War Machine Apprehended in California, Being Held in Ventura County Jail

August 16, 2014
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War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) 996 TUF6-478x270The search for War Machine, formerly known as John Koppenhaver, ended Friday afternoon at an Extended Stay America Hotel in Simi Valley, Calif.

The former The Ultimate Fighter 6 contestant was wanted in connection to an Aug. 8 assault of ex-girlfriend, adult film star Christy Mack and a male at her residence in Las Vegas that left Mack hospitalized with severe injuries.

Also See: War Machine’s Ex, Christy Mack, Releases Statement and Graphic Photos of Alleged Assault

U.S. Marshalls announced on Friday that they had captured the 32-year-old with cooperation from the police and Department of Homeland Security. He was transported to the Ventura County Jail where he is currently being held.

On Monday, Las Vegas authorities issued an arrest warrant for the mixed martial artist. Famed bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman joined the manhunt this week but U.S. Marshalls caught up with the fugitive first.

War Machine was taken into custody without incident. Inside the hotel room was “a small amount of cash and some pizza,” a police news released stated.

After appearing on The Ultimate Fighter, Koppenhaver fought twice in the UFC. He earned Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night honors at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale in his promotional debut. He was released by the organization following UFC 84 after making insensitive remarks about the passing of former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner.

Following his release by the UFC, Kopenhaver fought in several promotions. He last competed in June 2013 under the Bellator MMA banner. When news of the assault came to light, Koppenhaver was promptly released by Bellator.

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  • I don’t know what this guy deserves anymore. Not even the death penalty serves justice.

    • The Innocent Dont Run

      Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, rib for rib, liver for a liver , stabbed in the ear and other areas and when thats all done thrown in a cell with no medical attention with the baddest dude in the prison

      • john

        Ok eye for an eye is fine he’ll get that in prison, no need to execute someone for abuse. That would set a precedent for anyone who lays their hands on their significant other to be put to death. Could be your family member, friends or close one. Abuse is messed up, but don’t kill someone for doing it, they’ll get theirs.

    • john

      Really, kill someone for not killing another human?

      • tom

        Does anyone on this site agree??

        • tom

          Seems like he was really in a very bad rage this girl was lucky to leave with her life.

    • tom

      I honestly think if she wouldn’t have escaped when he went to the kitchen to get a knife or what he was getting it would have been a mother Nichol brown Simpson scenario.

      • tom

        Sorry a another Nichol brown Simpson case damn predictive text.

  • Drewjitsu

    I don’t see why people are quick to judge .. Yes he did admit to assaulting his gf but who knows the circumstances .. I am in no way defending his actions but I’m a firm believer in two sides to every story and we haven’t heard the complete story yet so .. I don’t excuse his actions but what if he caught his gf cheating and in the heat of the moment, he want on a rager? No one can say what he should have done seeing as we weren’t in his shoes .. What man would take something so lightly ???

    • Piotr

      You’re an idiot. There is no defense of beating a woman like that you scumbag.

      • MuayThaiFood

        +1 that!

        • Paul Fazio

          + 2

          • harddazeknight


          • ohBother


      • DREW JITSU

        Where in my comment was I defending his actions ??? I clearly stated that I am in no way defending nor do I excuse his actions … It was a horrible thing but don’t u people believe that one can get so caught up in the moment and momentarily black out in a fit of rage .. That last question was merely a suggestion as to what might have happened .. Learn to read or better yet learn to comprehend the text that you are supposedly reading .. And by reading I mean skimming to find a point in a couple of sentences …

        • Kanger
        • guest

          You seem to be the person with reading comprehension issues.

          • DREW JITSU

            Get a life and come back when you have something genuine to say .. But nice try though

          • guest

            You should honestly be so embarrassed by your initial comment that you never speak in public again.

        • Stephen Gatecliff

          By saying there are two sides to every story, you might as well defend him. There is no “side” of this story that would excuse a trained fighter from beating that girl to a pulp. None.

        • Mike mckinney

          You are never going to get back up on a public forum with this type of subject. The whole “there’s never a good reason to lay a hand on a women” political crap has taken over.
          With that being said, your “caught his girl cheating” angle should not be an understandable exception to that “PC” rule.
          Had she been attacking him with an ice pick trying to kill him then he could have put a stop to it, but you’d still have some yahoo’s breaking down how he should have taken the ice pick to the throat.
          At a maximum if you catch her cheating you slap the guy around. That’s still pretty childish but “blind fits of rage” is not generally a sympathetic position to have.

