Watch 67-Year-Old Ric Flair Deadlift 400 Pounds. Seriously. Woooo!

January 5, 2017
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What did you do today?

Did you deadlift 400 pounds like the 67-year-old Nature Boy Ric Flair?

I doubt it. And picking up your iPhone to check your Facebook feed 300 times doesn’t really count.

In fact, do you even lift, bro?

Flair is sending a not-so-subtle message to the world that despite his age, he still works hard for the money.

Would you expect anything less from the 16-time world heavyweight champion?


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  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Old man strength

  • Yannick Messaoud

    deadlift and squat are the 2 most grueling exercise you can do, they can rip your lower back in half, seeing flair lift that much weight at is age is very very impressive, is form is also good.

    • Roscoe Gauldin

      squat and deadlift (if done properly) will strengthen your lower back. his form was horrible. no leg drive whatsoever, rounded back, and didnt lock out. he needs to take some weight off and work on his form, especially at his age.

  • Franco Noble

    Plastic plates! …cmon!