Watch the UFC 153 Post-Fight Press Conference on Saturday, Shortly After the Main Event

October 14, 2012
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Watch the UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar post-fight press conference live on Saturday, Oct. 13, on Saturday’s press conference takes place shortly after the conclusion of the UFC 153 main event featuring Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar. The press conference is slated to feature UFC president Dana White and several of the UFC 153 fighters fielding questions from the media.

The UFC 153 post-fight press conference video is provided courtesy of


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  • trufan215

    Anderson is going to get fat from all the cupcakes the ufc is feeding him . What did you think bonnar really had a chance? Get this over rated chumpion some real competition before he retires please. He ain’t my greatest p4p that’s for Damn sure. This is all the ufc beefing this fraud up. There is a reason he wants no part of Jones …… Because He will get slaughtered !!!! If that happened then bye bye ufc p4p cash cow. Just stick tothe bonnars and griffens and sonnens …….because in reality he sucks too……. What a joke!!!!!!!

    • justin_e

      He is the best p4p without debate. But it is ridiculous if they don’t try to put the jones fight together.

      • Anthony Watson

        Jones dont want the fight and silva dont need the fight.

  • Corey

    And another retard proves his status in life.