      • Hanuman

        You mean there is no defense for beating of a human being, you scumbag.

    • uncle

      Still not right ,even if a married man caught his
      wife cheating it doesn’t mean he gets to murder her. you catch bee’s with honey not vinegar

    • guest

      She was no longer his girlfriend. They broke up and he moved to San Diego in May. He came out to “surprise” her. He showed up, they were, apparently, both clothed and he beat up the guy. Then, made her shower, beat her severely, cut her hair off with a dull knife, tried to rape her but couldn’t achieve an erection and so on. She escaped when he went back into the kitchen and she heard him going through the kitchen drawers and she assumed he was looking for a sharper knife. He brutally and methodically beat her. Have you seen pictures? He didn’t smack her around. He didn’t punch her once. He beat her, viciously. Shattered parts of her face, broke teeth, kicked her so severely she had an organ rupture. Look at the photos of her leg that he kicked so badly, that she needs help walking.
      Now, think of ALL of these things, and rethink your terribly ignorant comments.

      • DREW JITSU

        How are my comments ignorant ? They are my comments more so my opinion and if u don’t like it u don’t have to read them or agree with them .. I came into this not fully understanding what the situation was and I will admit now knowing some what of the truth I am more disgusted with myself for even suggesting that this might be some misunderstanding when it clearly isn’t .. Yes I just took responsibility for what I said but I still stick by original statements of not defending his actions no matter the circumstances and that’s what my main point was intended to signify ..

        • guest

          “How are my comments ignorant ”
          ” I came into this not fully understanding what the situation ”

          The definition of “ignorant” is, “lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.”

          • DREW JITSU

        • Common sense

          This is for all of u taking the words of a prostitute as fact without even questioning it a little? Please don’t reproduce please

          • guest

            She could have said, “he walked in on me taking 4 cocks at once” and it wouldn’t have been justified. I bet you’re raising kids with this mentallity, aren’t you?

    • Carlos

      She wasn’t his girlfriend. They had broken up in May. Even she was he still has o right to do that to her or the other man. You are thinking with your male privilege hat. Are you also one those that says … I’m not defending the rapist but what if she flirted with him. Sounds like you are

      • Guest

        He claims they were still together, and he had recently posted some pictures of the 2 of them sitting next to each other at a Bellator event.

    • JR

      Aw come on. I get where you are trying to go with this but you missed the mark. Years ago when I was still in my early 20s I had been on a 14 hiur shift already cooking and delivering pizzas and running the restaurant. I was tired and hungry. My loud mouth cocky 17 year old coworker came in and was firing off his mouth but not paying attention to what he was doing. He put a seering hot cast iron skillet on top of the ones ready to use. I grabbed it and got a pretty nasty burn. I grabbed his shirt and pinned him wall and told him was a useless pos he was instead of taking a second to think rationally. What I didn’t do was beat him within inches of his life. There is over reacting and there is being a sorrt excuse for a man.

      • guest

        You’re clearly a rational human.

    • The Innocent Dont Run

      you said “I don’t see why people are quick to judge .. Yes he did admit to assaulting his gf but” why you continued i have no idea lol you should of stopped before the but, Theres many men that have been cheated on and just walked away or stayed and worked things out and it was his ex girlfriend he lived in cali she lives in vegas and what if they were still together and he caught her cheating? that makes it ok what he did? Normal people with a good head on their shoulders dont do this nor condone it imo he should be charged with attempted murder and locked up for a very long time if not life


      All I tried to do was ask a question and state my opinion .. But look at the rager that quickly turned out to be backlash by all these dudes .. My bad guys .. My bad

      • Mike mckinney

        Yeah, people are nutty these days. Like for instance what if she raised her voice to him, or decided to get mouthy? It gets even worse if she tried to dress sluty, or speak with another man without permission. As long as he let her know what she did wrong, and gave her the ability to correct these issues in the future it seems pretty fair.
        It’s just all these damn liberals and women’s rights groups try to tear down family’s that are to blame. Making women think its okay to talk back and such… 😉

        • Hanuman

          Uhh..yeah. That’s all correct.

    • Darin

      She’s beat half to death, he’s fine. He ran and hid from police. He has a long history of losing his temper and beating people up. I can not possibly imagine a plausible scenario where this guy is innocent or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I have a pretty good imagination.

