War Machine Alleged Domestic Violence Incident Continues to Play Out Via Twitter

August 11, 2014
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War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver)War Machine, formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, is currently eluding police after allegations that he was involved in a domestic violence incident Friday morning possibly involving his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

In the past 24 hours, however, War Machine posted several times on Twitter, claiming that he had come home to surprise Mack with an engagement ring and instead ended up fighting for his life.

War Machine was reportedly involved in a three-person altercation early Friday morning, possibly involving Mack, at their Las Vegas home. TMZ Sports first reported the incident, citing Las Vegas police, who said that two of the involved parties suffered severe, but non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital. One of the victims was described by police as War Machine’s “significant other.”

Although Mack had not been identified as one of the parties, she later tweeted that she had a personal emergency that would keep her from a planned appearance at this weekend’s Art & Ink show at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

Late Sunday, War Machine tweeted several times about the situation, offering an foggy explanation, including the belief that he wouldn’t get fair treatment from police.

Aside from her own tweet about having to cancel a weekend appearance, Mack has issued a follow-up via Twitter, saying that she would be releasing a statement to “put many rumors to rest.”

Although that statement had yet to materialize by Monday morning, Mack did respond to a tweet made by former sports agent Ken Pavia, who claimed that when the truth came out, much of the crime scene blood would be shown to be War Machine’s. Mack responded that what Pavia said was untrue, that none of the blood was War Machine’s.

At this time, it is unclear just what the circumstances of the incident were, who was involved, and the extent of their injuries. And it will likely take the apprehension of War Machine and quite a bit of sorting by police before the full story ever comes into focus.

Regardless of the outcome of the situation, War Machine has already been released from his Bellator contract, effective immediately.

“We have a zero tolerance policy here at Bellator when it relates to any form of domestic violence,” said new company president Scott Coker. “And after learning of this latest incident involving Jon Koppenhaver, War Machine, Bellator is releasing him from him promotional contract with the organization.”

MMAWeekly.com will have more on the story as information becomes available.

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  • asd

    I thought people are innocent until they are proven guilty. Bellator are pathetic, not even knowing a single shit about the thing, they just fire their employee because of some vague messages on twitter etc.
    This is just awful.

    • AbortAllKoppenhavers

      No, they fired him because he’s a violent thug who has a history of beating random people up for trivial reasons. This isn’t the first time. If you think it’s such a travesty they did this, you either don’t know War Machine’s history, Bellator’s(under Rebney) history or you’re a twat, who thinks it’s okay to attack innocent civilians with no martial arts training then proclaim they provoked you. Your girlfriend must be one lucky lady, asd.

    • drkdisciple

      excellent point because most innocent people we know run from the law and change their name to war machine.

    • Mala Suerte

      you are truly clueless asd….it is zero tolerance…he beat up the girl regardless of what else occurred!

    • The_Only_Comment_That_Matters


    • anthony

      I was going 2 write something, but I dont want washer machine beating me up,hahaha, what a jerk

    • LarryTheWatchDog

      They fired him because he is a piece of sh*t, with issues outside of the ring. If he doesn’t kill himself(Which he should) – Hopefully he gets to take a few flesh pokes in the backside and is forced to take a few blows to his face while showering.

    • ivan


  • TheCerealKiller

    It’s too bad that he’s such a dumba$$, because he is exciting to watch fight.

  • drkdisciple

    Oh no War Machine was framed by the one armed man and is running from the authorities to clear him name!

    • Collideoverme

      Hahaha that movie is on tv right now! The Fugitive

  • Dragon Kid

    I went to see war machine’s history with his law breakages and this is what I came across.

    • Fred

      C’mon man, wouldn’t his record be 15-4 now ?

      • Dragon Kid

        He may have won the fight but he lost the girl.

  • Warmachinesalilbytch

    C level fighter on his best day. She should’ve just choked him out.

  • Major Woody

    Looks like his idea of showing her the ring was by slamming it into her face repeatedly. Hard to believe anyone is defending him, especially after seeing her pictures.

    • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

      Well he said he was the one fighting for his life in there. Maybe they were trying to kill him……….PLOT TWIST! that is a possibility you know, I mean think about it….. Jon shows up to christys house to surprise her sees her and the other man that was there the guy already has hate for Jon because he’s laid hands on her before so they both start fighting maybe Christy is trying to stop it or maybe she isn’t and tries attacking Jon as well maybe with a knife or some type of weapon but the attack doesn’t go her way and Jon decimates her so Christy takes to the airwaves and these days women are believed way more than men even if the guy is innocent she fabricates some details and voila Jon is portrayed as a monster it’s not far fetched………… Or he just lost his shit in a jealous rage.

      • Major Woody


        The dude shows up unannounced at 2am, after having been dumped 3 months ago. He then breaks her nose, knocks out a few teeth, gives her a concussion, and flees the state. Yet you believe he is just a sappy romantic whose surprise proposal was rejected?

        • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

          I don’t do that one sided stuff I listen to both sides of the story before making a conclusion. People can be easily framed these days. I had an ex girlfriend who beat the shit out of herself to try and make me look like a monster. So yeah REALLY!!!! Why would he say he was the one fighting for his life. It’s just something worth looking into I speak from an unbiased point of view. My judgement isn’t clouded by white knight b.s or masochist points of view.

          • Major Woody

            Apparently it’s not clouded by common sense, either.

            Anyone with a lick of intelligence can see which story makes more sense.

            You believe the guy who shows up at 2 in the morning, incurred no injuries, was dumped by her 3 months ago, fled the state, and posts a series of bizarre, stalker type messages.

            Anyone with even the smallest amount of common sense and intelligence believes the girl who makes her living in front of a camera, who suffered a broken nose, facial fractures, lost several teeth, and was in her own freakin’ house at 2 in the morning.

          • StoneCold Steve Austin (WWF Le

            Actually no she didn’t dump him 3 months ago. She stated their relationship as “on again off again” meaning they would have lots of make up sex then break up again. Christy deleted some photos of her and Jon in bed last month after sex. So no she didn’t dump him. And also she stated that the guy was fully clothed but then the story changes now they were actually sleeping together when earlier she said,” that they weren’t sleeping together.” Women can fabricate stories and details and of course she’s going to be believed over Jon. I’m just asking why did he say and I quote ” the police aren’t going to see it my way” and also ” I was the one who was fighting for my life in their that night” Plus a sports analyst said that the police will be surprised when they find that most of the blood would be Jon’s blood. Plus when the police found him he did have a few injuries himself. A lot of fishy stuff is going on here. I want to hear Jon’s side of the story as well because it’s the only fair thing to do. Plus I can tell you’re the type to believe everything you hear. Question everything nothing is as it seems. Remember my ex assaulted herself to make me look like I did it……Think about that.

  • veek

    War machine your a f—ing joke. You beat up women when you can get any other one in the world. I hope you get sent to prison and really fight for your pathetic life. All the things you have accomplished are thrown out the window. Men like you should not be allowed to live.