War Machine Won’t Fight Extradition; Attorney Claims He is a Good Guy Painted as a Monster

August 20, 2014
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War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) MugshotWar Machine, formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, was arrested last Friday in California on a felony charge of being a fugitive from justice in relation to an attack on his ex-girlfriend and her friend on Aug. 8 in Las Vegas.

War Machine appeared before a Ventura county court on Tuesday and did not contest his extradition from California back to Nevada, where the alleged incident took place.

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The former Bellator fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 6 contestant was wanted in connection to an alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend, adult film star Christy Mack, and a male, Corey Thomas, at her residence in Las Vegas that left Mack hospitalized with severe injuries.

Mack claims that War Machine attacked Thomas, punching him several times before forcing him to leave her residence, and then turned on her. She says he struck her numerous times, forced her to undress and shower, unsuccessfully attempted to rape her, and threatened her with a knife before she escaped, running naked from her home to a neighbor’s house.

Mack ended up in the hospital. She says she suffered several broken facial bones, numerous contusions, a rupture liver, and other injuries.

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The District Attorney’s Office in Clark County, Nevada, informed MMAWeekly.com that a complaint was filed against War Machine, charging him with seven counts. They include battery with substantial bodily harm, battery by strangulation, two counts of battery resulting in substantial bodily harm constituting in domestic violence, open or gross lewdness, assault with a deadly weapon, and coercion with the threat of force.

When appearing in court on Tuesday, War Machine’s attorney, Brandon Sua, said that his client’s case has been represented unfairly in favor of Mack, according to a report by KTLA5.

“The hardest thing for my client is seeing the responses from the media, the public. There’s been a lot of statements on one side,” said Sua. “The media has done a good job of painting my client as a monster, but my client is not a monster. He is a good guy.”

War Machine was arrested on Friday, Aug. 15, in Simi Valley, Calif., in a cooperative effort between Simi Valley Police and U.S. Marshals.

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  • Guest

    Someone should tell that lawyer it’s the facts of the case that make his client look so bad, not the statements being made in the media.

    • james j

      Do you expect his lawyer to say negative things?

      • Shocked_n_Awed

        Nah, that’s fair – but he probably should have just stopped at, “not a monster,” and left out the, “he’s a good guy,” bit; because he is clearly not a ‘good guy’.

  • FuckWarMachine

    Yeah, I’m sure the media made up his violent criminal record.

    • brad king

      YEA im sure she just walked into a doornob numerous times while he talked it out cause he is such a nice guy!

  • Bartinho

    Good luck with that Mr. Sua and Mr. Machine

  • Danny boy

    I hope when he gets to the pen they turned him into to whore machine,nobody likes a rapist. They are lumped in with the chomos!!!

    • Balls deep

      Not sure which prison you have been too but I heard rape is pretty common in prison 🙂

      • Danny boy

        Yeah, so is cho mos and as I was saying a rapist gets treated like a chomo

  • Pat Garret

    They are gonna lock him up with OJ in Nevada.

  • qwkinuf

    Little argument can be made disputing the fact that Koppenhaver is a violent psychopath who needs to be removed from society. Look closely at the history of his physical actions, behavior, tweets and blogs. He clearly exhibits all of the traits of psychopathy.

    Lack of and fake presentation of remorse or guilt.
    Grandiose self-perception.
    Superficial charm.
    Manipulation of others.
    Poor behavior control.
    Sexual promiscuity.
    Early behavior problems.
    Impulsive and Irresponsible.
    Lying when it suits his needs.
    Constant need for stimulation.
    Shallow emotional reactions to serious injuries of others.
    Parasitic on others.
    Never fully admits to being wrong or owning up to mistakes.
    Criminal versatility and errors in judgment.
    Manipulating others in an attempt to cause them to view him as a ‘poor injusticed victim’ thus rendering them vulnerable for future exploitation.
    Prone to belittle, humiliate, mistreat, mock and physically attack people.

    Among the other evidence which includes his past repeated incarceration for violent crimes, his blatant disregard for and fleeing from the law, his contempt towards the courts and judges (he referred to Judge Valerie Adair as a b***h in his twitter account), lack of success with rehabilitation treatments, statements that he would ‘kill’ his girlfriend if they separated and referring to another human being as ‘property’, ‘he would be more than happy to smash or kill people,’ and ‘Me being the Alpha Male, Spartan, SAVAGE that I am…’;

    Koppenhaver further posts on his Twitter account his premeditated intention to take out others before committing suicide. “When I am ready to die, I will kill many and I will then kill myself and I will tape it. It will be rad.” “But before I die, I’m gonna take a lot of people out first…Trust that.”

    He was also caught inappropriately behaving with MMA fighter Ken Shamrock’s 17 year old daughter later abandoning her in Mexico. Needless to say, Koppenhaver has been avoiding the father as Mr. Shamrock can easily over-power him.

    And now that he realizes he has few options for the violently brutal crimes he committed against his ex-girlfriend and another victim, he once again attempts manipulation through claims of an unjust world and it is he who is the victim. This without displaying empathy or remorse for his severe criminal actions. It is the over-whelming characteristic of psychopathy.

    Perhaps even more tragic is his family’s denial. His brother’s statements to the media denying or minimizing the violent criminal behavior indicates that their support amounts to empowerment instead of recognizing the need for long term mandatory psychological treatment.

    Because there are few actual medical treatments for psychopathy, this individual should be safely incarcerated for an extensive period of years and be therapeutically treated as well as any psychopath can be.

    There is no doubt that he will continue to commit serious violent crimes whether inside or outside of prison.

    • James Williams

      Can’t really argue with this analysis.

  • james j

    War hired the lawyer from Breaking Bad

  • james j

    Sua is the greatest lawyer of all time on the history of earth. I think he was on OJ s dream team. Dude is awesome. I think. However I have been drinking today and have never heard of him. I think he is on commercials in between soap operas

  • DamianCross

    Hey, the media had the Casey Anthony trial open and shut. They had her pegged as a murderer and even tweeted her location to an angry mob after her release. But public opinion is not the law of the land, and even War Machine (who at this point has not, admittedly, produced any evidence to the public in his favor) will have his day in court. And that is how it should be.

    • earlsimmons

      she is a murderer….so not really sure what your getting at.

  • The Scoobs

    Yeah, a good guy who has had several problems in the past with the law, completely publicly disrespected the death of a fellow fighter, spent a year in prison, almost killed his ex, beat and threatened to kill another, was found physically abusing another woman… Great guy! I hope the ahole gets at least 25 years of cock-meat sammiches!


    His legal name is “War Machine” ….enough said!!!!

  • Mike mckinney

    Truthfully it’s possiable that he’s closer to a good guy than the really bad one he seems.
    It possiable that the girl is outright lying and someone else beat the hell out of her. It could be the case that she was relentless in trying to kill him and he was defending himself.
    Of course these don’t seem to be what happened, but you never actually know.