Wanderlei Silva’s Striking Coach Explains Why Silva Isn’t Ready to Retire; Says He’d KO Sonnen

May 16, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva - Pride FCThere’s no question that the legendary career of Wanderlei Silva is nearing its end.  He’s gone 4-5 since returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2007, but he’s not ready to hang the gloves up just yet.

Rafael Cordeiro, Silva’s striking coach, explains why Silva isn’t ready to retire.

“He beat Brian Stann in a stand-up fight, a Muay Thai fight.  A lot of people say, ‘Wanderlei, he needs to retire,’ but it’s hard for the guy to retire if he fights and also he won bonus for best fight of the night and the best knockout of the night,” Cordeiro told MMA video journalist Rick Lee.

“Guys like Wanderlei, he can’t stop fighting because people say, ‘Wanderlei, you need to retire,’ but I fought last night and the guys give me the bonus for Fight of the Night.  Why would I retire?” he added.

Following his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 159, Chael Sonnen challenged Silva to a fight.  Silva responded on a recent episode of UFC Tonight.  Cordeiro believes that if the fight happens, Silva will knock Sonnen out in the first round.

“If he fights against Chael Sonnen, I think don’t go past the first round,” said Cordeiro. “He’s going to knock him out for sure.”

  • It’s hard to not love Wandy and respect all he’s done. I know we all have different opinions and interest; but it’s hard to; it’s real hard to even read a comment that’s disrespectful to the career of a man known as The Axe Murderer. Even if he doesn’t have the best record in the UFC, the fact that the guy has such a love for the sport makes him a legend. I don’t care about money. If your not a fan of Wandy then Combat Science MMA does not want your business, plain and simple.

    • aptowns

      i was totally with you right up until the end..being a fan or not is a matter of opinion and if your business doesnt want the business of anyone who disagrees with your opinion, that is honestly one of the stupidest things ive heard

      • John Bunch

        I guess money trumps integrity in your world. The great thing is, you have the right to state your opinion. And he stated his…yours seems more stupid in my estimation…but I’m just another fight fan.

        • urdooomb

          He was just trying to be witty. Obviously, in real life, he is not going to turn away a customer solely based on his or her belief system.

      • Maybe I was a little to strong in my opinion but I was only trying to express how much I respect this guy as a fighter and legend of a sport we all love. Even Dana White has said he didn’t for fans who talked trash about certain fights that we’re incredible via Mighty Mouse/Dodson.

      • Mcgiggity

        It may not be the most profitable business model, but it sure has the most integrity. Wandy haters should go home!

    • Bubba

      How does wanting him to retire equate to not being a fan of his?

      • I can understand wanting him to retire. As much as I love watching the guy fight, I believe his time is up.