War Machine Arraigned, Faces 32 Felony Counts, Including Attempted Murder

September 6, 2014
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War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) Mugshot

War Machine, formerly knownas Jon Koppenhaver, appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom on Wednesday, where several more charges were tacked on to the original seven that he had faced, stemming from an alleged altercation between him, former girlfriend Christy Mack, and a male acquaintance of Mack’s, Corey Thomas, at Mack’s Las Vegas home.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 17, when Koppenhaver will face 32 felony counts including two counts of attempted murder alongside others ranging from battery constituting domestic violence to sexual assault to kidnapping and battery, according to the amended complaint that MMAWeekly.com acquired on Wednesday.

Some of the charges against Koppenhaver date back to May of 2013, which is a year prior to the most recent incident at Mack’s residence.

Koppenhaver remains in custody with no bail.

The former Bellator fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 6 contestant was arrested by U.S. Marshalls and local law enforcement officers on Aug. 15 at an Extended Stay America Hotel in Simi Valley, Calif., having fled Las Vegas sometime after the Aug. 8 incident involving Mack an Thomas.

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Mack claims that Koppenhaver attacked Thomas, punching him several times before forcing him to leave her residence, and then turned on her. She says he struck her numerous times, forced her to undress and shower, unsuccessfully attempted to rape her, and threatened her with a knife before she escaped, running naked from her home to a neighbor’s house.

Mack ended up in the hospital. She says she suffered several broken facial bones, numerous contusions, a rupture liver, and other injuries.

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After the alleged altercation, Koppenhaver tweeted that he had went to Mack’s home to surprise her with an engagement ring and ended up fighting for his life. He added that he believed that the police would not give him a fair break.

He was caught days later in California, where he appeared in court and his attorney, Brandon Sua, said that his client’s case has been represented unfairly in favor of Mack, according to a report by KTLA5.

“The hardest thing for my client is seeing the responses from the media, the public. There’s been a lot of statements on one side,” said Sua. “The media has done a good job of painting my client as a monster, but my client is not a monster. He is a good guy.”

Koppenhaver will go before the court in Las Vegas on Oct. 17 and will face 32 felony counts.

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  • The Milkman

    Lock this low life waste of air in a cage in the dark and never let him see the light again. This is beyond disgusting.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    I really hope he never gets out this guy has been blessed so many times with screwing up is life.

  • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    “My client is not a monster. He is a good guy.”

    Please explain exactly how he is a good guy? Does he do loads of charity work we don’t know about?

    • Darin

      He’s a good guy because a lawyer is being paid to say so. Adolf Hitler’s lawyer would say the same.

    • Pete

      That’s the lawyer doing his job. He’s trying to do damage control as best as he can and he’s laying the groundwork for a potential defense.

  • Darin

    What are the Vegas odds on Mr. Machine winning this fight?

    • James Williams

      he probably has the same odds as winning a fight in the UFC. Given that he is 0-4, I’d say unlikely.

  • Does death penalty even make sense for this guy?

    • TrentSki

      I feel dumber for reading what you said

    • earlsimmons

      it makes sense for ALL crimes. Dont let the liberals tell you otherwise.

  • mmalive

    War Machine will beat this wrap if he has a good lawyer defending him.

    Mack’s past in porn will come back to haunt her for sure.

    Upon cross examination here personal dirty laundry will be played out in court for all to see.

    Mack’s credibility will be in question for sure.

    Having SEX on screen does not help her case any.

    War Machine’s problem is that he can not hold his temper.

    Low boiling point.

    Best of luck to him.

    • The Milkman

      Yeah but war machine done porn as well and he’s also served 2 separate sentences for assault. He will no doubt be put away for a long time

    • MuayThaiFood

      Having sex on screen has nothing to do with her case. Is it going to convince a jury that she ruptured her own liver? Sounds like you sympathize with him.

      • mmalive

        War Machine put himself there.

        First, dating a PORN STAR.

        Second, She as sharing P*SSY with another guy.

