Watch the UFC 167 Post-Fight Press Conference Shortly After Saturday’s Main Event

November 17, 2013
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UFC 167 St-Pierre vs Hendricks Poster-red-478x270Watch the UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks post-fight press conference streaming live on shortly following Saturday’s main event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


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  • If you guys missed this, Dana White was pissed, “Blown away”. “He’s the biggest PPV fighter in the f****** planet for me, and I believe that he lost.” He’s really mad, dropping the f*** bomb, all day.

  • GSPRules

    LOL I loved the way Dana shut Johnny Hendricks up! Johnny shut the hell up and get the job done moron! You’ve been saying you were going to knock GSP out, you had your chance and you didn’t. How dare you make such a dumb ass remark saying that you only used 70% of your punching power and that it was enough? Moron!!! I’m glad Dana shut you up by telling you that obviously it wasn’t enough. The thing is you can knock out average competion (e.g. Kampman, Fitch, etc.) but when it comes to elite competition (e.g. GSP, Condit, etc.) you can’t seem to pull it off. So get to work and if you’re lucky enough get the job done next time instead of running your mouth off saying you’re going to knock someone out and you fail to do so. Moron!!! That’s what you get for leaving it in the hands of the judges. Agree or disagree GSP won the fight and don’t you forget it!!!

    • Tyler Jackson

      You do realize that even though he said that to Johnny, he also said he only gave GSP the 3rd round – yeah lets all never forget he won!

    • HooahJuice

      You had a hard time typing that

    • Michael

      i agree with you. Plus just because gsp looks beat up does not mean he lost the fight. go back everyone and go round by round. the moron had one good round. that was it. gsp had the jab in his face all night and took him down. and he did enough on points to win. hendricks even looked tired until the 5th round which was weird. This is just more crap to get everyone pumped up to buy part 2 to all this. gsp won. that is it. he won. everyone should stop crying about it. henricks got his shot and missed. he never knocked him out just like he didn’t against kos or conditt. i also think what ever is bothering gsp, affected his fight. i do hope they do this again so next time he beats the hell out of him and shuts him up for good. then we never have to see that dwarf again.