    • Hamburglar

      The difference is…. She’s a pornstar, the word faithful and pornstar don’t mix… she’s been unfaithful since day 1. So to use “cheating” as an excuse is as pathetic as it gets… He knew what he was getting into from the start.. Robble Robble

  • james j

    Hilarious. Enjoy prison guy.

  • uncle

    Dog is scum using this story to stay relevant
    nobody forgot how he overreacted, When his
    son dated some1 outside his race .Now he is a kind
    gentleman again. nothing more then a dumb bigot.

  • uncle

    I was just starting to like this guy and he goes
    Mel Gibson..

    • Stephen Gatecliff

      He went Mel Gibson a long time ago. Not sure why you’d ever like this trash.

      • guest

        This dude has a pretty long history of not just being a “bad boy,” but of actually being a criminal POS.

      • Steve Jakobs

        I don’t ever remember Mel Gibson beating up any female. Merely yelling at some whore who was riling him up on purpose while she was taping him is far different than this guy.

        • Stephen Gatecliff

          Exactly, that’s why I said he went Mel Gibson a long time ago. I was implying he’s way beyond at this point.

          That’s why I don’t get how this guy “was just starting to like this guy.” As if he’d done something good recently.

  • tony

    He’s gonna get it in prison. A lot of those inmates probably jacked off to Christy and now he ruined her face. They gonna be mad

    • leo

      yeah! i can see the inmates now “hey! im gonna jump the ultimate fighter 6 contender! i have no idea how this could backfire on me!” seriously, if someone /does/ mess with him in prison, they’re going to be next. not defending the guy…buuuuut picking a fight with a trained mixed martial artist with /anger issues/…well that’s just dumb.

      • tony

        I’m sure they would jump him. People don’t take to kindly to women beaters in prison. He’s gonna get jumped. 1 on 1 he’ll smash mostly anyone I’m sure

        • asdgghh

          Boxers and other fighters get constantly harassed by people in bars and nightclubs because though guys think they can beat them. Just imagine how much these though guys in prison love to try to kill him just to get name. Its not a positive thing to be a fighter superstar in animal house.

          • hotdoglips

            what’s a though guy? Are they anything like a this or that guy?

          • Jimmy Burn

            its a me mario

      • Thy Anus Is Destroyed

        lol, you think that will stop people? A UFC fighter wont be able to stop 3 people jumping him. Take a look at the BJJ Black Belt who raped a girl.

        • Darin

          That dude’s all butthurt his homies stabbed him in da back.

        • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

          True but one or two of those guys is going to catch a knockout punch before he’s overpowered.

      • rockodile

        I agree in every other circumstance. But in prison…sure he may fight off one or two but then he becomes the PENIS PINATA in the shower.

      • Rence

        Yeah, you dont expect guys in a prison to think “hey, i’ll make it a fair fight and just go 1on1 with him” do you?

        I wish no harm on anyone, but if he gets beat down and violated, i wont lose a moments sleep

      • African RockFish

        People don’t fight one on one in prison; it’s all about sneak attacks with weapons, gang fights, and gang beatdowns of individuals. It’s nothing like MMA.

      • Hanuman

        One word: shank.

        • brad king

          how “wet behind the ears can one be!”.

      • Pol Pot

        Hes going to get raped by 20 mexicans and cant do a damn thing to stop it. That is the reality.

      • Darin

        Being a famous fighter will make him more of a target, not less. Cons will be looking to make a name for themselves and War probably hasn’t trained to defend himself from three dudes that jump him while he’s asleep.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Right! Nobody knows how to fight except MMA fighters. You think they gonna have Big Jon McCarthy enforcing the rules in the one on one fights they have in prison??? BAHAHAHAHA I don’t care if he is a prime Anderson Silva….multiple attackers with crude weapons will trump ‘Machines skills EVERYDAY!

        • Ray Donovan

          I once brought a semi-famous MMA fighter to my hood a few years ago. His balls shrunk into his stomach when he saw a bunch of gang bangers.

          No rules in the street or prison.

  • BigT

    General population will not be pleasant for this guy.

  • Intelligent Hoodlum

    Damn it!!! I wanted Dog the Bounty Hunter to catch him.

    • SteveAlaska

      “Dog” only catches fugitives when they’re actors. His wife (puke in throat) killed his show.