        Third, War Machine has low boiling temperature for destruction.

        No one can blame War Machine for what transpired.

        Caught Christy doing humpty dance and that through him over the edge.

        War Machine did what he felt was right at the time.

        While people do not agree with what he did.

        Still, no one knows his state on mind at the time.

        Acting on impulse due to rage or what ever.

        Best of luck War Machine.

        BTW, Do not knock people out or choke them out.

        You do not want to be charged with murder ala Joe Son style.

        • Pete

          You must really be dumb if you think War Machine can’t be blamed for what transpired or that Mack being a porn star is going to hurt the prosecution’s case in ANY way.
          As others have mentioned, War Machine has done porn too AND he has been convicted on multiple counts of assault and battery. Plus, he probably violated the terms of his probation and/or parole with this latest incident.
          War Machine WILL be doing more time (like it or not). The only question is if it will be in general pop. or in a psych ward. It’s clear he’s a danger to others (and possibly himself) which means he better pray for a miracle and hope that his lawyer is REALLY good in order to avoid incarceration.

          • mmalive


            The only DUMMY is you and your reply.

            Any good defense lawyer will poke holes in prosecution case.

            Mack’s past will haunt her when cross examined.

            War Machine acted on impulse.

            At the heat of moment.

            ” No one can blame War Machine for what transpired”



        • James Williams

          “No one can blame War Machine for what transpired.”

          is this an empirical claim? if so, it is clearly false.

          I think what you are clumsily trying to argue is that war machine may try to use a defence of provocation.

          I am unaware of any state in the US in which there is a defence of “I did what I thought was right”.

          The fact that she is a porn star likely plays in her favour in a provocation defence, because he should have been prepared for the possibility that she was sleeping with other men. Also, if her claim that they had broken up is true, he cannot claim provocation at all.

          • mmalive

            If he has a good lawyer then he will walk.

            That is the point loser.

            Remember some guy named Oj Simpson?

            Any good defense lawyer will poke holes in prosecution case.

            Mack’s past will haunt her when cross examined.

            War Machine acted on impulse.

            At the heat of moment.

            ” No one can blame War Machine for what transpired”

    • Mr. Hahn

      Are you seriously supporting him in this? If so then you deserve what he will be getting in prison showers just as bad

      • mmalive

        No Mr. Clown Man Hahn,

        What are lawyers here for?

        To defend clients to get them off if prosecution case is weak.

        Everyonei s ” INNOCENT ” until proven guilty in court of law.

        Supporting War Machine’s actions is not the point of post FOOL.

        War Machine will be knocking some dudes out in the pen.

        War on War Machine.

        • Mr. Hahn

          Right so she kicked herself in the liver? She tried to rape herself and started shoving knives through her own face too then as well? It’s a woman. You don’t lay hands on a woman. The funny part is even you had a mother at some stage and given your “it’s OK to flog a woman half to death” mentality she clearly failed hard to raise a proper man. And innocent was off the table as soon as he was on the run for a few days you muppet. Defending this type of behaviour makes you just as low a human being as him. He deserves you as a fan

          • mmalive

            Mr JACK A$$ Hahn,

            “You come right out of a comic book” just as Jim Kelly stated.

            Dummies like you seem to be rampant on these MMA boards.

            War Machine did what he felt was right.

            No one can blame him for that.

            So Jack A$$ Hahn, you would turn the other way if you caught your wife F*CKING a huy on your bed?

            Come on CLOWN, Majority of normal sensible people would be enraged to KOed anyone out.

            So you like sharing your wife’s P*SSY from if you do not take some sort of action after catching her doing another guy.

            The DIFFERENCE is war Machine acted out his rage.

            Both Mack and the other dude got what was coming to them by War Machine.

            War Machine NOT GUILTY until PROVEN in court of law.

            War on War Machine.

          • Mr. Hahn

            Haha wow you really are the scum of the earth. I feel sorry for your family

          • mmalive

            Loser Mr. Hahn,

            Worry about yourself DUMMY.

