Watch the UFC 165 Post-Fight Presser, Saturday Shortly Following the Main Event

September 22, 2013
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UFC 165 Poster-blue-478x270Following Saturday’s UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson event at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, several of the fighters will field questions from the media.

Watch the official UFC 165 post-fight press conference, streaming live on shortly following the conclusion of the main event.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jones Jones puts his belt on the line against Alexander Gustafsson in the headliner, while interim bantamweight champ Renan Barao faces Eddie Wineland in the co-main event.

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  • DoubleLung81

    Great fight!!!! One of the best ever.

  • Jane Payne

    alex won 3 rounds minimum

  • Lucas Freire

    I really wanna see how Dana White will justify this decision.
    I doubt he’ll go on rage mode against the judges scoring a win for Jones.

  • Wtf sat a fight


  • Wtf wat a fight

    That was deeeee greatest fight I’ve seen Gustafson has the hardest head in the world

  • Mad fight

    Jones is only good because of the size advantage he h as over everyone else and this fight proved it

    • robb

      I disagree because if that was true you’d be saying Alexanders great performance was based only on his size too. His takedown defense was great, his chin was impressive, and he showed a lot of heart too, not to mention his great standup game. This was not about height it was about two great fighters going at it. Both fighters deserve respect

      • John Bunch

        you’re absolutely right…and Gus deserves the belt…good call brother!

  • robb

    That’s a true viking right there. What a warrior! And Jones showed a lot of spirit too. He fought like a champ. Great fight!

  • Alex Stanford

    Truly a legendary fight. Had Gustafson not eaten that elbow in the fourth round he would have won the fight. Can’t wait for the rematch.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Scored it for Gus 3 rounds to 2. Gus had 1 and 2 with Jones winning 4 and 5. Round 3 was close but gave the edge to Gus. Being that the 3rd was a close round and the other 4 rounds split it up I figured they would give the nod to Jones since it was so close but what incompetent judge gave Jones 4 rounds in that fight? If you don’t give Gus rounds 1 and 2 you are crazy. Some even scored round 4 for Gus but he was pretty close to being finished in the 4th and Jones definitely stole that round with his barrage. Why did Jones clinch up when Gus was badly hurt and having a hard time standing, nice killer instinct.

    To sum it up, I feel bad for Gus and he should get a rematch after Jones vs Glover. I don’t really want to Gus vs Phil Davis again and lets face it, Machida is not a real contender for Jones. Maybe give Gustaffson the Mousasi fight that never happened and if he wins impressively he earns another shot. We’ll see what the big man says in the post fight presser though, I doubt Gus will get the
    immediate rematch but who knows.

    • John Bunch

      I truly hope Dana is masturbating with his Gatrorade lubricant right now…and Jones is using it to heal his broken face and legs…because Gatorade is the ONLY reason Jones got a decision tonight.

  • Ricky Gatlin

    OMG they got it wrong again

  • Ricky Gatlin

    OMG they got it wrong again.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Gus 3-2, Judges D-U-M-B

  • John Bunch

    ever thought the UFC was fixed, even when Machida was awarded a win
    over Shogun that he didn’t earn…but after the Jones vs Gus
    decision…and Jones getting a Gatorade deal 2 days before the fight…I
    believe the UFC is fixed. Never thought I would say that…Gus beat Jon
    Jones’ ass…

    • John Bunch

      3-2 rounds at best…

  • julian moran

    “..8 years, 21 wins in a row, that is impressive in this sport..” Dana White, but 8 years and 28 wins in a row made Fedor garbage?