    I’m way more impressed with a smaller fighter (GSP) dominating bigger & better skilled fighters, than I am impressed with a figther (A.Silva) dominating smaller & much less skilled fighters, not to mention Silva ALWAYS having the size, stength & reach advantages b4 the fight even begins.


  • shakejunt


    • armendo420

      4 sure buddy i hear ya

  • Prodigy815

    I don’t see you guys fighting anyone bigger than you =)

  • dman818

    I had to create account for this one!

    Fewkin morons if you think a fighter is scared of another fighter especially AS. JJ is pretty much a heavyweight fighting at L. Heavyweight.

    And look at that idiot above calling Silva a pussy, WOW!

  • somecokehead

    Silva is not a pussy son. He is a champion. He did what Dana wanted and easily defeated Irvin and Griffin. I think the GSP vs silva fight will happen… I think it will be a good fight but GSP is obviously taking the bigger risk. However, GSP has the right tools to beat Silva, granted he is smaller in stature.
    With that said I would have liked to see Silva move up to 205 and test himself, like GSP is willing to do. This is one reason why a guy like GSP has way more fans than Silva. Silva is an excellent fighter. GSP is dominant as well but also a great ‘ambassador’ for Canada and the sport of MMA.

  • trevor

    Blah Blah Blah. Seriously , what a bunch of armchair mma critic wankers you all are! Anderson Silva is in a very week division…is this his fault? Nope. Does that mean he should move around? Nope. GSP is in a much more highly skilled division . Does this mean he should move up or down ….fuck no! Why? Whether you approve of your favourite or most hated fighter really means nothing to anyone but ..YOU. We are talking about elite athletes fighting the best of what is available within their chosen weight class. That alone is an incredible feat and history will define the opponents of that era. Do I think Anderson Silva is fighting bums ? Yup ! Does that make him a pussy? Nope. Do I think GSP is the P4p best fighter ? yep! Does that make him undefeatable? Nope.
    GSP moving up is not a good career move ( too much to lose) and I really dont think Dana should have any control over career roulette . For nothing than the “bottom line ” of the UFC. Jon Jones is goodt but he hasn’t yet had enough formidable opponents to be called great. Lets see what the future holds.
    Fire away girls!

  • trevor

    correction -weak division

  • opposition13

    Isnt it ironic that after Jones won all of a sudden Silva dont want to fight @ 205? I think he is scared of Jones, he has more reach and is as quick and creative as Silva. If Silva dont take the offer, I dont blame him but my respects for him are out!!!! I hope Silva steps up and says I want to be the best and want to defeat Jones. But its just in my dreams….

    • jamin

      bro, you really don’t know what is going on and want to believe what you want, not the facts. First of all Silva stated long before Jones even fought Bader that he was staying in middleweight, this is nothing new or recent. I myself are a Silva fan and woulda liked to see him move up in weight, but the reason he is not, is because its an oath between his training partners that they all stay in their division, u have Machida in LHW and Dos Santos in HW, he clearly stated this in an interview BEFORE the Jones fight, please know your facts before spewing garbage…and to the guy who’s comparing Silva to Fedor, lol..Silva spent 5 yrs fighting genuine contenders, Fedor did not. Many girls here say there’s no one good at MW, but strange before each fight Silva had you ladies said he was gonna get beat, but once he beat these opponents they all a sudden aren’t good. No, its Silva who made them look ‘not good’. Anderson Silva is the no.1 p4p fighter on the planet and it has been that way for a while, so all you bigots keep on with your hatin, it wont change the facts, it wont change history.

  • Patstar_3000

    yeah pretty good trevor – except Silva better than GSP p4p. MrAdidas and some others – you are retards. And disrespectful to talk about AS that way when he is so dominant and hasnt been beat in 17 fights since 2004!

    I lost a bit of respect for Silva after the showboating crap in the Maia fight – but really it just showed the lack of competition there is for him at MW. I still rate him best p4p.

    Would love to see AS move up and test himself at LHW – as much as I would have loved to see Fedor in UFC 5 years ago but hey we dont always get what we want ay.

    Jones could very well be a legend one day but still a bit early to say. Anderson is a legend. Would love to see the fight one day.

  • fknmispride

    Dude if AS has cleared out the div. he should fight at LHW which any fan can see is his natural W.C. anyways.Man I miss the old days of UFC when weight class didnt exist.Like B.J. (who even fought at H.W.)said there aint no weight class in the street!I mean Im sure hes all good with fightin GSP who is a helluva lot smaller then he is.But talk Shogun or Bones and its a no go!