            No need to feel sorry for me.

            I am doing very well in life.

            That is MORE than can be said for you.

            Where is your life level?

            Mine is listed below:

            1. some college degrees

            2. Have a 6 figure income

            3. Get laid by a few different girls.

            4. Live on beach front property.

            5. Own beach front property.

            When you can accomplish those goals or more come back and reply here.

            As you can see Mr. ” you come right out of a comic book” Hahn no need to feel sorry for me.

            Get a real life and stop living in fantasy land FOOL.

          • Mr. Hahn

            I live on a beach in Australia earn good money in an economy that hasn’t collapsed in over 30 years am married to the love of my life (the fact that you claim to be a womaniser confirms you are indeed the scum of the earth as you clearly have no regard or respect for woman whatsoever but anyway) And I could wipe my ass with your US College degrees you people are WAY undereducated (even on your own country) I know this because I have American friends who moved here for the lifestyle, educations, healthcare system and more. How many shootings are you up to this year alone? Yet nothing EVER gets done (which is why the rest of the world thinks you are morons) but that is not the point. The point is you are clearly a lowlife who is materialistic with zero regard or respect for anyone or anything but yourself. I still feel sorry for your family as you would be nothing more than a constant let down. Anyway I’m done with this there are more news feeds to get into. Like the one about Gus finally agreeing to fight Rumble. You are a let down to your mother

          • mmalive

            No Mr. Hahn IDIOT,

            Dummies like you make VERY FUN to reply.

            Getting LAID with different women is something you can ONLY DREAM about Mr Hahn

            Actually, my mom is quite proud of my accomplishments.

            Well, to be honest She does not like me having too much different P*SSY from different girls.

            Ooh well, that is my business thought. Until I get bored then things will change.

            BTW, the same P*SSY gets OLD QUICK.

            I guess you like the same MEAT over and over.

            Not me man. I like different flavors.

            War on War Machine. Yeah BOY!!!

          • MuayThaiFood

            Wow, I was on your side until you took the troll bait and stereotyped my whole country. Do your American “friends” know you think so highly of them? You really should travel more. People are people and there are good and bad in every country. Mmalive’s comment was idiotic, but you putting a yard stick to your c*ck and posting it on here is equally dumb. He probably lives in his mom’s basement so just ignore him, don’t give his claims any more legitimacy and make yourself look like an Australian version of him. And this is beside the point but I missed the part where he claimed to be American in the first place.

  • bully4me

    How does beating up his (ex) girlfriend possibly make him a “good guy” Sorry I just don’t think any man that beats on a woman whether she’s a porn star or not is a decent human being. This guy has a record for beating woman, just toss the keys out the window and keep him in prison after a hopeful conviction.

  • Mr. Hahn

    Hopefully he does at least 10 years

  • DamianCross

    As always, innocent until proven guilty, and I doubt they’ll prove both murder counts given all his “I love you I want to marry you” nonsense post-incident. That said, good luck beating those other 30, kid! It’s gonna be loooooong night!

    • Mike

      They’re attempted murder charges and his statements post-incident are irrelevant. Witness testimony, extent of damage done and past, violent criminal behavior all play into it as well as a potential jury’s perception of the defendant. Even a lawyer fresh out of school would no better than to let this go to trial. You’re right about it being a long night for that dimwit. He’ll get a plea deal that gives him the opportunity to get out of jail some time before he’s old and gray. That’s about the best case scenario for Mr War Machine.

  • Scoobysnacks

    Enjoy the cock-meat sammiches!

  • Poopy diaper salad

    I don’t get why he’s in trouble. So he tried killing and raping someone after he tortured them. Big deal.

  • James Williams

    “The hardest thing for my client is seeing the responses from the media, the public.”

    Right, those obviously rank above seeing pictures of the woman he allegedly loves beaten to a pulp.

  • eddie eagle

    Warmachine needs Al haymon

  • Lexx_elle

    He’s on!