      • BountySucks

        His wife? You mean that deformed monster was a woman and a human being? (I just came back from throwing up)! LOL Dog Bounty would’ve gotten bitch slapped. I guess he wanted to get raped by W.M. just like he did when he was in jail in Mexico…LOL

        • Gary Fredericks

          Seriously poor attempt bro.

      • African RockFish

        Dog is a criminal that puts scumbags out on the street so people can watch him “hunt” them down. He only goes after small time meth heads and wife beaters. He doesn’t have the balls to get dangerous people.

    • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

      Dog would have gotten his ass kicked let’s be real here. It’s better that the Marshall’s got him.

      • Sensei_jr

        that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so!

      • Intelligent Hoodlum

        What?! Leland would have hit War Machine with a devastating roundhouse while Beth used her boobs to Thunder-Clap War Machine’s ears….then that’s when Dog would have stepped in (wearing his signature high-heeled boots and blonde mullet with matching hair extensions) and unleashed justice…without even taking off his 7-11 sunglasses.

        • Darin

          That depiction is just a bit TOO specific, and correct. Is this Dog?

        • Hamburglar


      • Stalin

        Whore Machine dont have taser like Dog does. Barbequed by taser.

  • Sensei_jr

    He should ask Sensei Seagal to teach him the front kick if he wants to survive in prison!

  • Enoughzenough

    Can we quit calling this douche, “war machine?” His first name is John. Last name is ccksucker or something like that.

    • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

      No it’s koppenhaver.

      • Tenaciousd55

        No. First name is War, last name is Machine. He came into my bar years ago for an XFC event and thats what it said on his license. No joke.

        • African RockFish

          He legally changed his name to War Machine, so yeah…everybody’s got to call him that.

      • Sensei_jr

        that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so!

    • gabe

      He actually legally changed his name to war machine

      • GabesLover

        yeah what he said…

    • African RockFish

      He legally changed his name to War Machine, so yeah…everybody’s got to call him War Machine, because legally, it’s NOT John Koppenhaver..

    • Hitler

      I prefer to call him “whore machine”

  • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

    You know I don’t excuse Christy Mack either for her decision to be with this psycho. And I quote, ” He’s beaten me before but never this badly.” you should have called it quits the first time he beat you up. Seriously, some women are just ignorant

    • guest

      She had already left him.

      • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

        Did you actually read what I wrote? Let me break it down for you. The first time he layed a hand on her she should have walked away but obviously she did not and stuck around. He’s put hands on her a few times already hence her quote,”HE’S BEATEN ME BEFORE” she never broke up with him after the first beating. But I guess this one finally got her thinking straight instead of listening to her backwards emotions. And no she didn’t right before deleting them she posted a picture of her and Jon in bed but then deleted them that was taken this month.

  • Educated Guest

    Well War Machine’s life is over. The woman he was in love with was a porn star who f—ed for a living. The idea of beating up another man who is f—ing her besides you is really questionable. Whatever the circumstances were, the easiest remedy was to walk out the door you came in and not beat anyone up. That didn’t happen, now you are screwed for quite a few years.

    This is a federal offense this time. You are going to hardcore prison. You are going to get jumped too. You may be a War Machine, but in prison you are going to be Butt Machine.
    You can’t fight 4-5 guys at a time. Bad choice dude.

    • valakos

      maybe he will be sharing a cell with

      Thiago Silva

  • Josh Halliday

    Hopefully they bury this POS under the jail.

  • Joe Dog

    …and all he really wanted to do was ask her to marry. Proposals gone bad, top of the list.

    • drkdisciple

      “Proposals Gone Bad” Sounds like a great FOX special

  • Ryan Ward

    What a freaking moron!! he went to a place where MMA is huge. Wow.

  • defektiv
  • Yannick Messaoud

    a real idiot throw away the key this guy is one hell of a failed moron worst he could have been big in MMA but is big mouth and attitude caused him all this trouble

  • ScoobyDoo

    Fuker’s gonna get 25 years of cock-meat sammiches!

  • Heimdall

    What did this clown bounty hunter think he was going to do, if he indeed would have found Koppenhaver… He would have only got beat up really bad, too. That would have been kind of fun.

    • mmalive

      Yep, Dog is a JOKE.

      Trying to capitalize on his FAILURE ” Dog The Bounty Hunter ” show.

      War Machine would have dismantled Dog EASY.

      Would have been fun to see how Dog would defend himself from barrage of punches, chokes etc…

  • Ryan Mckay

    weren’t they both just doing there jobs?